Archean Eon Art

Chapter 343: Dharma Domain Realm

This strike was exquisite.

Meng Chuan had never swung his saber so quickly. The saber transformed into a beam of light. With such speed, the might contained within the saber had reached an unimaginable level. The saber also became very heavy. It was unbelievably fast, but it felt as heavy as a mountain. Even the void distorted in front of the saber. Meng Chuan could clearly sense that the saber could reach any spot within a kilometer through the distorted void.


Meng Chuan’s saber move struck the night sky more than a kilometer away. The saber beam flew askew towards the clouds, traveling over 50 kilometers before it dissipated. The saber didn’t grow longer, but the void distorted and reduced the distance. Something one kilometer away was now within reach of his saber.


After Meng Chuan struck out with his saber, he stood in the courtyard and watched as a rift appeared in the clouds high up in the night sky. He stood there in a daze before lowering his head to look at the saber in his hand.

Dharma Domain realm? I’ve reached the Dharma Domain realm? Meng Chuan was overjoyed. After painting Lightning Fifteen Forms in the World Gap and having gained a direction, he had proceeded with his cultivation in that direction.

He had finally reached the Dharma Domain realm after three years.

Dharma Domain realm. Meng Chuan couldn’t help but strike again.

The saber transformed into a beam of light. If Quintessential Essence threads reached this speed, it wouldn’t cause many changes to the void. However, Demon Slayer was a divine armament. It was rather heavy, so its tremendous speed caused the void to distort greatly. Such a heavy weapon needed to reach tremendous speeds so that it could turn into a beam of light.

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Meng Chuan distorted the void to a greater extent than when he used his Indestructible Divine Armor. Due to this distorted void, anything within a kilometer was within his saber’s reach.

Meng Chuan’s saber slashed out in all directions. It struck everywhere within a kilometer. So that he didn’t affect mortals, Meng Chuan swung his saber at the night sky, tearing apart the clouds above. In the dark, perhaps only Godfiends could see the clouds in the sky.

After slashing out dozens of times, he stopped. He was now certain that he had reached the Dharma Domain realm.

I can sense it. At such speeds, the saber becomes very heavy. However, the power behind my attacks has also increased greatly. As Demon Slayer becomes faster, the saber’s might will rapidly increase.


Meng Chuan couldn’t hold back his joy. When he entered the bedroom, his wife, Liu Qiyue, was sleeping soundly.

“Ah Chuan.” As a Marquis Godfiend, Liu Qiyue could sense Meng Chuan’s entry. She woke up and looked at Meng Chuan curiously because Meng Chuan usually practiced his saber art until dawn. He only slept once every two months.

“Qiyue.” Meng Chuan sat on the bed and stared at his wife. He excitedly said, “I’ve broken through to the Dharma Domain realm.”

“Dharma Domain realm?” Liu Qiyue was stunned for a moment before she revealed an excited expression. “Ah Chuan, your Essence Soul is already at the fourth-level. Does that mean you can become a Regis Godfiend?”

“Yes.” Meng Chuan nodded excitedly. “I’ll take a good rest and ensure I’m in peak form. I plan on breaking through to become a Regis Godfiend tomorrow night.”

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“A Regis Godfiend,” exclaimed Liu Qiyue. “Our Wu State finally has a Regis Godfiend.”

It was not easy for Regis Godfiends to be born. They needed talent, resources, and luck! If they were unlucky, they might die mid-growth.


“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.” Meng Chuan was also very excited. “I can kill even more demon monarchs this


Liu Qiyue covered her mouth and laughed. “In the blink of an eye, Young Master Meng from Eastcalm City of yesteryear is now about to become a Regis Godfiend. You didn’t even dare to think about it back then, did you?”

Meng Chuan smiled as well. He had finally come this far after cultivating for decades.

“Most people have goals to become a Marquis Godfiend before the age of 60 and a Regis Godfiend before the age of 90. Ah Chuan, you are becoming a Regis Godfiend before the age of 60. This speed is faster than many peerless geniuses,” said Liu Qiyue in amazement. She had cast Phoenix’s Nirvana several times, expending over 30 years of her lifespan, but she was still far from becoming a Regis Godfiend.

Meng Chuan relied purely on his cultivation.

