All My Beasts are Legendary
All My Beasts are Legendary

All My Beasts are Legendary


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All My Beasts are Legendary novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Da Yu Is Fat Again. 273 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


In the era of Beast Taming, Ye Xuan with his superior Beast Editor, claims that he can turn even a snake into a Divine Dragon that soars across the nine heavens.

Hence, the little monkey he tamed became a Deific Ape.

The little birds he raised became a ginormous roc.

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  • IAmJustFoolingAround

    I just test water... read 50 chapters for now....feeling I got- Chinese Pokemon (beast space ring except pokeball)...with system...with space crack world...not an original common as any beast taming novels and there are plenty of this kind of novels....overall mc character- he is bit dense and inexperienced for now and there is nothing special about his system too atleast he didn't discovered that yet... story is readable and if you are in beast taming novels go on...

    9 days ago 0 Likes
  • Greatsaiyaman

    Wow, the translation is good. Wow, there is nothing likable. The MC is a reincarnated person with a Beast wikipedia. Fine. He is a total racist, brainless, cocky, supremacist, talentless, and loved by the author. That means overpowered, invincible, handsome (and impotent like always), with a plot armor bigger than the Multiverse. I still hope he'll die soon. Painfully.

    13 days ago 5 Likes
  • TheGuyWhoHatesHarem

    Gave up on chapter 10 the mc is so stupid to reveal lil wans evolution he current strongest beast is the dragon which is 4 star

    15 days ago 0 Likes
    • mehilltry

      if you like monster users read monster paradise :D its quite good and it keeps you on the edge :D whilst he hides his true abilities for quite a while

      15 days ago 1 Likes
    • IngrainedIntel

      Didn’t monster paradise’s rating plummet?

      14 days ago 0 Likes
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Nazi levels of racism.
Spoiler Alert
At the instigation of the dean, the MC murders a teenager of another "dirty" race that is polluting the "purity" of the school and is then commended and rewarded for doing so. The main reason for the murder is because they want to leave the school and for daring to challenge and win fair competitions on the way out.


The translation is good. That's the ony good thing.
The MC is overpowered, fine. He reincarnated for no reason, only to get a sorta beast wikipedia.
But... no struggle, no emotions, no fun. The jokes with the little elf were the only good part, and died after some chapters.
Now he's getting everything with 0 efforts, and he's totally racist.
Dear God, he started rambling about pure race like a damn Hitler, killing people with a little pale complexion and silver hairs, cause they're a minority with advantages!
233 chapters and i still hope someone finally kill him. Painfully.


The plot is unique. He doesn't become one with the nature as soon as he gets his awakening like in several other Light Novels. Overall it's really fun to read and I recommend it.


I love this book because the protagonist is overpowered sooner or later and crush everyone which is fun in my opinion and is highly recommended.