“…” Yun Che did not move to pull Ling Jie to his feet. In fact, he was not the least bit surprised by his actions.

Because he knew very well that the affair concerning Chu Yuechan had always weighed very heavily on Ling Jie’s heart and head… Even though he had done nothing wrong, but this was simply a part of his temperament and it was also the part of Ling Jie that Yun Che admired the most.

“Mother?” Yun Wuxin, who was not accustomed to coming into contact with outsiders, hid behind Chu Yuechan unconsciously as she gazed at her in confusion.

Chu Yuechan’s reaction was extremely calm and mild, “You do not need to do this. None of this has anything to do with you and it was not even your fault.”

“No,” Ling Jie shook his head, his voice hoarse and solemn, “As that person’s son, I naturally must atone on for my mother’s sins. All those years ago, because my mother’s jealousy had turned to hatred, she did something to you that would be hard to ever forgive… But fortunately, the heavens took pity on you and you ended up safe and sound. If not… if not…”

When he reached this point, he was so choked up with emotion that he found it hard to continue.

He was already no longer the Ling Jie of the past, the Ling Jie that was rather naive and immature. Now he was the renowned Blue Wind Sword Saint who was famed for his martial prowess. But at this moment, tears were pouring from his eyes like rain and he could not stop them from flowing.

After Yun Che had had defeated Xuanyuan Wentian all those years ago, he had slaughtered the two great Sacred Grounds, the...

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