“It’s all thanks to the World Gap,” said Meng Chuan. Thanks to his observation of the purple lightning in the World Gap, he painted Fifteen Lightning Forms. This allowed him to have a clear understanding of the lightning lineage.

“You’re making the breakthrough tomorrow. You have to tell Archean Mountain in advance, right?” Liu Qiyue suddenly asked.

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“Yes, becoming a Regis Godfiend is a big matter. I obviously have to report it in advance. I’ll write a letter now.” As Meng Chuan spoke, Liu Qiyue got up and put on her coat.

They went to the study. Liu Qiyue watched from the side. Meng Chuan put away the painting and wrote seriously.

Following that, the avian demon monarch envoy set off and sent the letter to Archean Mountain overnight.

Archean Mountain, Grotto-Heaven Pavilion.

Early in the morning, the old steward respectfully delivered a letter to Li Guan.

“Supremacy, a letter from Marquis Eastcalm,” said the old steward respectfully.

Among Archean Mountain’s many Godfiends, only a few could send letters to Supremacies directly. Meng Chuan was naturally one of them.

“A letter for me?” Li Guan was rather surprised. Meng Chuan was Qin Wu’s disciple. He typically wrote letters to Archean Mountain Lord. He seldom sent letters to Li Guan directly.

Li Guan put down the steaming teacup in his hand and picked up the letter. When he opened the letter and read the contents, he was stunned.

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He stared blankly at the letter.

After a while, he blinked his eyes. Li Guan looked up at the sky, then turned his head to look at his surroundings. Snow-covered plum blossoms bloomed, emitting a fragrance.

“I’m not dreaming,” muttered Li Guan as he looked down at the letter. “Is this real?”

After a while, two illusory figures flew over. They were the embodiments of Qin Wu and Luo Tang.

“Senior Brother, why did you summon us?” Luo Tang asked.

“It’s Meng Chuan. Read it.” Li Guan handed the letter to the duo.

Qin Wu took the letter, and they read through it carefully.The duo was stunned by what they read.

“This is definitely Meng Chuan’s letter? It’s not fake?” Luo Tang couldn’t help but ask. “It’s his letter. The Quintessential Essence mark is his,” said Qin Wu as he looked at Li Guan. “Senior Brother, is Meng Chuan about to become a Regis Godfiend?”

“I’m still a little dazed,” muttered Li Guan softly. “Didn’t you say that he spent over ten years to reach the peak of the Realm of Dao even after a year in the World gap? Why is he capable of suddenly becoming a Regis Godfiend? Could he have used a treasure like the Heart Questioning Bead?”

Luo Tang was stunned. “He might not be that fast, even with the Heart Questioning Bead.”

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“Peerless geniuses that can become Regis Godfiends before they are 90 years old are already impressive. Many of them only become Regis Godfiends after they are over 100 years old.” Li Guan couldn’t help but say, “This Meng Chuan is becoming a Regis Godfiend at the age of 55. Furthermore, he’s not far from attaining a fifth-level Essence Soul? Didn’t you tell me that his technique realm cultivation speed is way inferior to that of peerless geniuses?” “Previously…” Luo Tang was also in a daze. She looked at Qin Wu. “Qin Wu, as his master, didn’t you say that Meng Chuan’s technique realm cultivation speed was slow? You even wanted to let him use the Heart Questioning Bead to help him become a Regis Godfiend.”

Qin Wu stood rooted to the ground and looked at the letter in his hand. He smiled. “Meng Chuan doesn’t lie. He has indeed reached the Dharma Domain realm. Furthermore, he’s going to become a Regis Godfiend tonight! A 55-year-old Regis Godfiend who is soon going to attain a fifth-level Essence Soul? His talent is even higher than that of King Calm Sea and King True Martial. A Godfiend’s talent isn’t constant. King True Martial was also a late-bloomer! Meng Chuan’s talent has clearly transformed. His talent has become even greater than before.”

“His talent is above that of King Calm Sea and King True Martial?” Luo Tang’s eyes lit up.

“The heavens are blessing us. The heavens are blessing us,” said Li Guan happily. “Meng Chuan is good at underground reconnaissance, and his talent is so high. The threat of a million demon monarchs is something our three sects are vexed about. Now, we see hope of resolving it.”

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