Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 831 Chapter A Game of Pool

Challenge A Game of Pool

“Of course. Why? Are you afraid of that Lin Yi?” Zhen Yingjun replied in disdain, “If those two aren’t his girlfriends, what has it to do with him? I’ve told you, I won’t do it forcefully! This is Songshan, I’ll give you, Zou bro some face!”

Honestly speaking, Zhen Yingjun didn’t put Lin Yi in his eyes at all. No matter whether he was a master of golden class or green class, Lin Yi was nothing in front of his father’s army. Why did Zou Ruoguang have to be so careful with someone who could be killed with one bullet?

Zou Ruoguang couldn’t do anything about Zou Yingjun’s stubbornness. If Zhen Yingjun didn’t plan to get those two girls forcefully, Lin Yi wouldn’t blame him for it. For the time being, he could only try to keep himself out of this. As for whether Lin Yi will be annoyed with Zhen Yingjun’s actions or not, it had nothing to do with Zou Ruoguang as the two families were merely collaborating together.

Lin Yi requested a pool table, paid for it and watched Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu play from aside.

Although it was their first time playing pool, they had seen quite a few pool competitions on TV as they grasped the gesture quite well.

They didn’t know the details of the rules but it didn’t matter as they weren’t competing against each other professionally. They had one color each and took turns, whoever finish hitting all their balls into the hole wins.

Zhen Yingjun watched the two playing pool and a flash flashed through his mind. He thought of a way to hit on them and he headed towards them.

“Beautiful girls, do you need a pool coach?” Zhen Yingjun tried his best to make his side look as sincere as possible. When he watched from the side, he could tell that both Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu were newbies in playing the pool. It was clearly their first time and hence he thought of this method.

Chu Mengyao lifted her eyes and glanced at Zhen Yingjun without expressions. She was curious; didn’t he see the consequences of that Red Fur? How brave was he to try hitting on them?

Chen Yushu didn’t think too much as she was having fun. She was lucky and got a few good shots yet Zhen Yingjun interrupted her, she immediately became dissatisfied and waved her hands while frowning, “I’m good at it, there is no need for you to teach!”

Zhen Yingjun wasn’t discouraged but continued to introduce himself, “I am Zhen Yingjun, the Vice President of Donghai City’s Pool Association. I’ve won many prizes in the province’s pool competitions!”

“Huh?” Chen Yushu paused for a second before glancing at Zhen Yingjun then asked Chu Mengyao, “Yaoyao sis, what did he just say?”

“He said he’s really handsome(1)…” Chu Mengyao was speechless. He had such a large face yet he complimented himself handsome during the first meeting with others, how shameless was he?

“Handsome? I don’t think so! He’s not as handsome as Shield bro!” Chen Yushu studied Zhen Yingjun for a while before waving her hands impatiently, “Oi, move, don’t get in my way!”

Zhen Yingjun fumed. How dare they ignore him? Amongst those who played pool in the province, who didn’t know who Zhen Yingjun was? However, he tolerated as he recalled that it was their first time playing pool so they didn’t know who he was, “My name is Zhen Yingjun, I didn’t say I look very handsome!”

“Oh, is that so? Great, at least you know that. If so, why don’t you change your name to Zhen Nankan(2)?” Chen Yushu asked curiously.

“Ahem! Let’s not talk about this problem first. Shall we talk about pool first?” Zhen Yingjun was unhappy. Although he wasn’t too good looking, he wasn’t ugly either! Aren’t I a handsome man? He didn’t want to continue the topic and changed it to pool, “That’s not how you play pool. It should be played…”

“Shush! You are so annoying!” Chen Yushu was annoyed as Zhen Yingjun continued to pester her, “I am Queen Shu of pool. I don’t need you to teach me? Stop getting in our way here. How can you teach me with your level of skills?”

“My level of skill?” Zhen Yingjun was mad at Chen Yushu’s doubts. He wasn’t stupid; since Zou Ruoguang told him that Lin Yi was a character, he wouldn’t try to offend Lin Yi so obviously. Since he was by himself, he couldn’t possibly with a fight against Lin Yi, so he kept an ordinary attitude towards picking up the girls, unlike Red Fur who was rather pushy, “I am the vice president of Donghai city’s Pool Association!”

“Oh, there are plenty of vice presidents who lost to me,” Chen Yushu thought Zhen Yingjun was extremely annoying as she knew exactly what he wanted. However, the way he approached them was rather gentle and she couldn’t do anything against it.

“What?!” Zhen Yingjun’s brain stopped working by the overwhelming anger as he thought he was rather skilled in pool. Although his original intention was to pick up on these girls, how could he neglect the fact that they were insulting him? In the Pool Association, he was treated and complimented like a star, yet a beginner insulted him like this, it made him feel extremely humiliated!

“Fine, do you dare to compete with me?” Zhen Yingjun held his anger back and asked.

“Why would I?” Chen Yushu questioned him back.

“I… You…” Zhen Yingjun was lost for words as he couldn’t answer Chen Yushu’s question. Exactly, why would Chen Yushu compete against him?

“Enough, stop bothering me playing pool!” Chen Yushu waved her hands and ignored him as she continued to play with Chu Mengyao.

Lin Yi watched everything happen from the side but he didn’t intervene. Although Zhen Yingjun showed indecent intentions towards Chu Mengyao and Zhen Yingjun, he hasn’t done anything overboard so there was no need for him to come and do anything.

Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu should be able to solve this problem themselves. If they needed Lin Yi to solve all small problems like this, they would become flowers in a greenhouse and it was not good for their growth!

He will have to leave one day as he can’t possibly protect them all their lives. Although he had the urge to protect these two beautiful girls for their entire lives, Lin Yi could distinguish the distance between reality and his ideal.

Not to mention whether Tang Yun will agree or not, even if she did, they can’t possibly live with Miss and Chen Yushu together. Then, he can bring his Old Man over and they live happily ever after together as a big family?

1. Zhen Yingjun: this is a play on words. His surname, ‘Zhen’, sounds identical to ‘very’, meanwhile ‘Yingjun’ means handsome, hence his name sounded like ‘very handsome’ when he introduced himself.

2. Zhen Nankan: Very ugly

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