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Chapter 231: It turns out that she wasn’t able to protect her last loved one in this world (3)

Chapter 231: It turns out that she wasn’t able to protect her last loved one in this world (3)

“The only regret I have is that I wasn’t able to give you a complete family. When you went away to study after high school, I would always have a sit in your room any time I thought of you. To be honest, I even snooped through your diary. You wrote that you regretted being born into such a family, that you hated him. But, Yueyue. Please don’t hate him anymore. For Mom’s sake, please. He actually does love you as well…”

“Mom, stop it…”

“Yueyue, if Mom has to leave first in the future, you have to continue your life well. Find a person who is devoted to you, then get married to him, have kids. Live a happy life.”

“Don’t worry, mom! I’ll be fine!”

“The only thing I’m worried is that you’ll be left all alone after Mom leaves…”

“Don’t worry, mom. I won’t be alone. I’ve already found someone I like. He’s a very good person and he treats me very well. You have to get better soon, mom. When he’s back, I’ll bring him here to see you, okay?”

“Yes! Yes! That’s wonderful!”

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Her illness dragged on for half a month, but they still failed to rescue her from death’s hands.

Dawn had just come when Xin Siyue’s mom departed.

Through her tears, she gave her final goodbyes.

It was the day after when Chen Junxing found out what happened. When he rushed to the hospital that afternoon, he saw her sitting in the hallway right outside the ward, her face lifeless. He paused in his steps. Coming to her side, he sat down.

“If you want to cry, just cry it out.”

Xin Siyue shook her head. “No. I’ve already cried enough since I came back. I want my mom to see me happy. Only then will she be able to leave in peace.”

Chen Junxing looked pained at her. He wanted to reach out and hold her, but after his hand hovered in mid-air, he still decided to retract it and just sat quietly beside her.

The funeral was mostly organized with Chen Junxing’s help.

When she stood in front of the grave that day, Xin Siyue who had long cried her tears dry stood under the blazing sun. Even when she had gotten dizzy from heatstroke, she was still unwilling to leave.

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She looked at the familiar photograph and forced out a smile. “Mom, you can get rid of your unfortunate fate in this life and move on to a better one. That’s good. Fina a happy family with someone who will offer you all their heart and soul. Unlike this one…”

“Yueyue, Papa came to see your mother.” The sudden voice of a man caused Xin Siyue to drown.

She turned around to see a man in a black suit and she scoffed, “Who are you? You’re not welcome here!”

“Yueyue, are you still angry with Papa?”

“Please, my father has already departed several years ago!”

The man still wanted to continue, but Xin Siyue said before him, “Hmph. For someone like you to still be able to live such a glorious life. Heaven really is blind!”

“Xin Siyue!”

“Don’t call my name! You’re not worthy to!” After that, Xin Siyue looked at Chen Junxing who had been silent at the side and said weakly to him, “Can you give me a ride?”

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“Yeah.” Chen Junxing nodded. Before leaving, he took one more glance at the man.

So Xin Siyue and her father had such an explosive relationship?

In the car, even if her head was hurting badly, she closed her eyes and said to Chen Junxing, “Indeed, we don’t have a good relationship. You saw it yourself. I never admitted my relationship with him. Sometimes, I even wished he would die. I never thought that things would go so against my wishes. To think a shameless person like him can still live such a good life!”

Chen Junxing kept silent.

Xin Siyue continued, “I hate men who cheat on their wives the most. And that’s not enough for him, he even abandoned his wife! I can’t take it anymore! I’m so sorry I’m letting this out on you, Chen Junxing.”

“No, it’s alright. You’re just allowing me a chance to know you better. Just sleep if you’re tired. I’ll wake you up when we’re there.”


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