A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World (WN)
Chapter 1803: I Found A Letter At The Door Yesterday

Chapter 1803: I Found A Letter At The Door Yesterday

Mag and the ladies had a smooth journey back to Chaos City. The state of emergency had already been removed. To the majority of the people, they simply stayed in their homes for two days. After the curfew was lifted, they couldn’t wait to go out to look for food and relax.

Seeing that the closed notice was still hanging on Mamy Restaurant’s entrance, the customers who specially came could only sigh, and then proceed to Mana Hot Pot Restaurant.

Dicus strode into the city lord’s office. Turning to Michael, who was standing in front of the window, he said, “My Lord, Boss Mag refused your request to book the entire restaurant again.”

“It’s the expected answer.” Michael chuckled.

“However, many representatives hope to hold the celebration party at Mamy Restaurant. Now…” Dicus was a little worried.

“This is our request. Boss Mag has the right to decline. There’s no conflict.” Michael shook his head smilingly. “Let’s have the celebration party in the city lord’s castle’s banquet hall, and invite the head chef from the Ducas Restaurant to cook.”

“Should we invite Mr. Alex?” Dicus continued to ask.

“You just have to pass the invitation to Irina. Let them decide if they want to come.”

“Alright.” Dicus turned and left.

“Isn’t it a little too much to ask the most important guest of this celebration party to cook for us?” Michael shook his head. He guessed there would be a smaller celebration party at Mamy Restaurant tonight, but it would be more delicious.


There indeed was a celebration party at Mamy Restaurant tonight. However, it wasn’t a celebration party, but a welcome party for little Annie, who just came to the restaurant.

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Annie and Amy were playing in the playroom on the second floor, while the rest of the ladies went back to the dormitory to shower and change first.

Therefore, only Mag was preparing for tonight’s feast in the kitchen alone.

He was still pondering how to discuss adopting Annie with Irina, but he didn’t expect Irina to take out a letter with a weird smile after she returned to the restaurant, and ask him, “I found it at the door yesterday, and I’ve already read it.”

Mag only needed to sweep a quick glance at the words on the envelope to confirm that the letter was written by Gloria. His eyelids twitched twice rapidly, and he said with a stiff smile, “Miss Gloria and I are just ordinary business partners.”

“Just ordinary business partners, and you already can recognize her handwriting at a glance?” Irina’s smile became brighter. “Or perhaps this isn’t the first letter.”

“Erm…” Mag didn’t know what to make of that response. Having a good memory didn’t seem like a good thing, either.

He wasn’t sure what Gloria wrote in the letter, but Gloria was a cultured rich young mistress. Maybe she had urgent matters that she needed to look for him, and he wasn’t in the restaurant, so there was this letter.

“I have seen her words, and you know that I have a good memory.” Mag’s expression became very honest. Anyway, it was very pure between Gloria and him.

“Yes. She’s a very nice maiden. She didn’t forget to remind you to leave Chaos City before she left.” Irina placed that letter on the table gently.

However, this seems to show that I’m not nice… Mag looked rather embarrassed. After all, he had only thought of evacuating the restaurant’s staff when he received the news yesterday.

Irina smiled and began to size Mag up and down before saying with a hint of doubt, “You not only regained your power, you’ve even advanced?”

“I was like this when I woke up after being struck by the lightning. Now, I’m almost on par with the octopus monster in the seal now.” Mag chuckled lightly.

Irina’ smile disappeared gradually as she watched Mag’s smile. She raised her hand slowly and gently placed it on Mag’s face, gazing at him in silence for a long time.

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Mag felt her ice-cold fingertips glide across his cheeks, but his heart felt warm.

“Next time, I won’t allow you to act tough.”

“Mm-hm.” Mag nodded slightly.

There was suddenly an additional hint of romance in the atmosphere. Mag seemed to see a hint of blush on Irina’s beautiful face and cheeks. It was rare to see her shy side.

Irina retracted her hand with an unnatural expression, and said, “Michael invites us to go to the celebration party.”

“Let’s skip that. I’ve already told them that we will have dinner in the restaurant tonight as a welcome party for Annie.” Mag shook his head smilingly.

“Annie?” Irina frowned.

“I was just about to tell you this. I almost couldn’t make it through the last tribulation lightning when I did the test with that octopus monster this morning. I didn’t expect the lightning to strike a little girl out of the octopus monster, and she saved me.

“If the octopus monster is the incarnation of evil, then she’s the incarnation of good. The octopus monster wanted to kill her, so I brought her out of the underground cavern.”

Mag looked at Irina, and sincerely said, “Her mentality is no different from a newborn child’s, and her personality is kind. She has no kin and kith, and she has saved my life, so I want to adopt her and raise her. I called her Annie.”

Adopting Annie was Mag’s decision, but he wished to obtain Irina’s understanding and acceptance.

Irina remained silent for a long time, just staring into Mag’s eyes.

Mag was creeped out by her stare.

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“She really isn’t a child that you have with some other woman behind my back out there?” Irina’s gaze was dangerous.

“You can verify that personally. She’s playing with Amy upstairs now,” Mag replied honestly.

Irina immediately turned and walked to the staircase. She ascended the stairs to the second floor with light footsteps.

Mag followed behind her.

Irina stood at the playroom’s entrance, and looked at the young maiden who was playing with Amy and Ugly Duckling with a hint of surprise in her eyes.

The young maiden looked about 12 or 13 years old. She had an exquisite face and a tall and slender figure. What attracted people’s attention more was that holy and pure presence.

Irina had never seen such a pure person. It was as if Annie was the morning dew that glistened with the morning sun’s rays on a new leaf at the very top of a tree in the early morning. There seemed to be no earthly presence in her.

With just one look, she was sure that Mag wasn’t lying.

After all, he was still in the army at the Roth Empire’s borders 11 to 12 years ago.

Moreover, such a clean and pure person shouldn’t belong to this world.

Annie turned to look at the door when she heard the sounds, and she showed a polite smile.

“Mother!” Amy tossed the toy away and pounced into Irina’s arms. Then, she couldn’t wait to introduce, “This is Big Sister Annie. Father said she would live together with us in the future. Although she can’t speak now, she really is a very gentle big sister. Even Ugly Duckling likes her.”

Irina also smiled when she heard Amy’s words. She went forward to hug Annie with a smile, and softly said into her ear, “Thank you, Annie.”

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Annie continued to look at her with a smile.

“Seems like there’s no problem.” Mag shrugged. He turned and went downstairs to continue preparing dinner.

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A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World (WN) Chapter 1803: I Found A Letter At The Door Yesterday
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