A Wizard’s Secret

Chapter 1046 Sudden Change!

Moorta died, and everything quieted down. Under Mino's control, the Bluewater World that had been on the verge of collapse began to use the power of the Latitude Cosmos to slowly recover.

A Latitude Cosmos with a Controller was many times stronger than a Latitude Cosmos without one. As long as the world did not completely collapse, it would be very easy to recover.

However, Mino did not relax his vigilance. His eyes remained fixed on Naya. With the senses that he had now gained as a Controller, he naturally knew that Naya was the most powerful. Even if Naya only used a portion of his force, it was far from something that Mino could compete with.

After a long while, Naya said slowly, "Aruba, Merlin, you've won this time! I won't take what is merely a single mission to heart. However, once you leave the Polo Region, you should be more careful. It'll be very dangerous outside."

Although Naya's tone was very light, he made no effort to conceal his chilling killing intent, letting Merlin and Aruba clearly sense that Naya truly wanted to kill them now. He had been determined to win. Of course, he would not care about the success or failure of a mission, but this mission was related to a Latitude Cosmos. It was a mission very important to any Controller, but now, it had been taken away by Merlin and Aruba. Naturally, he felt furious.

"Haha, although the outside is dangerous, we're not afraid. Naya, you don't have to threaten us. Even if you don't seek us out in the future, we will seek you out!"

Aruba laughed, not taking Naya's warning to heart. His two friends had died by Naya's hands, so his heart was naturally full of killing intent towards Naya.

Naya's eyes narrowed as his killing intent grew. However, thinking of Tyron's warning, he did not dare to make a move here. Thus, he only snorted coldly before turning and leaving the Bluewater World.


When Naya completely left the Bluewater World, Mino breathed a sigh of relief and said softly, "That was terrifying. That Naya seemed to have unlimited power, and just the aura he was emitting seemed to be suffocating me. Who the hell is he?"

Naya had become a Controller and was now infinitely more powerful than before. However, it was only now that he felt how truly terrifying Naya was, and he grew slightly worried.

Merlin glanced at Mino and said in a low voice, "Naya is the strongest of the Controllers, and the Absolute Being of a Minor Cosmos. He's stronger than I am. You'll gradually find out later. Now, you should keep this world first."

Merlin was referring to the Bluewater World. Currently, the Bluewater World was no longer a masterless Latitude Cosmos. It was controlled by Mino, who could keep it in his body. 

Mino nodded, and Aruba and Merlin flew away. They watched from afar as the vast Bluewater World began to shrink little by little under Mino's will, eventually disappearing completely and being absorbed by Mino.

Mino had become a real Controller and had a powerful Latitude Cosmos in his body. He went with Merlin and Aruba and looked around curiously. It was the first time he had left the Latitude Cosmos and seen what was beyond it.

"So many Latitude Cosmoses…"

Mino sighed with emotion. There were many Latitude Cosmoses that were not inferior to the Bluewater World.

As Mino had just become a Controller, he did not know some general knowledge of Controllers, so Merlin explained about everything. However, they had to return to the Central Region Major Cosmos as soon as possible. Naya would not dare to do anything before handing back the mission.

"Let's go, Mino. We'll take you to the Central Region Major Cosmos. You'll slowly understand your situation then."

Then, Merlin and Aruba swiftly left the Polo Region, along with Mino.

The entire Polo Region was extremely large, about the same size as Merlin and Aruba's Ruba Region. Therefore, the three flew for some time before they reached the end of the Polo Region. Just when they were about to leave, they suddenly felt an extraordinary force.


A huge noise spread across the Polo Region. Merlin and Aruba glanced at each other and immediately widened their eyes, disbelief coloring their faces.

This was the Latitude Region that Sir Tyron cared the most about. No one would dare to do anything to it, but now, they saw with their own eyes that a black hole was devouring Latitude Cosmos after Latitude Cosmos.

However, upon closer inspection, it was not a black hole, but the incomparably huge head of a colossal beast.

Merlin was in the Almighty Beast World before and had seen many large beasts, but none of them were comparable to the behemoth in front of them. This huge beast was so massive that it was almost impossible to see its body clearly. Even the vast Latitude Cosmoses looked insignificantly small.

Just the size of this beast sent a terrifying aura. Merlin and Aruba did not even entertain the thought of fighting it. How could an existence that could easily devour Latitude Cosmoses be dealt with easily?

"What is that?"

Merlin looked at the huge beast in shock. It was the first time he had seen such a terrifying beast, and his heart was stunned. Therefore, he immediately looked towards Aruba.

As for Aruba, his initially stunned expression slowly turned into fear, and he said anxiously, "Brother Merlin, go. We have to leave now. Damn it, how did a Void Beast get here?"

"Void Beast?"

Merlin was surprised. It was the first time he had heard such a name. However, seeing Aruba's expression, he also grew anxious. He knew that they had to leave.

"Let's go, we'll speak after leaving here."

The Void Beast was still a distance away, but if they continued to stay here, it would be hard to say. A beast like that was not something they could deal with. It might be a Medium Cosmos Absolute Being or even a Major Cosmos Absolute Being.

"Swoosh swoosh swoosh."

The three people went as fast as they could and frantically fled the Polo Region. Even after they escaped, they could still sense the Polo Region being destroyed.

"The Polo Region is finished…"

After fleeing an unknown distance away from the Polo Region and feeling safe, Merlin and the others finally stopped. Looking at the direction of the Polo Region, Aruba's face showed a trace of sadness.

"The Polo Region is finished?"

Merlin was shocked. That beast was so terrifying that it could destroy a Latitude Region? It was a Latitude Region that housed tens of thousands of Latitude Cosmoses!

Seeing Merlin's stunned expression, Aruba nodded with a wry smile and said, "Yes, the Polo Region is finished. There'll be no more Polo Region in the future. When a Void Beast appears, there will be endless destruction, and nothing else. A Void Beast can swallow dozens of Latitude Regions. They are the true Root of Destruction…"

Even now, Aruba was still concerned.

"Root of Destruction? It can devour dozens of Latitude Regions? Aruba, what exactly is a Void Beast?"

Merlin's expression gradually became solemn. He had never heard of such a terrifying beast before.

Aruba explained in a heavy voice, "The Void Beasts are the Root of Destruction. No matter the world, there is a positive and a negative, light and dark. These opposites complement each other. Similarly, as the Latitude Cosmoses are slowly born and their numbers increase, the Void Beasts appear."

"A Void Beast's body seems to be corporeal, but it doesn't exist. No power can harm it, even the Major Cosmos Absolute Beings, who possess terrifying power, can barely hurt them. Originally, the Void Beasts never appeared, and they're very rare. I would never have thought one would appear in the Polo Region. After all, the Polo Region is dozens of Latitude Regions away from the Void Sea. Were those Latitude Regions all swallowed by the Void Beast?"

After hearing Aruba's explanation, Merlin gradually understood the horror of the Void Beasts. These Void Beasts were small in number and could devour Latitude Cosmoses. They were the natural enemy of Controllers and Free Beings, positives and negatives.

An appropriate antithesis was good, as if one side grew too strong, it would only bring destruction. A Void Beast could travel such a long distance and arrive at the Polo Region from the Void Sea, but how did none of the Latitude Regions in between notice? If they had noticed but still did nothing, then there was only one explanation. Something major has happened!

"Something big might have happened while we were in the Bluewater World. Let's go, we need to return to the Central Region Major Cosmos immediately. Everything will be clearer when we get there."

Thus, Merlin stopped explaining about Controllers to Mino, and rushed back to the Central Region Major Cosmos with Mino and Aruba.

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