Beauty and the Bodyguard

Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1125: Special Sidestory 9

Chapter 1124 – Special – Sidestory – 9

After a while longer, the wolves were feeling impatient, but still didn’t choose to leave. Instead they chose collective action!

Amongst the wolves, there was obviously a leading wolf. After it howled at the wolves, the wolves charged together towards the cave!

Lin Yi suddenly was shocked. He did not expect that the wolves would be so organized. Before seeing two wolves who weren’t working harmoniously, Lin Yi thought that these wolves were only spontaneouslyworking together.

“Awooo-” The wolf leader cried out!

“Hide behind me!” Lin Yi took a deep breath, he couldn’t leave Yu Ning alone. Even if Yu Ning was the person he had to protect and their relationship was no longer the same as before! Lin Yi couldn’t abandon Her!

“Okay…Yu Ning was still quite afraid, but after hearing Lin Yi, she still got up and hid behind Lin Yi, “You will protect me, right?”

Lin Yi nodded.

Yu Ning smiled and hugged Lin Yi from behind Lin Yi! Such a bold move, normally she wouldn’t dare to do it. Today, she did it so naturally, in this environment, it was possible to do something that they didn’t dare to do before.

He hadn’t cleaned up the wolves that were running over, so the both of them were trapped by the wolves! Thinking of this scenario, Lin Yi told Yu Ning, “Let me go!”

“No!” Yu Ning was pushed away by Lin Yi again, as she shook her head reluctantly.

Lin Yi stunned, he turned around and lifted Yu Ning who was clenching him like a crab. It wasn’t difficult for him to do it. He propped her up with his hand on her butt. That degree of weight wasn’t difficult for Lin Yi.

To deal with the wolves this way though, was still a bit cumbersome. But Lin Yi still had a free hand and legs, which was enough to deal with the attacks of the wolves.

Yu Ning was shocked by Lin Yi’s sudden move, but her heart felt happy. It turned out that he told her to let go so he could hug her!

Lin Yi didn’t have time to explain because the wolves were already rushing in!

“Close your eyes!” Lin Yi said to Yu Ning as he punched

Dealing with these beasts were not a big deal for Lin Yi. When Lin Yi was a child, he often played hunting games with Er Goudan in the wilderness. Both of them would beat down wild boars and wild wolves with bare hands and feet. They were invincible in the mountains. These wolves didn’t pay respect to Lin Yi at all!

The reason why Lin Yi told Yu Ning to close her eyes was because Lin Yi doesn’t want to scare Yu Ning. He was going to go on a killing spree, which meant there would be a lot of blood spilled.

The mourning and screams of the wolves were one after another. Hungry wolves were plastered onto the cave walls and ground. In a blink of an eye, half the group of wolves were killed and injured! The wolf leader finally couldn’t standby. Howling a retreat signal, they quickly evacuated the cave, and in the blink of an eye they ran far away!

In their view, Lin Yi was already a natural enemy. It is impossible for them to defeat. If they stayed behind, only death was waiting. Which is why they chose to run away.

“Well, you can open your eyes,” Lin Yi said.

“Ended?” Yu Ning coughed and opened her eyes. She jumped up when she saw the bodies of the wolves, “You killed them all?”

“Some ran away,” If Lin Yi wanted to kill them all, it was not difficult. However, holding Yu Ning restricted his movements, so he had to spare those wolves.

In fact, Lin Yi and these wolves didn’t harbor any hatred. They acted on the prey by instinct. Lin Yi couldn’t hold grudges against a group of beasts. He killed what had to be killed, which would be enough for him to eat with Yu Ning for several days. It was not necessary to kill all of the wolves.

“I know that you will protect me without a doubt!” Yu Ning smiled sweetly and happily.

“If you are dead, I have nothing to hand over,” Lin Yi knew the meaning behind Yu Ning’s word. Lin Yi could not let his situation develop further out of his control, so he bluntly.

The look on Yu Ning darkened, she pouted and didn’t say anything.

Lin Yi put Yu Ning on the ground, although Yu Ning didn’t want to let go of Lin Yi’s neck. But Lin Yi was squatting halfway already so her hanging there made it pointless for her to continue holding on!

Yu Ning didn’t want to be outdone, so she stiffen her hold on Lin Yi! With Lin Yi’s half-squatting posture it was hard to maintain even for ordinary people. After a short while, his legs started to feel sore, but was still bearable for Lin Yi. It was much easier than the horse stance he performed as a kid.

In the end, Yu Ning finally couldn’t hold on, and she let go of Lin Yi. She complained, “You are so ruthless!”

Lin Yi did not say anything. He turned to deal with the bodies of the wolves in the cave, and piled them together.

“I… I want to go to the bathroom…” Yu Ning suddenly said.

“Oh, then I will go outside,” Lin Yi turned and walked out of the cave.

“No, I have to go outside, this is where we live,” Yu Ning said.

“Oh, then you go outside, I won’t leave the cave,” Lin Yi turned and walked back into the cave.

“But I am afraid, you have to accompany me!” Yu Ning was the same as other girls in their rebellious period. Lin Yi is shielding her, so she couldn’t care too much about formalities and became more bold!Read the next chapter on our

“It’s okay, you can just take out their eyes and ferment it for alcohol!” Lin Yi couldn’t help but sigh.

“Ah?” Yu Ning thought of his own rhetoric. She didn’t expect her soft voice from before to be heard. Yu Ning was a bit embarrassed, but then thought ‘so what if he overheard it?’ In fact, she felt so bold that she wasn’t afraid of what Lin Yi thought. She said, “I meant that you would kill them, so I can ferment them.”

“…” Lin Yi was speechless, this girl was quite unreasonable, “Let’s go, I won’t peek.”

Yu Ning frowned. She did not say anything. She hoped that Lin Yi would peek at her. Although she would feel a bit shy, at least it would show that Lin Yi was interested in her.

Out of the cave, Yu Ning found a tree root to hide herself, she untied her pants, and started peeing. She blushed, as she turned to look at Lin Yi. She discovered that he wasn’t even looking in her direction, in fact it was the opposite direction to herself…

This Yu Ning a little disappointed. Did he really feel nothing about her?

In fact, Lin Yi was paying full attention to the sound of Yu Ning. This made Lin Yi’s heart beat even faster, he wanted to turn his head to look, but he couldn’t.

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