Chapter 629: Green Dragon King

Indeed, Lin Li’s move seemed to be a bad move from anyone’s perspective. When facing the green dragons with very high magic resistance, how could a mage withstand all their attacks? If he really couldn’t find a way out of the situation, the best solution would be to persevere and wait for other stronger factions to help.

This youngster was still too impulsive even though he had such a high level of abilities and talent. The biggest problem was, even if Lin Li wanted to die, how could he drag the others down as well? Almost everyone complained about this young Legendary-mage in their hearts. If the Tower of Dusk was wiped out under the dragons’ attacks, who was going to deal those dragons? After all, nobody there could deal with another seven dragons.

However, just then, Vampire Norfeller who’d seemed to be an outsider just now suddenly turned into a bat and shot out from the black fog that he had created towards the green dragons that were attacking Lin Li.

In face of the gigantic green dragons, the human body was already very small. A Vampire that had shapeshifted into a bat was like a fly to the dragons, and wouldn’t garner their attention at all. However, this seemingly insignificant little fly was Lin Li’s killer move.

While the dragons were busy dealing with these wretched humans and the Humerus Wyrms that dirtied the Wyrms’ dignity, nobody noticed the fly-like little bat. The bat zoomed into the dragons’ territory and selected a relatively weaker dragon quickly. Without facing any obstacles, it directly landed on the green dragon’s neck.

Although the dragon’s defense was very strong, Norfeller was, after all, approaching Legendary-realm. With the Vampire’s talent of blood-sucking, his sharp teeth were a natural lethal weapon. Moreover, Norfeller’s body was much smaller now as a bat, and the dragons appeared even larger from his perspective. Some of the dragons’ flaws that couldn’t be seen before could now be seen clearly by Norfeller. Just like how humans had pores, the dragons weren’t totally covered with scales. What Norfeller was finding were these cracks between the scales.

Soon, Norfeller found a suitable spot and bit down hard with his sharp teeth, trying to tear the wound and make it bigger. This tiny bit of pain was like a mosquito’s bite to a dragon. It didn’t bother the dragon at all, and the dragon continued to focus on attacking.

However, the bitten green dragon started to feel that something was not right with its body not long after. It felt as if its strength was flowing uncontrollably out of its body. Meanwhile, Norfeller, who was lying on the green dragon’s neck, was sucking the delicious dragon blood with all his might.

Although the green dragon’s blood contained toxins as well, it was nothing to Norfeller. After all, it was a Vampire’s innate talent to obtain energy from blood. As for the impurities in blood, they would naturally be cleared away by the Vampire’s body. If not, a Vampire wouldn’t be able to suck much blood from a gigantic green dragon even if its stomach exploded.

Be it the ancient wyrms or prehistoric magical beasts, their blood all contained huge amounts of energy. It was for this reason that their descendants could become powerful magical beasts just by inheriting a portion of their blood. In Anril of now, ancient wyrms had already disappeared. Thus, the wyrms which inherited the greatest proportion of the ancient wyrms’ blood were now the most powerful creatures in the world.

Although these green dragons had the lowest rank among all wyrms, they still possessed Legendary-level abilities. Therefore, the energy their blood contained was naturally very strong. Norfeller sucked the dragon’s blood and absorbed its purest energy for its own use.

For a mage to reach the Legendary-realm, he had to gain understanding of Rule Power. However, Lin Li wasn’t sure how Undead creatures like Vampires could reach the Legendary-realm. Even Norfeller himself wasn’t sure of how to do so. After all, he was converted by his former master and stayed in the tomb for many years. After he had come out, he followed his human master Lin Li, and didn’t join any Vampire clans. Thus, a blurry Soul Inheritance wasn’t enough for him to know how to break through to the Legendary-realm.

However, with the energy from the dragon’s blood, the door to the Legendary-realm seemed to be slowly opening for Norfeller. The bat lying on the green dragon’s neck looked like a black dot from afar, but this black dot started to glow. The intensity of the glow increased gradually, until it got so strong that it was dazzling.

When the other green dragons noticed the abnormal state of their peer, it was already too late. The green dragon that had been sucked of its blood finally let out a last bitter roar and collapsed onto the ground.

One green dragon detached itself from the battle and rushed towards its fallen companion, breathing out a thick dragon’s breath towards its companion’s neck. Although it wasn’t sure what its companion had just experienced, its companion was already dead now. That golden light spot seemed too suspicious. Without caring about its companion’s corpse, the dragon just wanted to kill that gold spot with its dragon’s breath.

Norfeller had sucked all the blood from the dragon and directly broke through to the Legendary-realm. For a Vampire, this meant a leap in the quality of his abilities. In face of the dragon’s breath, Norfeller concentrated his power and leaped onto the other dragon’s neck just before its dragon’s breath could reach his body.

One dragon’s breath already corroded half of the dead green dragon’s corpse. The dragon that came later was totally oblivious of the catastrophe that was waiting for it, and roared with pride. It then turned back to continue the fight with Lin Li and others.

Norfeller, who had already reached the Legendary-realm now, was much faster at consuming the dragon blood. Soon, this dragon that thought it had avenged its companion collapsed onto the ground with a roar, just like its dead companion.

Not long after this dragon fell, Norfeller used the same trick on another green dragon.

For a Vampire like Norfeller, this was a rare opportunity. Since Vampires had existed in this world, none of them had ever been so lucky to get access to so much dragon blood. For a level-19 Vampire like Norfeller, he wouldn’t be able to bear even a single dragon’s breath even though he’d been approaching the Legendary-realm. After all, though he could resist the toxins in the dragon’s breath, he couldn’t resist such strong corrosion. Thus, he would turn into a pool of liquid in the blink of an eye.

