Banished to Another World

Chapter 52.2: Yuan Zhan's plan

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Yuan Zhan didn’t know, but the reason why the colony would attack him right after he dropped their king off was entirely because Yan Mo ordered it.

Yan Mo climbed the tree, then fed the bees and ‘talked’ with them for a while. The main thing he did was stress again that without his express order, they can’t hurt human-like creatures and Jiu Feng.

The bee colony received this command. When Yan Mo left the nest, many drones followed to guard him.

This was when Yan Mo discovered something interesting about the man-eater bees. Aside from being on mating duty, the male man-eater bees will serve as female bees’ mounts and will hunt and protect the nest with the worker bees.

In other words, aside from secreting royal jelly and feeding young and rearing queens, these male bees’ workloads were not any less than the female bees.

Being escorted by over a hundred of drones out of the woods, Yan Mo felt so weirded out that his face became a 囧.

He couldn’t see in the past ten days, so he could calmly walk around with the crowd of bees in tow, but now that he can see… even he felt a chill down his spine looking at these many fist-sized man-eater bees, let alone other people?

He now started to admire that little kid, he was obviously very scared, but he still dared to get close to him who had man-eater bees around him.

“It’s cold outside. In the future, without my order, you all don’t need to follow me, everyone go back ba.”

The drones circled Yan Mo twice before obediently leaving.

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Yan Mo rubbed his chin. Not able to take the colony with him out during winter is a problem, if he runs into an enemy or a beast attack, without the colony to protect him, his survivability is not high. Perhaps he should think of a way to make a warm bag or the like so that he can carry the bees with him?

Yan Mo thought of various ways to make use of the bees as he slowly descended the small mountain.

“Your eye is okay now?” Yuan Zhan was surprised, but his movements in the middle of training didn’t stop at all.

Yan Mo raised his head and looked at the young man like he was looking at a stranger.

Ten days not seeing him, this brat seemed to have become stronger? His muscles seemed to be harder and packed with more power.

Er Meng told him this guy was training hard on his ability, but it seemed that he didn’t forget to exercise his body as well.

What was he doing just now? Body stretching? Was that swatting and leaping movement what was in the warrior training manual?

“Is your wound healed already?” Yan Mo stared at the young man’s bald head, not answering and instead asking back.

“En.” Yuan Zhan continued his training as he answered. “Including the one when that dumb b… Jiu Feng-daren pecked me. Your medicine was really effective.”

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Yan Mo smiled. “He didn’t peck you that hard.”

Yuan Zhan’s face twitched. He had a string of wounds on his bald head. “Yes, ah. He just pulled off all of my hair. I was obviously following your instructions!”

Yan Mo laughed and felt his own head. “He was in pain, besides you did break his wing. I was also like you before, Jiu Feng likes to put hair in his mouth, look at me, aren’t I basically a baldie?”

Yuan Zhan made a rapid boxing, his leg followed with a kick in the air. When he landed he glanced quickly at the boy’s head then didn’t say anything more. He compared bald patches to an entirely bald head, feels like a bald head looked better?

The young man’s high jump and neat movements stunned Yan Mo. He changed the topic, “How’s digging your cave dwelling go?”

“Dwelling?” Yuan Zhan quickly guessed the meaning. “Not as big as the stone house, but enough for three to four people to live in.”

Yan Mo nodded, “From today on, I want to train with you and Er Meng, one to train myself, two to help me find out the pattern and a better training method from your training.”

“Okay.” Yuan Zhan made a move like storing his energy back into his body. “I have something I’ve always wanted to ask you, you talked a lot with the little kid these days, did you understand him already?”

Yan Mo’s heart jolted. Did Yuan Zhan sense something?

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“No, I just roughly guessed that his life before was not very good, and that he or his tribe might be named A’wu.” Yan Mo felt that his expression was not revealing anything.

“What’s your blood ability, really?” Yuan Zhan unable to hold back from asking.

“Want to know this much?” Yan Mo grinned cheekily.

“You are my future priest-daren. Of course I need to know what powers you have.”

Yan Mo’s smile dwindled. He seriously said, “Storage, my ability is being able to store large amounts of medicinal herbs and most things that can treat illnesses into this pouch.”

“What ability is this?” Yuan Zhan didn’t understand.

“Didn’t you see me collect the seepweed seeds last time? Aren’t you curious why I can hold so many with my small bag?”

Yuan Zhan’s hand paused. “That plant’s fruit and seeds are very small.” He didn’t pay that much attention that there was a new leather bag on the youth’s waist. He thought that this small bag was made in these few days not seriously.

“I didn’t pay attention to it that day, but after you told me that a tattoo appeared on my face, I discovered that no matter how many things I put inside the bag, it won’t get full.”

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Yuan Zhan was uncaring at first, but when he thought about it carefully, his face changed, “This ability… how many things can you put in?”

“Not much, it’s only 1m³ big.” Yan Mo used his hands to give him a picture of how much 1m³ was. He had decided that overtime he upgraded, he’ll say that he can put in 1m³ more, this way, he can keep this lie up till level 5.

Yuan Zhan was disappointed to see such a small amount. “Can you only put in herbs?”

To not let the other party think his ability is too trashy, Yan Mo specially pointed out, “can also hold salt. It can take in many edible things.”

Yuan Zhan got excited when he heard that, but the next moment his brows knitted, “Too bad it’s so small. If you change to another bag, can you carry more things?”

“Can’t. I’ve tried it. This ability seems to be bound to this bag. Except from this small bag, it won’t work on other bags.”

