A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1228: The Last Material

Chapter 1228: The Last Material

He was very strong. He was a warrior of the highest class of the Skatana race in the universe. Although he was attacked when he landed on Earth hundreds of years ago, when the will of Earth had found that he would be able to drag the entire Earth together and bury it with him, it could only compromise reluctantly. Since then, he had been Earth’s Guardian and the main target of surveillance by the hidden Xia family. As long as he was on the Earth in peace and didn’t do anything out of line, then Earth would tolerate him.

But now it wouldn’t work anymore.

He had revived Ah Luo.

He had even borrowed the family clan that the planet protected and used the nirvana Phoenix physique to resurrect his Ah Luo.

He was male and Ah Luo was female. Together, they could thrive and disturb the species on Earth. Each planet had its own specific species evolution law, and it was a perfect and exquisite system. Once invaded by alien species, unpredictable things would happen, especially the powerful genes of the Skatana tribe. It might even exterminate the species on Earth.

Earth would not allow them to do that.

When Ah Luo experienced intermittent pain, she was attacked by the will of the planet. The planet refused to let her awaken the alien genes in her body. Otherwise, she would be wiped out. She was still very young, only in her teens, but once the planet was willing to act against her, she would be unable to resist. He had to wake her up as fast as he could and make her strong.

He hurriedly gave her the Skatana energy from his body.

And entangling their bodies together was the best way to exchange energy.

Wei Lingnan carried her and his figure disappeared into the dark just as quickly as it had come.

Back at the Wei Family Biopharmaceutical building on the outskirts of the city, he walked in through the hidden side door. In the dimly lit corridor on the first floor, there was no one. He carried her into an ordinary van and pressed a red button with a fingerprint lock. The elevator went down silently. After about ten minutes and a few hundred meters underground, the elevator finally stopped.

This was the real Wei Family biopharmaceutical base.

The old building on the ground was just a front. The most important information of the Wei Corporate’s was in this magnificent and underground city—outside the elevator exit was a large square of silver-gray metal texture. The square was suspended in the middle of a quiet void. Looking up, there was an artificial sky so high the top couldn’t be seen, and the starry sky shone brightly; looking down, it was an abyss so dark the end couldn’t be seen. Dozens of metal channels extended radially outward from the edge of the square, some upwards and some downwards, linking with other uncountable overhanging channels like tentacles and forming an intricate network of roads.

On the side of the aisle, operating platforms and laboratories with translucent spheres glistened in the dark night like stars. But upon closer inspection, in fact, there were no stars in the artificial sky above. They were mistaken as stars, but they were actually all experimental spaces. Many researchers in white coats were busy inside, and sometimes a team of security personnel escorted various items to them.

No words could be found to describe its beauty.

This was the Wei Corporation’s true biopharmaceutical base.

Wei Lingnan carried Xia Yingluo up a passage and said to the void, “Laboratory SSS000.” Under his feet, the silver-gray metal conveyor belt ran automatically and bridged with several other transmission passages in the vast void space. They were soon sent to a mysterious darkness. The magnificent “starry sky” was gradually obscured by the dark fog and turned into a distant background. Laboratory SSS000 was located in the deepest part of the entire underground city, where it was the only “star” that hung in the darkness.

It was dark purple and faintly flashed like it was breathing.

He carried her in.

There was an old man in a white coat in the laboratory. He wasn’t surprised to see him. “Sir, you’re back.” The old man was an outstanding scientific researcher who had come to this underground city since he was a boy. He was crazy about the unknown, and this obsession made him dedicate his life to the Wei Corporation. He was one of the few people who knew the secrets of Wei Lingnan. From the first time he saw Wei Lingnan in his childhood to the old man in his seventies now, the man known as Wei Lingnan had not aged and did not even have a single silver hair.

The old man knew very well that Wei Lingnan was probably not human.

But so what? The unknown world was the most fascinating. As long as he could do research, he didn’t care for the reason behind it.

Wei Lingnan gently put Xia Yingluo on the metal bed in the center of the room, like he was taking care of a rare treasure. “I brought her back,” he said, “give her a full body checkup.”

The old man assented and didn’t ask who Xia Yingluo was.

In fact, he knew exactly what Wei Lingnan’s experiments were doing over the years—after all, he was one of the top core players. Now, the girl in the resurrection plan had appeared.

He skillfully manipulated a virtual light screen suspended in mid-air and issued a series of instructions. Soon, a huge glass cover fell from the ceiling, covering Xia Yingluo and the entire metal bed. Then, a fluorescent blue liquid was poured into it. It gradually surrounded and drowned Xia Yingluo.

In the tranquil water ripples, her disheveled hair was alight and she was as beautiful as a sleeping princess.

Wei Lingnan stood outside the glass cover and looked at her quietly.

The virtual screen in front of the old man flickered for a while, and the data report was analyzed. “Signs of test subject S98573 are reported as follows: heart rate—normal; brain waves—normal; genetic makeup—normal… All values are within the normal human range, no mutation found. Analysis of future mutation possibility: 0.3174%.”

After he finished speaking, he looked up at Wei Lingnan.

The value of this experimental body was incredibly low. It was the closest to normal humans among all their experimental bodies. This was not a good sign, it meant that the “Skatana female” that Mr. Wei wanted had still failed to appear.

Wei Lingnan said, “She is not a test subject.”

The old man was stunned. In the beginning, the test materials had been numbered by Wei Lingnan personally and sent out as a solution.

That was the last test material they had.

“She’s not.” Wei Lingnan’s voice was very low, and he sounded a little tired. “She’s her.”

Maybe no one in the world understood Wei Lingnan’s meaning, but only the old man understood it. Because she was created with the last test material, Mr. Wei couldn’t afford to fail.

That was his last hope.

The old man looked at Xia Yingluo in the translucent blue liquid and thought, since she wasn’t a test subject, then she could only be the person he had been waiting for so many years for?

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