Against the Gods (Heaven-Defying Evil God)

Chapter 895 The Conclusion of Azure Cloud

Chapter 895 - The Conclusion of Azure Cloud

However, when Yun Gu took out the “Sky Poison Pearl,” a feeling of spiritual connection reverberated clearly within his heart. The Sky Poison Pearl within his body appeared to sense it strongly and in his mind, the three words “Sky Poison Pearl” appeared.

However, these were two completely different Sky Poison Pearls.

However, the Sky Poison Pearl on Yun Gu possessed pure poison powers!

Back then in Azure Cloud Continent, when Yun Gu handed the Sky Poison Pearl to Yun Che, he warned him never to release the vicious poison within the Sky Poison Pearl. After Yun Gu died, Yun Che lost his mind and furiously released the Sky Poison that Yun Gu had tirelessly sealed, exterminating numerous people and clans with the poison. The final time he released the poison, he completely used up all the poison powers within the Sky Poison pearl and even the poison origin had at the same time been released following the release of the last bit of Sky Poison.

Now, as Yun Che approached, the two Sky Poison Pearls detected the existence of one another and fused together once again.

The pearl that Yun Gu possessed was a Sky Poison Pearl that possessed poisonous powers.

“Little brother, this… this…” Yun Gu revealed a rare expression of shock.

If it were completely released, it would be sufficient to turn a small town into a prison of poison.

Yun Gu was, after all, no ordinary person. After being shocked temporarily, he smiled gently, “Then that couldn’t be even better. This old one can now be at ease.”

Furthermore, with strength that could even casually suppress the three major sects, he definitely would not covet a Sky Poison Pearl that one could not decide if it was a blessing or a curse.

“Senior Medical Saint does not have to be so courteous.” Yun Che frantically paid respects and said after a slight pause, “Junior’s surname is Yun, with a single word Che. This is junior’s childhood sweetheart, Su Ling’er.”

“Yun… Che…” Yun Gu muttered before smiling slightly and sighed, “As leisurely as clouds, as clear as water.. Such a good name. Not only do you have the same surname as this old one, your heart of medicine is so compatible. It seems like we really have been brought together by fate.

There was a faint buzzing noise in Yun Che’s mind, his lips moved but he could not say anything.

“To able to meet someone like little brother is definitely a blessing upon this old one’s life. Little brother’s profound strength is earthshaking and your temperament is exceptional. You must have some important matters to attend to coming here. This old one shall not nag anymore. If there are any matters where this old one can help, please let this old one know and he shall definitely assist you with all his strength.”

Even before Yun Gu managed to move, Yun Che frantically shouted for him and asked panickedly, “Where is Senior heading to now?”

The heart of medicine...

“Senior Medical Saint,” Yun Che said. “Those that were pardoned by Senior previously and escaped all know that the Sky Poison Pearl is on senior. In no time, the message will swiftly spread and the entire world will know. Even if you told those people that it was no longer on you, no one would actually believe you. At that time, Senior would undoubtedly encounter unavoidable trouble. Has senior thought about all of this?”

“Fear is limited but greed is limitless!” Yun Che stood in front of Yun Gu, his tone slightly agitated. He was certain that if Yun Gu chose to stay within the Azure Cloud Continent, he would meet with the same fate as today in no time, “Senior Medical Saint, regarding this matter, junior has a solution. Junior is not from the Azure Cloud Continent but came from a place called the Illusory Demon Realm. I hope senior can follow junior to the Illusory Demon Realm. At that place, junior can guarantee that no one will cause trouble for Senior nor will anyone disrespect Senior.”

“No, that’s not right! What Senior has said is wrong.” Yun Che suddenly interrupted and denied Yun Gu’s words and said exceptionally firmly, “Senior Medical Saint has a heart of medicine that is revered by many and the heart of medicine is what Senior has pursued all his life. If it were just the heart of medicine, it would be curing more illness and saving more people, regardless kindness or evil, race, status, and location!”

“Since your entire life has been dedicated to the medical path and you’ve lived by the heart of medicine, then, what difference is there whether you practice medicine within the Azure Cloud Continent or the Illusory Demon Realm? Furthermore the territory of the Illusory Demon Realm is larger than that of the Azure Cloud Continent. There’s more living beings and more races that need people like Senior.

“...” Yun Che’s words caused Yun Gu to remain silent for a long while as his gaze began to shift.

“Senior…” Yun Che held his breath as he looked nervous at Yun Gu.

“Does that mean… Senior, you… have agreed?” Yun Che asked in joy.

“That’s great!!” Yun Che and Su Ling’er exclaimed together in joy. At the same time, their eyes were watery due to agitation.

Yun Che immediately brought Su Ling’er and Yun Gu into the Primordial Profound Ark. They returned to the Grandwake Clan to retrieve the items Su Ling’er’s mother left behind. After staying in the Azure Cloud Continent for some time, the Primordial Profound Ark was reactivated and entered its second million kilometer spatial travel.

When he came to the Azure Cloud Continent, he had already known that he was facing certain death and only hoped to accomplish one last wish, which was meeting Su Ling’er again. He did not expect that, not only had he found Su Ling’er, he had also found his master. Even the Sky Poison Pearl that was unknowingly incomplete had been completely reformed.

He had also vaguely encountered an exceptionally frightening secret.

On this trip to Azure Cloud, not only did he achieve all that he wanted to achieve, his entire person had seemingly been reborn and underwent complete change. Unbeknownst to him, even his temperament had slightly changed.

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