Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 1342: House Pi s Plan

Chapter 1342: House Pi’s Plan

Chapter 1341 – House Pi’s Plan

After putting down the phone, Pi Zhishan’s face was very solemn. He didn’t say much to Xiao Ji on the phone, but he told the news to his father, the head of the Pi House! His grandfather Elder Pi was currently in isolation and practitioning, and there was no need to interrupt him.

The head of House PI’s face darkened as well. “How can there be an Earth class in the common world? Doesn’t the noble house council disallow us from sending Earth classes into the common world’s events? Heavy consequences would follow without their approval!”

“Father, that’s what I’m worried about… Do you think it might be the ancient sects who sent them?” Zhishan said hesitantly.

“We can’t be sure…” Pi Jiaoke’s face turned even more cautious. “If they really came from there, then even the council wouldn’t dare interfere…”

“Then what should we…” Zhishan asked carefully.

“Before understanding where this Goudan warrior came from, we’ll tread carefully for now!” Jiake waved his hand. “These days, we broke through into Songshan, and I’ve done some research. It is said that the bastard of hidden house Zhao’s Zhao Qibing got his legs broken by the Goudan warrior’s boss, and is still in a wheelchair! We need to remember that House Zhao is the same as us, they’re a hidden house- there has to be something off with that Lin Yi’s background if they’re enduring like this!”

“Yeah, I didn’t think that Pi Yangyang would be so reckless as to go against House Chu, bringing trouble to themselves!” Zhishan sighed.

“It’s also our fault for not reminding them- I had just investigated the current playing field of Songshan, and hadn’t had time to remind House Pi before they made a move!” Jiake said, “We’ll take this as a lesson then- don’t make any careless moves before further observation.”

“Right, father, I heard that Jin Wudi is about to leave the mountains soon, and he’s received the approval of the noble house council already. He’s entering the common world to deal with this Goudan warrior’s boss Lin Yi, isn’t he?”

“Hm? I didn’t think about that- yes, that’s suitable. With an Earth class like Jin Wudi going down to test Lin Yi’s strength would benefit us!” Jiake said happily, “We’ll make our move then!”

“Yes, we can reap the benefits from afar!”

On the other side, Goudan got back into the car as if nothing happened, his eyes still wide and alert.

“Oh, Goudan Bro, you’re so strong! You killed that itchy head Pi with one hit!” Yushu praised. “But, you’re still a bit weaker compared to Shield Bro, plus Shield Bro is more handsome than you!”

“Oh, boss is naturally better than me, of course.” Goudan nodded his head naturally.

Yushu felt that teasing Goudan wasn’t any fun- this guy sure was accepting.

“Man, you’re not as good as Shield Bro, this bodyguard is so weak!” Yushu shook her head.

“Shu, what are you saying?” Mengyao was feeling helpless. Even if he wasn’t as good as Lin Yi, she didn’t need to voice that out, did she? Wasn’t she being mean?

“It’s okay- she is simply stating facts.” Goudan nodded naturally.

“…” Mengyao didn’t know what to say. This guy sure was straightforward!

General Weiwu was currently being sent to the town near to the tomb by Liu Wangi, and Lin Yi drove over to get him, not letting Wangli get close to the tomb. He still wasn’t certain where the practitioner was from, after all.

Nobody thought of anything when he brought a dog back, since using a dog’s keen sense of smell was a common tactic. Although, it was difficult to train a dog, and people used tech nowadays.

At night, the groups from the tomb raiding team all appeared in Old Hei’s tent, except for the dead Old Keng.

Xiaoke couldn’t help but look at Lin Yi a few times- his words made her confused. She was already finding him familiar, did she maybe see him before? Why would he be so nice to tell her to be careful?

This was a dangerous job, but she had to get the high pay for the orphanage! So she chose to stay.

“Since everyone is here, let’s talk about the tomb investigation tomorrow. We don’t know who caused the events today, but I hope that won’t happen again. I’ve hired a practitioner to aid us, and any who aren’t scared of death may continue!” Old Hei’s face was very serious; clearly, he was warning everyone.

He had to, after all- he’d already lost a practitioner while everyone didn’t lose anything, and this pissed him off! Plus, he didn’t even know who did it! He’d already discussed this with Old Hao for a long time, and the conclusion was that no one had any suspicions except the dead Old Keng.

“In our country, bioweapons and superhumans are all controlled by specialized groups. Even if we wanted to hire them, it can’t be done,” James shrugged, expressing his innocence. “You saw it too. My men rely on guns!”

It was true- among the weaponry, James’ men used the highest tech. The others only used normal guns from the black market.

“I’m here to stabilize things, not cause trouble.” Old Hao said faintly.

“We’re only three people.” Lin Yi said with a cold smile. “We’re here to discuss the main topic, no? If you guys want to waste time, I’ll leave first.”

“What do you mean? This is a group mission. If you’re innocent, then why would you be so worked up now?” Old Hao smiled coldly.

“Since you don’t believe we can just split up tomorrow.” Lin Yi said faintly.

“That’s…” Old Hei was in a difficult position. “You guys, stop fighting- we’ll talk about the plan for tomorrow right now…”

As for the plan, it was just a plan to monitor each other, mixing up each other’s men in order to keep everyone in check.

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