Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 941: The Dog Of The Same Sect

General Weiwu seemed to become weaker and weaker, it could barely open its eyes in the end. However, Lin Yi could do nothing but watch the energy inside its body continuously rushing into his own, continuing to restore his damaged meridians.

Time past second by second and Lin Yi could feel General Weiwu’s energy growing weaker. The energy pouring into his body wasn’t as violent as when it first started, but he didn’t know if it was because the restored meridians leveled up his power or General Weiwu was dying.

General Weiwu, I hope that you can hold on! Thank you for helping me through this crisis, I will regain your powers for you after I regain mine! 

The energy grew weaker and weaker. Finally, the last stream of energy left General Weiwu’s body and its body finally separated from Lin Yi’s body. It laid limp on Lin Yi’s bed, unclear if it was dead or alive…

“Ha!” Lin Yi could feel the fluctuation of energy inside his body clearly!

It was there!

He really regained his power! Although not all of Lin Yi’s meridians were repaired and the energy stored inside the repaired meridians were weak. However, he knew that he wasn’t far from regaining his powers!

This feeling surely was nice!

Lin Yi breathed deep and held General Weiwu in his arms as he entered the space in the jade pendant.

Now, as soon as Lin Yi’s meridians were all repaired, the excess energy will transfer into General Weiwu’s body when he chanted the Art of Dragon Mastery.

This way, he could try to save General Weiwu as early as possible! Lin Yi was worried that he wouldn’t make it in time to save it after he waited for all his powers to come back! The advantage was that if he began to store energy, it will support General Weiwu first. After General Weiwu’s power returned, he will then regain his powers!

“Old Jiao, my meridians are repaired!” After Lin Yi entered the space in the jade pendant, he quickly entered cultivation mode and chanted the Art of Dragon Mastery.

Jiao Yazi glanced at him and didn’t disturb him. It wouldn’t be too late to talk after his cultivation finish first!

Lin Yi mobilized the energy in the space immediately and they rushed into Lin Yi’s body crazily. However, the strength of the energy in the space was a hundred times more violent than the energy from General Weiwu!

Luckily, the majority of Lin Yi’s meridians were repaired, or he wouldn’t be able to bear the horrifying amount of energy.

A tint of red appeared on Lin Yi’s face and it was the sign of his body’s full recovery. Lin Yi could feel that all the wounds in his body began to heal themselves at the same time!

The energy in the jade pendant’s space was infinite. Lin Yi was like a man who just came back from the desert, desperate for water. He greedily absorbed the pure energy for his use.

As pure energy poured into his body infinitely, Lin Yi’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened and surprise appeared on his rosy cheeks.

Repaired, it’s repaired! Lin Yi could feel that all the wounds inside his body were healed!

His meridians could store energy like usual now!

After feeling overwhelmed, Lin Yi did not stop. He closed his eyes again. He continued to chant the Art of Dragon Mastery and the energy in the space continued to pour into his body.

However, because Lin Yi was holding a dying General Weiwu and he was chanting the Art of Dragon Mastery, the energy did not stay in his body but used his body as a medium after it was repaired. After the energy was transferred into his body, it then transformed itself and poured into General Weiwu’s body…

At this time, Lin Yi could relax for a while. Lin Yi wasn’t absorbing the energy and he could open his eyes to talk.

“Hu!” Lin Yi breathed deeply. He had never felt so good since he was injured!

Seeing that Lin Yi opened his eyes, Jiao Yazi looked at him oddly, “Little Lin Yi, why don’t you continue? Wait, no, you are still absorbing energy…”

“No.. But I’m prioritizing the energy to General Weiwu first. He’s right next to my body,” Lin Yi felt extremely rejuvenated and his body was filled with eagerness to fight!

“Hmm… I didn’t think that you would regain your powers in a situation like this! I neglected that you have a dog of the same sect!” Jiao Yazi exclaimed, “If we remembered earlier, you didn’t have to wait until now to repair your meridians!”

“Oh right, Old Jiao, I wanted to ask this. Why can I use the energy inside General Weiwu’s body?” Lin Yi asked curiously, “I thought that the energy inside my body could only be released when I chant the Art of Dragon Mastery?”

“Haha, because you are different from that dog. Its energy belongs to you, not itself!” Jiao Yazi looked like he already knew that Lin Yi will ask about as he grinned, “That’s why it can be called an internal style dog master of golden division!”

“An internal style dog master of golden division?” Lin Yi repeated this weird name and looked at Jiao Yazi confusingly, “What does that mean?”

“It’s simple; it’s the same as all other internal style masters of golden division as it possessess the power of golden division. However, it doesn’t know how to cultivate and it can’t breakthrough because it can’t absorb energy itself. Put it in simple words, it’s a master you created yourself. It will always stay the way you created it,” Jiao Yazi explained, “As for why its energy rushed back to your body, it’s simple! Because you created it and all its energy belongs to you, it’s like you are storing energy inside it. When you don’t need it, it can borrow your energy, making it a golden division dog master, but when you need it, you can take it whenever you want!”

“Oh? So that’s why!” Lin Yi suddenly understood how it worked. He thought that he was good enough to create golden division masters, but he didn’t know that the golden division master he created lacked the ability to level up! As for the explanation as to why the energy came back to him, it was because the energy was his own to begin with. So when his body needed it, the energy would naturally come back to him!

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