Chapter 946 - Freezing Snow City

The Snow Song Region was much more vast than the Blue Pole Star but whether it be the amount of people or profound beasts, those were incomparably sparse here.

The direction of the flight suddenly shifted downward. The sea of clouds scattered and an enormous world shrouded in illusory icy mist instantly appeared before Yun Che.


However, the huge bird held not the slightest bit of hostility in its aura. In fact, it shifted the trajectory of its flight and actively made way for them. It seemed as though that long cry was its greeting call. In the next instant, Yun Che was stunned to see countless shadows within the icy mist that filled the air. There were huge blue birds, white single-horned beasts and all kinds of oddly shaped ice beasts… there were even several kilometer long ice dragons!

“This is the Ice Phoenix Realm, where Divine Ice Phoenix Sect is located,” Mi Bingyun narrated with a soft voice. “Our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect should not be the same as the sects you know of. Ice Phoenix Realm is around the same size as the Profound Sky Continent but there are not more than two hundred million people here.”

“No.” Mu Bingyun shook her head. “From the lowest Snowfall Palace disciple to the highest Main Sect Master, Divine Ice Phoenix Sect only has a total of ten million members. As for the others, the majority are the Snow Song Realm’s profound practitioners with the minority being lower realm ascenders. In order to enter Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, they would reside within the Ice Phoenix Realm year round to cultivate, settling down in the Ice Phoenix Realm and even go as far as to establish some forces of various sizes here. You can perhaps view the Ice Phoenix Realm as a special country with Divine Ice Phoenix Sect as its core. The places between Divine Ice Phoenix Sect and the borders of the Ice Phoenix Realm are all generations of profound practitioners who work hard in hopes of joining Divine Ice Phoenix Sect.

The icy mist grew more and more faint as Yun Che was gradually able to see what was below them. A blue, indistinct silhouette appeared. Yun Che was able to recognize the tail of a phoenix at first glance. However, completely different from the fire phoenix, this phoenix tail was a flowing cold, icy blue color. There was either a city or a huge palace on top of each phoenix feather.

Could it be that the ice phoenix really is an ice type phoenix?


Before him were numerous unusually tall structures, palaces and buildings. The tall ones were at most three kilometers tall and the shortest were close to three hundred meters. They were all built with ice crystals and reflected ice-cold light. In this area, the element of ice was so rich and active that it had reached its pinnacle. If he looked into the distance, he would see fast moving white or blue robed silhouettes and the silhouettes of kinds of ice profound beasts and profound arks from time to time.

Everything seemed as though he had arrived in a wonderland of ice and snow.

“Phew! We’re finally back. This is the first time I’ve left for this long after entering Divine Phoenix Sect.” Mu Xiaolan closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the pure cold air in this place. Even though she had only stayed for a month, the Profound Sky Continent’s aura was still turbid to the point where she couldn’t endure it.

“Elder Sister already knows that I’ve returned. I must see to her immediately, lest she get too worried. I will also tell her of your situation in passing,” Mu Bingyun stated.

Mu Bingyun slightly shook her head. “Xiaolan, Elder Sister definitely won’t treat him unfairly just based on the fact that Yun Che saved my life. So… Yun Che, you do not need to be too nervous here and just treat this place as an ordinary cultivation ground.”

Profound practitioners, even those from the Snow Song Realm that had come to the Divine Ice Phoenix Sect for the first time, would all tremble in fear. Those ascenders from lower realms would be even more nervous, such that they would shrink to their smallest. However, what Mu Bingyun saw from Yun Che’s face was actually deep curiosity and even faint excitement… unexpectedly, not a hint of nervousness was found there.

“Yes, Master.” Mu Xiaolan complied with unwillingness written all over her face.

“Don’t worry Master, I definitely won’t let out a single word.”

“Seriously, why does she treat him so well…” It was not known how many times Mu Xiaolan mumbled those words but she did it yet again with a tone that contained a distinct tone of jealousy.

Once Yun Che said those words, Mu Xiaolan turned around lightning quick and answered aggressively, “What Little Sister Xiaolan! Call me senior sister! Senior sister! Also, before I bring you to Freezing Snow City, you better remember this well, you can’t secretly run around wherever you like, can’t say random things and your eyes can’t randomly roam around! Especially since our Divine Ice Phoenix Sect has more female disciples, y-y-you… you definitely can’t do things you shouldn’t do! Otherwise… otherwise, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“In short… just do whatever I tell you to. Otherwise, you better behave and stand there doing nothing!” Mu Xiaolan said in a really loud voice.

“Hmph, now that’s obedient.” Mu Xiaolan nodded in satisfaction after seeing this “lowly bad person” behaved quite well under her admonishment. Then, she flew up, “Follow me.”

North of the Freezing Snow Main Hall were also exactly one hundred and eight Freezing Snow Halls and they were all around the size of a city in the lower realms.


Yun Che, “...”

The God Realm and the lower realms… truly were two different planes of existence.

“Oh… I was just wondering what the ‘Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade’ Fairy Mu was talking about earlier was,” Yun Che stated.

Then, she pointed at the sparking stone around her left collarbone which was releasing an illusory blue light. “Look, it’s this! The deeper the color, the higher your rank. It is your proof of identity and it can also be used to store items, transmit sound or even absorb cold energy to assist you in your cultivation. The teleportation formations of various sizes within the sect also require the Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade to activate. Different engraved jades also activate different teleportation formations. For example, once you obtain the Freezing Snow Hall’s engraved jade, you are only able to activate the teleportation formations of Freezing Snow Hall and Snowfall Palace. If you want to go to Ice Phoenix Palace’s regions, hmph, fat chance unless Master or I bring you along.”

At this moment, two especially pretty white-robed Freezing Snow Hall disciples came over. When they saw Mu Xiaolan, they hurriedly stepped forward and bowed, “Senior Sister Xiaolan.”

The girl on the right side answered, “In reply to Senior Sister, today’s the final day of this year’s new disciple examination for Freezing Snow Hall. The Main Hall Master has ordered all disciples without an assignment to stay in their respective halls. If they don’t have any special matters, no one is allowed to casually walk around.”

“Senior Sister Xiaolan, this is?” The girl on the right looked at Yun Che. His profound strength aura was only at the Sovereign Profound Realm and he didn’t have an Ice Phoenix Engraved Jade so he was a dubious individual who shouldn’t appear in this area.

Astonishment flashed past the two Freezing Snow Hall’s females as they watched them leave. Mu Xiaolan’s Master… who was also a grand Ice Phoenix Palace Master, brought back someone who was only at the fifth level of the Sovereign Profound Realm from the lower realms?

Mu Xiaolan was an Ice Phoenix Palace disciple. In this Freezing Snow City that was one rank lower than her, she could walk against the law and any Freezing Snow Hall disciples had to immediately greet her upon encountering her.

As such, any person one would encounter the in Freezing Snow City would release the aura of the divine way, were in the formidable Divine Origin Realm and were all well-known people of excellence. If any one among them were to go to the Blue Pole Star, they would definitely be absolute existences without parallel.

This was the terror of the God Realm.

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