Chapter 705 – Give Me an Explanation!

After Seeing Jian Qingqiu, Huan Chuyou’s face was cold. “Principal Jian.”

For the humiliation they had suffered in front of Lingyin College, Huan Chuyou had clearly not forgotten an now he had to show his attitude to Jian Qingqiu.

If he was letting it be, wouldn’t the other party just step all over them?

Huan Chuyou was cold and his expression was ugly, but the smile on Jian Qingqiu’s face never changed. “Old friend Huan, previously I was in closed do cultivation, so I did not know that such a big thing happened, and it made you unhappy.”

“Lingyin College is getting bigger and bigger now, even a guard can treat us like that, it seems that the principal wants us to lose face,” the voice of Huan Chuyou was showing his slight annoyance.

The thoughts of Jian Qingqiu, how could he not understand them?


With the simple and clear temperament, how was it possible for him to retreat? He would do anything in his power to win this.

They had lived in this inn for two days already, if Jian Qingqiu really put any importance on them, then he would have arrived long ago, not just now. He was just showing off.

Since he was showing off, then Huan Chuyou would also show him what it meant to show off!

“Old friend, I am really not aware of this situation,” Jian Qingqiu quickly said. “When I heard about this matter, I instantly fired the guard. He dared to bock you like this, he truly had no eyes to see how important you are!”

However Huan Chuyou was unmoved.

“Old friend, what the principal said was true. I hope you will be the bigger person and not squabble with a guard.” The vice principal of Lingyin College also said.

“I don’t believe that a mere guard has the courage to act like that.” Huan Chuyou’s eyebrow rose slightly. Today Canglan college and Lingyin College had long since fallen out.

Since they were doomed to be enemies, why should he allow his students to suffer?

“You have to give me an explanation for this situation!”

Huan Chuyou had a serious expression on his face. This was related to the reputation of the entire college and the face of the students.

If Lingyin college does not give them an explanation, then they will be ridiculed a lot more when entering the Lingyin college. He did not want to see this.

Seeing Huan Chuyou being so firm, Jian Qingqiu and Lin Yinghao couldn’t help but look at one another. They had not expected that he would be so firm about this situation and not let go at all.

They had wanted to make a quick solution or this problem, but now it seemed that it was impossible.

“Old friend, this happened because of our Lingyin College not handling things well. I will apologize to you.” Jian Qingqiu said, “as for the guard daring to do such things, I will investigate clearly and give you an explanation, is this good enough?”

Jian Qingqiu was quick to apologize. What he wanted was to thoroughly defeat the college through the tournament, so he did not care about apologizing for this matter.

After the failure of Canglan College once more, who would care about what Huan Chuyou said.

Baili Hongzhuang and the others looked at one another. On the surface this principal was quite good.

If they did not know better, they might even be tempted to believe that he would really give them an explanation.

However, after experiencing many things, they already knew how to tell the truth from lies.

If it was not for the sake of the tournament, Jian Qingqiu would not even have come to find them.

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