Astral Apostle
Chapter 338: Paying Respects (1)

Three days passed in a flash.

The night faded, and the sky lit up. It was dawn, and spring chill filled the air.

In the inn room, Zhou Jing stood by the window and looked down. He could already see figures gradually appearing on the street.

Some people rushed to the market with their breakfast baskets in hand before dawn, while others were wearing rough linen clothes and were rushing to do the first shift work. They were all rushing to make a living.

Zhou Jing retracted his gaze and rubbed his temples.

Today was the day they had agreed to take action. He had tossed and turned last night and did not sleep at all. However, his body was strong, so it was fine to stay up all night.

"After today, I'll probably be famous all over the world, right? Or rather, infamous."

Since there were no outsiders around, there was no need to pretend. Zhou Jing laughed as he mocked himself.

Making a name for himself was his current goal. He also had to meet the standards of the Apostle #004 to "do justice for the heavens". He did not expect to encounter Guo Haishen and have his life objective resolved this way.

Where every word is an adventure: lіght~nоvel~cаve~c~о~m

There were many injustices in the world, but since he had seen it, he would not let it go… What he had said to Lu Yunzhao back then was not a joke. Zhou Jing knew that this was the behavior of his current apostle.

Over the past few days, he had visited everywhere and made careful inquiries. He had confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the matter. The four great families in this place had indeed been abusing their power all year round and were heartless because of their wealth. Now that he had come across them, he could use them as an example.

Not only would he indirectly save Guo Haishen, but he would also make himself famous in the Green Forest by eliminating the local tyrants… The disadvantage was probably offending the government and the nobility.

"I hope I can resolve the battle quickly today… Only Fang Zhen and Gao Yun will go with me. There shouldn't be any unnecessary problems."

Zhou Jing's mind raced as he considered the possibilities.

His original intention was to go alone because it would be easier to control the intensity.

However, Fang Zhen and Gao Yun were willing to accompany him despite the danger. He thought about it for a while and did not refuse in the end.

However, if the leader of the Heavenly King Stronghold wanted to get involved, Zhou Jing would have to refuse. He did not want too many Green Forest participants to participate in his operation.

He knew very well that these Green Forest veterans were not good people either. There might be a reason why they became outlaws, but up until now, most of the powerful people in the Green Forest he met had too many bad habits. Once they got angry, they would do all kinds of evil.

However, this group of people at least dared to pick up weapons to resist the feudal nobles. They were already one of the few available forces at the moment.

Where every word is an adventure: lіght~nоvel~cаve~c~о~m

On the other hand, although Fang Zhen was rash and impatient, often walking alone, he was still clear-headed when doing things. Gao Yun was once a bodyguard escort who did not engage in dirty dealings, so he knew his limits when he attacked. He was easy to command and would not act rashly.

If it were the leaders of the Heavenly King Stronghold, it would be hard to say. These leaders would probably become difficult to control and do unnecessary evil things, delaying their actions.

Although what he was going to do this time was to destroy the local tyrants and their families, which was the biggest "evil" thing, he would not lose control of himself in the process. It was best to end the battle quickly so that he would not really be trapped here.

As for Zhang San and the other four personal guards, because they did not know martial arts yet, Zhou Jing arranged for them for support instead. There was no need to take the risk to participate in the operation.

While calculating his plan, Zhou Jing opened the interface and looked at the current ability his Apostle #004 possessed.

Although it had only been ten days since he transmigrated, under the enhancement of his purple martial arts aptitude, his various skills had clearly improved.

Previously, when he was fighting against the Wu Manor, his Apostle's [Mid-Level Spear Technique] had been upgraded to Lv2 proficiency. After this period of practice, it had already been upgraded to Lv4 proficiency, which was equivalent to an ordinary person being immersed in this spear technique for about 10 years.

Another three days ago, Zhou Jing took the time to discuss spear techniques with Gao Yun. Although it was called an exchange, it was actually a skill impartation. Gao Yun took out a common spear technique as a case study and carefully dismantled it. Zhou Jing obtained a new spear technique from it, called [Twelve Spear Styles].

Although this spear technique was not rare, it was not as simple as his original [Mid-Level Spear Technique]. It mainly focused on 12 different techniques, such as blocking, slashing, breaking, piercing, and sweeping. It was considered a basic set of skills for using a spear.

Although there was nothing special about it, he had practiced this skill to a profound level. His basic skills were extremely solid, and with his own expertise, it was like adding wings onto a tiger.

Unveil the mysteries of lіghtnоvеlсаvе~с~о~m

In just three days, with his aptitude and accelerated cultivation, Zhou Jing had mastered the [Twelve Spear Styles] to Lv2. He was not far from the next level.

Because of the uniqueness of this world's martial arts, after mastering these two spear techniques, he could easily break through the bottleneck of mortals and produce internal strength himself. A new supernatural system would automatically be activated… After Zhou Jing experienced it, he named it the "Martial Arts Internal Force System" according to the theory of the main world.

This system was also an offshoot from the branch of martial arts, but the energy foundation was internal strength, which was different from his "Martial Artist" system.

Although internal strength could be converted into Martial Path Aura, and the conversion rate of energy was quite high, the two systems were displayed separately on the interface.

In addition, the skills of his original Martial Artist System had also improved. Zhou Jing had already trained the "Basic Tempering Technique" to Lv2, bringing about a new bonus.

As for his "Swift Wind" School of Thought, it had been upgraded to Lv3. Zhou Jing mainly spent his energy on the movement technique "Swift Wind Steps" inside and practiced it the most diligently. Now, he was already quite proficient in it. As for the fist techniques and saber techniques, he had only dabbled in them a little, and the profound meaning was still nowhere to be seen.

(TL Notes: Apologies, I mixed this up with the Gale Spirit from his mutant world. It should be the Swift Wind set of techniques he learnt before the competition. Check Ch 292.)

Zhou Jing then turned to the Attributes section.

[Supernatural System I: Martial Artist]

[Realm: First Realm - Foundation]

lіght~nоvel~cаve~c~о~m Your guide to extraordinary tales.

[Aura Trait: Swift]

[Core Cultivation Technique: Basic Tempering Technique Lv2]

[Martial School of Thought: Swift Wind Lv3]

[Total Bonus: +3 Physical Fitness, +2 Resistance, +5 Energy]

Chapter 338: Paying Respects (1)
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