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Chapter 1791 “Successful Concoction (4)”

One’s her benefactor, and the other was her good friend whom she just met….

Does it mean she’s going to have to be hated by them from now on?

That’s not what she wants!

“Grandfather, why did you hurt Mrs. Di’s mother?” Ji Song turns to her grandfather and demanded a answer with tears slowly forming along those clear blue eyes, “You’ve always been like this whenever the matter involves me. You do not care whether its right or wrong, you will always lose your reasoning and think it’s the other person who wants to hurt me.”

Sulking and hiccupping in her voice, “It’s one thing that you keep me out of the light, that’s even when there’s no sun on those gloomy days outside. You also keep me from making any friends or communicate with others, only wanting to lock me up in that dark room all day.”

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“Your love for me…. it’s reached the point of obsession! Sometimes I would think it’s better to simply live a short life than to continue on this trajectory of endless darkness. So what if I can’t live for long? At least I would live…. Grandfather, I know you’re hurt inside after losing my parents, but this life… it’s not living, it’s torture, a cruel and painful nightmare!”

The girl’s protesting cry hits the old senior like a hammer, punching and kicking at his heart till it hurts. Wanting to say something by opening his mouth, the old senior suddenly discovered he couldn’t. Those words, they’re stuck in his throat….

Streaming with tears: “Ling Yan is my only friend now, and Mrs. Di is my benefactor, but because of you they will both hate me. Do you know how painful it is for me over the years? It’s Mrs. Di who brought hope into my life! I can now run around in the sun like everyone, I can finally leave that dark damp room!” When reaching the end, the girl’s voice was huffing and trembling with emotions.

It’s the first time she met Ling Yan but she also knew the friend was a reasonable person. For example: let’s say if her grandfather had spoken politely then he would’ve been let through, that much she’s certain of. The fact that he didn’t get through and got stopped must be because he lost control and got especially rude like wanting to hurt Mrs. Di. This could be proven by the way Ling Yan and her grandmother resisted the request.

Ji Sky sadly faced his granddaughter after the reprimand.

Did I not keep her from going out for her own safety?

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And, all those that got to befriend her only wanted to lure her out to play so how could I not be nervous?

But in the end, my granddaughter didn’t understand me at all…

“What did you say?” Elder Butterfly wasn’t as invested as her peer so her ears weren’t deaf to a specific detail. First making a shocked face, the female elder quickly went up to examine Song with her shaky voice: “You said you can go outside in the sun?”

Ji Song formed a self ridiculing smirk at Butterfly before facing her grandfather again. “Yes, I can run in the sun without worrying about my life now, but what of it? Grandfather, you taught me the morals of being human from a young age, but you, did you do what you preach? You offended my benefactor. Mrs. Di saved me, saved my future, yet you repaid the kindness by hurting her mother!”

Ji Sky’s eyes flew into a shocked look. Unconvinced still, he hurried to confirm the fact for himself by checking Song’s wrist.

Originally there would be a black vein, the main artery in this area that showed the toxic remains, but there’s nothing now! The toxin that he exhausted all his means and still failed to cure was gone, poof, healed, gone like it’s never been there!

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Still not convinced since there are ways to hide this using special effects, the senior releases his spiritual feelers out to scan the child from top to bottom and right down to her soul.

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