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Bank of the Universe


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Bank of the Universe novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Comedy genres. Written by the Author Girl Wears Short Skirt. 460 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Li Xiandao obtained the ancient Bank of the Universe but now the bank was totally empty and had no treasures at all. The only thing it had were a bunch of debts.
– The Eternal Celestial King, borrowed a supreme celestial artifact and will pay back two pieces after 3,000 years. He will pay an additional piece for every 1,000 years after the expiry date!
– Moon Celestial, loaned a high-quality face, returned after 10,000 years. If overdue, she will pay with her life!
-Time Immemorial Sage loaned 10,000 years in life from the Bank of the Universe in order to break through. After he breaks through, he will pay back 10,000 years. If late, he must pay back ten times the amount!

Li Xiandao looked at these debts and at the empty Bank of the Universe. He made his mind up to become a true expert, to find all these supreme beings to get back the overdue debts one by one!

A powerless mortal had became the biggest creditor in the Nine Heavens and Ten Lands and even the entire Celestial World!

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Hilarious, good plot, capitalist mc who built his strengths through his business sense. 10/10 would recommend. Give it a try you GONNA be super hooked on this gem of a novel.

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I absolutely agree with the review below me this novel is really fun and refreshing to read, the only thing that can put you off is that sometimes the translations on some parts are terrible.

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This is definetely a top tier novel and is just so refreshing. I liked he summary but loved the story. The idea is very good but also very executed. Its funny and a really refreshing read and a really good wuxia novel. Its not in the same tier as martial world or custom made demon king but is just a step down from them. MC is smart and proud but not to the poiny of being aroggant (an extreme plus in my opinion cause some mc are a real turn off sometimes). Love his subordinates and the love life is very good. He gains strength in a pace that is very stable and follows perfectly to the story. (Meaning he doesnt get op so fast but isnt weak by any means especially the way the story goes). 10/10 would read great mc and a very nice plot.

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