Ancient Godly Monarch

Ancient Godly Monarch

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Ancient Godly Monarch novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Drama genres. Written by the Author Jing Wu Hen. 2052 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In the Province of the Nine Skies, far above the heavens, there exists Nine Galaxies of Astral Rivers made up of countless constellations interwoven together. For Martial Cultivators, they could form an innate link with one of the constellations, awaken their Astral Soul, and transform into a Stellar Martial Cultivator.

Legend has it that, the strongest cultivators in the Province of the Nine Skies, were beings that could open an astral gate every time they advanced into a new realm. Their talent in cultivation was such that they could even establish innate links with constellations that existed in a layer higher than the Nine Layers of Heavens, eventually transforming into the heaven-defying and earth-shattering power known as the War God of the Nine Heavens.

Qin Wentian is the MC of this story. How could a guy, with a broken set of meridians, successfully cultivate? There were countless Stellar Martial Cultivators, as there were countless constellations in the vast starry skies. What he wanted to be, was the brightest constellation of all, shining dazzlingly in the vast starry skies.

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I encountered the way of word counting early on it this novel (repeat statements, detail explanation of minor events, esc). Its a standard wuxia novel starting the cycle humiliation, to lucky break, to arrogant, and a new enemy every step of the way. Nothing stands of in this novel.

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One of the best novel for me, the plot is good and is not that kinda cliche, we can see the character development of the mc and those characters around him.

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One of the best, though I don't know why it's ranked so low.
For those who have read the legend of futian, you'll understand....................

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