Chapter 894 - Sky Poison Fusion

When he stroked the White Jade Imperial Dragon Sword he obtained from Mu Yingchan, the shiny whiteness of the sword’s blade seemed like a young girl’s skin and even gafe off an extremely concentrated aura of a true dragon. Yun Che muttered a few words, placed the sword into the Sky Poison Pearl, and then descended.

Zuo Hanshuo, Duan Heisha and Mu Yingchan were stacked on top of one another. The three of them were still in almost the same state; their eyes were listless, their mouths foamed, and their entire bodies seemed as though they were a pile of boneless slime. It was just that their limbs spasmed occasionally.

Which also meant that after all the commotion Yun Che caused today, not one person had died.

They were some of the culprits that forced Yun Che to his death back then. If he had not come not come today, Yun Gu would have definitely lost his life. Among them, Seven Stars Divine Palace even harmed the entire Grandwake Clan and nearly caused Yun Che and Su Ling’er to be separated yet again, but he actually did not kill anyone.

Not just because Yun Gu was unable to accept the murder of living beings; even if he had killed all of them, Yun Che believed that his master Yun Gu would definitely blame himself for the deaths of all these people. The guilt and responsibility might haunt him for the rest of his life.

Calling out the Primordial Profound Ark, Su Ling’er and Yun Gu walked in together and the sights within caused them to be greatly shocked.

“Big Brother Yun Che, are you alright?” Su Ling’er hurried over and examined him worriedly. Only when she did not find any drops of blood on him that she heavily heave a sigh of relief.

Yun Gu looked at Yun Che for quite a while, his gaze filled with doubts and complexity. Following which, he shifted his gaze away, glanced at the three people by his feet, sighed lightly and closed his eyes, “Let them go.”

“As long as you give me consent, I can immediately kill of them here and now, letting them receive the retribution they deserve. No traces would be left behind. In the future, there would not be anyone that could point the blame to you. Perhaps, even the secret of the Sky Poison Pearl on you might not be known.”

“Ahh,” Yun Gu sighed longingly, “This old one has made his mission in life saving others. How can I let so many lives be lost because of this old one? They are only driven by greed and do not deserve death. Now, it can be said that they have already been punished. Just let them go.”

Furthermore, how would these people be “not deserving of death?!” Heaven Thwarting Sect, Seven Stars Divine Palace, and Soaring Celestial Sword Sect; they were all the top of the food chain within the Azure Cloud Continent, the makers of law and order within the entire continent. They had lived for hundreds to thousands of years. Which one of them does not have hands that are stained with large amounts of blood of the innocent.

In reverse, killing them would be equivalent to saving several hundred lives.

Furthermore, with Yun Gu’s experience and intelligence, how would he not have thought about all of this…

Yun Che swept his eyes across them and coldly said, “I had originally wanted to kill all of you but Senior Medical Saint chose to repay your evil acts with kindness and forgave all of you. Since this is the instruction of Senior Medical Saint, I shall let you off temporarily for today!”

“We thank Senior Medical Saint for his kindness… Thank both seniors for the kindness…”

“Little brother, thanks for saving me today. This old one has no means of repayment but will definitely remember this for all his life,” Yun Gu said in gratitude, greatly paying his respects towards Yun Che and Su Ling’er.

“This…” Yun Che’s strange actions caused Yun Gu to be slightly stunned before he sighed, “Little brother, you have such shocking profound strength but your temperament is so pleasant. This is indeed a joy to the world. Today, you have not only saved the life of this old one. If the Sky Poison Pearl were to fall into the hands of those evildoers, who knows how many innocent lives would suffer from the calamity of the Sky Poison.”

Seeing the deep doubt in Yun Che’s eyes, Yun Gu said, “Looks like little brother really does not know about it. This Sky Poison Pearl appeared approximately four years ago. It was said to be found by a merchant of True Vermillion Country’s Miragecatcher City...”

True Vermillion Country's Miragecatcher City... This was one of the cities he exterminated using the Sky Poison Pearl previously. An entire town of one million seven hundred thousand people and all the other living beings within had died due to the Sky Poison!

That was one of the biggest debts in his two lifetimes.

“The family that picked it up only put it at home as they thought it was a pretty looking pearl but after several days, the family was bathed in green light and when they were found, the entire family of several dozens had all passed away from a vicious poison that had never been seen before.”

“Big Brother Yun Che, that Sky Poison Pearl, could it be…” Su Ling’er whispered.

Yun Gu did not notice Yun Che and Su Ling’er’s weird expressions and continued, “This old one personally obtained the Sky Poison Pearl from Fleeting Mountain Villa several months back and learned that its true might was far more frightening than the rumors. This old one felt that its poison powers were still just awakening and if its poison powers were to completely recover, I wonder…”

Yun Che was shocked, “Senior Medical Saint?!”

“Senior… just what has happened?” How would Yun Che possibly leave? Instead, he took a step forward.

Yun Che swiftly pushed Su Ling’er behind him and rushed forward to the front of Yun Gu and said seriously, “Senior, hurry and take out the Sky Poison Pearl! It’s lucky that this junior has some special properties that can cure poison, perhaps they can help senior control the vicious poison… Quick!  Believe me!

A pale green round pearl appeared before Yun Che and emitted a slightly aggressive green light.

This feeling...

“This old one has thought that he already had it under control and it would not lose control within a year. Unexpectedly…” The aggressive green light caused Yun Gu’s heart to be completely anxious, “Looks like, this old one has overestimated himself… Oh!?”

“Little brother!” Yun Gu stretched out his hand subconsciously and wanted to remind Yun Che when he suddenly realized that with a flash of light from the Sky Poison Pearl, it had fused into Yun Che’s body like a stone that has dropped into water and completely disappeared.

His left hand, was the familiar jade green light of purification.

The light of vicious poison!!

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