“This condition of yours is really strange…” Yuan Zhan got Yan Mo to hand him the bag.

Yan Mo knew that he’s just curious, so he untied it from his waist and gave it to him.

Yuan Zhan tried to grab something and put it inside the bag, but couldn’t put in any of them.

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“Only you can use it?”

“Of course.”

“This ability is quite useful. We won’t need to carry around salt rocks and dried meats on our backs in the future.” Yuan Zhan looked on the bright side.

“Not all dried meat can be put inside, they have to have some health or medicinal effect.” Yan Mo explained what can and cannot be put inside in detail. This event can be said to have given the medicinal bag an appropriate reason to appear in front of others eyes.

Yuan Zhan was silent for a bit, “be careful when using that bag, in the future. It’s best to put it inside a bigger bag.”

“I know. You help me pay attention to it.”

“Okay.” Yuan Zhan felt that he seemed to have gotten a little, little bit of trust. He nodded and warned the youth, “mountain god Jiu Feng seemed to be a bit unhappy with us recently. This morning, I saw him spout a wind blade at Meng.” Then he saw Yuan Zhan and directed all attacks at him!

“Eh? You guys angered him again?”

Yuan Zhan shook his head, “Who’d dare? I think he’s just uneasy. He shouldn’t like too many humans staying inside his territory.”

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Yan Mo also felt a bit worried. These ten days, Jiu Feng would always shout at him, if not about wanting to destroy the stone house, it’ll be about wanting to drive away those big two-legs. He had soothed him multiple times, but the effects were not that good.

“This place is good, but it was never a long term solution. Jiu Feng can endure us for now, but he won’t keep enduring once our number grows.” Yuan Zhan said rationally. “We have to find another place to settle before he really tries to kill us. Our place shouldn’t be too far from Jiu Feng, but also not too close to his territory.”

“We’re moving out?” Yan Mo felt a bit reluctant. “We finally built a house after all that trouble. You also just finished digging out your cave…”

Yuan Zhan bluntly said, “We’ll leave the house and cave intact. That will be our last retreat, as long as Jiu Feng still acknowledges you as his priest.”

Yan Mo fell silent. Suddenly, he felt that this young man of only 17 years old was rather scary. When he thought he had found a place to settle down, the other teen had thought of making this their last route of retreat and wanted to find another place to build a place that really belongs solely to him. At the same time, he didn’t forget to rope in Jiu Feng’s big banner.

This made him think involuntarily, if he wants to control this young man using his identity as priest in the future, can he? Or will all of his hard work end up benefiting others?

But who will he use if he doesn’t use this boy?

Yan Mo’s experiences in his past and current life told him, he wasn’t really good at management, he was also unsuitable for politics. He’s scum, but his mind is not yet clouded. If he had to manage a tribe, he can still handle a small one, but problems will definitely arise when there’s more people.

Er Meng was easier to control of the two, but he’s bad at management, what’s the meaning of making another person who’s also not good at managing things as the leader?

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If the tribe is not strong, whatever he makes will end up taken away by stronger tribes, or his own tribe will be eliminated. He might not succeed in making the things he wants to make, let alone raising his son and letting his son live well.

So Yuan Zhan, who could be said to have some ‘friendly’ feelings with him, was his best choice at the moment. Even if he didn’t trust him, he can only choose this guy.

Yan Mo clenched his fists. It all comes back to him. He himself needs to become stronger, not just relying on Jiu Feng or the man-eater bees. He has to become a stronger fighter, only that way, can he be on the same level as this young man, and maintain mutual checks and balance between them.

Yuan Zhan reached out to the young boy’s shoulder and pushed him to walk forward. “I’ll burn your slave mark later. As the priest of a new tribe, it’s not good to have the tattoo of a slave on your body.”

These words have brewed in his mind over these past few days, but he still felt a bit unwell when saying it out. It’s not that he didn’t recognise the boy’s status, he was unwilling to let that mark that says Yanmo belongs to him disappear. Even though he knew in his heart that the boy was his, with or without that mark. Yanmo will always be his until he can beat him in battle!

“No need to burn, it’s been gone for some time.” He replied without thinking. Anyway this guy will discover it sooner or later even if he didn’t say it now.

Yuan Zhan’s other hand clenched tightly, then slowly loosened. “Okay then. Then prepare some dry food and water later, I was planning on checking that A’wu clan’s place tomorrow.”

Yan Mo turned his head at that, “You want to go to the A’wu clan? I’m going too.” If they have to move to another place, he has to see it with his own eyes to rest assured. And who knows if he’ll bump into chances to reduce some scum points on the way.

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Author’s note (translated):

Special weekend theatre:

Yuan Zhan clenched his fists and roared in his mind: Definitely have to move! if not he won’t have his wife to XXXX!

Yan Mo: this brat is so young but already a good candidate for a leader. the way he thinks was more thorough than an old man who transmigrated like myself.

Yuan Zhan: have to get stronger, have to be able to make a room from earth to surround myself. There won’t be any door or windows, this way he can OOXX his priest-daren inside and not have to worry there will be birds or bugs disturbing him! At the very least, he has to be able to make a cave in a second, and also close up the cave in a second.

Yan Mo: This guy’s not even looking at other things, just digging caves. Why is he so enthusiastic about caves? Is digging out a cave harder than building a house for him?

Yuan Zhan: mountain god Jiu Feng has a human face, he also sleeps with Yanmo every night, maybe… he can also become human at night… duel! He has to duel Jiu Feng!

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