However, it was different now. The large group of green dragons was focusing on the fight with a team of Legendary powerhouses. His master Lin Li even led his subordinates to deal with the combined attacks of seven green dragons, putting his life at stake. What Norfeller needed to do was just to land on an unlucky dragon’s neck and enjoy its delicious dragon blood.

After sucking the blood from three consecutive dragons, Norfeller’s power jumped from level-19 to 21. Even Ujfalusi was just at the peak of level-20 now. In such a short period of time, Norfeller surpassed Ujfalusi, who had previously been much stronger than him.

With the consecutive fall of three green dragons, everyone who was paying attention to this was stunned. How could these Legendary-level green dragons just collapse like this? As for what had happened, all these Legendary powerhouses naturally had some ideas already. It was precisely because they knew the reason for the collapse that it harder for them to accept the truth.

How could it have been done by a level-19 Vampire?!

Nobody had expected Lin Li’s killer move to be this level-19 Vampire. Had it been on impulse, or had Lin Li planned it all along? No matter what the reason was, this sight made all the Legendary powerhouses feel chills running down their spines.

If it had been on impulse, it meant that Lin Li was cruel enough to himself. If it had been planned beforehand, then Lin Li’s forbearance was truly remarkable. He could force himself to face the dragon’s breath in order to create an opportunity for his Vampire subordinate to attack. This wasn’t as simple as attracting the dragons and letting the Vampire attack, but rather required a very good judgment of the situation. After all, the situation on the battlefield could change at every moment, and the slightest mistake could result in death.

Now, the situation on the Tower of Dusk’s side was drastically different just because of a level-19 Vampire. After Norfeller had killed three green dragons, the ones that were attacking Lin Li and his subordinates were reduced to four. As for Norfeller, he had used the energy from the dragon blood to level up to level-21. As such, the situation was reversed immediately. The four green dragon were of Legendary level, but they now faced three Legendary powerhouses and two Humerus Wyrms.

No matter what others speculated about this young President of the Tower of Dusk, all of them knew that this bitter battle was coming to an end after the Tower of Dusk had broken the deadlock. As long as the Tower of Dusk’s side had defeated the other four green dragons, other factions would have the aid of the Tower of Dusk. No matter which faction the Tower of Dusk decided to help, the result would be the same. That meant it was now possible to defeat all the dragons.

Upon seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, everyone was extremely motivated, whether for the Immortal King’s treasure or the long-lost sacred relic.

Back when 20-odd dragons had appeared, everyone thought that their mission would fail this time, and it might even be difficult to leave this place alive. However, nobody had expected the Tower of Dusk to break the deadlock so speedily. As such, who else could hinder their mission other than these 20-plus dragons?

However, just as everyone started to feel a sense of joy, a loud dragon roar was heard deep inside the dragons’ den.

This roar was like huge sea wave, sweeping through the valley and making all the Legendary powerhouses lose their balance in the air. Like the sound of thunder, the roar penetrated deep into everyone’s soul, pushing their soul onto the verge of destruction.

In a split second, everyone’s face turned as pale as sheet. Even a level-21 Legendary powerhouse like Lin Li couldn’t help but tremble with fear. Following the dragon’s roar, strong wind swept through the valley, making everyone uncontrollably retreat.

Under the strong wind, a green silhouette flew out from the depths of the valley. Its powerful aura could make heaven and earth change their colors[1].

Everyone looked towards the silhouette under the strong winds. What appeared in front of their eyes was still a green dragon. However, this green dragon was more than 10 times the size of those green dragons they had encountered so far. The Menace of the Dragon that this green dragon released was also much more powerful; even the Legendary powerhouses present found it hard to bear.

The silver wyrm Chief Elder Randy had shapeshifted into changed back to his elf form again, and he stared at this green dragon with disbelief. When he was in his silver wyrm form, he felt an even stronger sense of helplessness upon sensing the Menace of the Dragon. It felt as if he was facing the king, and totally couldn’t resist it at all.

Chief Elder Randy had a terrifying thought in mind regarding this dragon’s identity. More accurately, it wasn’t a random thought, but an acute realization.

Not just Chief Elder Randy, the other Legendary powerhouses, too, had already guessed that this dragon was the Green Dragon King judging from its size and Menace of the Dragon.

Evidently, this was a raging Green Dragon King. Its red eyes were filled with killing intent, and its Menace of the Dragon was further evidence of its fury.

Everyone only had one thought in mind: this was going to be a big problem…

Everyone here was a Legendary powerhouse who was considered very powerful in the outside world. However, now that they were facing the Green Dragon King, everyone just felt that their own abilities that they were so proud of were so insignificant and absurd compared to this Green Dragon King.

When the team faced over 20 green dragons, they could at least try to defeat them. However, now that they were facing this Green Dragon King, they just felt a sense of despair and helplessness. The difference in power couldn’t be compromised by courage. Although the team wasn’t sure how strong this Green Dragon King was exactly, its Menace of the Dragon was so powerful it felt similar to the aura of a Sanctuary-realm powerhouse.

Even if this Green Dragon King didn’t have Sanctuary-realm power, it wouldn’t be far from Sanctuary level. Facing such a powerful component, who was able to compete against it? Even Chief Elder Randy, who was the strongest out of all these Legendary powerhouses, had lost the ability to use his silver wyrm form properly. Even if all the Legendary powerhouses’ power was combined, they still wouldn’t stand any chance of surviving in face of this Green Dragon King’s attack.

[1] A metaphor, or rather a fancy exaggeration.

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