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Chapter 860: A Legend from the Distant Ancient Huaxia Nation!

The moment that this creature said the words, it saw about 20 people including warriors and cultivators standing on the foremost spiritual ship. One person stood motionless on the bow with swords hanging at the belt while violent ocean winds brushed his face, someone else wore a cap made of pure-white snow fox fur, a thick coat from the Ultimate West Realm, and had a huge cross standing before him. Another person held a black silk band and began to cover his eyes with it…

– Meanwhile, in the new shop in the East Continent –

Jiang Xiaoyue had just finished playing games and was walking out of the shop with a large group of Heavenly Faction elders and disciples, happily talking about today’s games and TV Series with them.

She had just pushed open the door when she saw wild gusts sweeping up the sand and dust while a layer of auspicious clouds with soaring purple mist blocked the sky.

She looked up and saw dense crowds standing in the clouds with flapping flags around them. They were troops from the Innumerable-Immortal Sea.

Immortal generals stood among them, and black dragons soared in the sky with dazzling golden lights. These dragons’ chilly eyes looked down and sent chills down people’s spines.

“This… this?!” Several Heavenly Faction disciples had never seen such a scene before and retreated in horror.

They stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

Then, several thunderbolts shot down from the vast purple clouds and struck the crowd.


They came so suddenly that almost no one could react. Instantly, these players screamed in fear and scrambled to flee while some were injured by the thunderbolts. Some purple immortal thunderbolts crashed toward Elder Senior Disciple Yu Yin and the exchange disciples including Yue Bai.

How could these disciples dodge such great spells? Even a scratch from the thunderbolts severely wounded some disciples, let alone the people who stood right under the thunderbolts!

At this moment, a small figure shot up in a flash!

The thunderbolts turned and struck the ground beside them. As if the land cracked and the sky collapsed, the thunderbolts instantly left a deep crater in the ground!

“Xiaoyue!” the players yelled in alarm and saw Jiang Xiaoyue’s face turning slightly pale.

“You have some abilities!” A sneer sounded in the sky. “I’ll see if you can block the next strike!”

While this person spoke, a purple lightning snake thicker than the previous ones crashed toward Jiang Xiaoyue.

“Xiaoyue, be careful!” Even the elders standing in the distance turned pale in fear.

At this moment, the door behind them opened wide as a bright blue light shot out like a beam of ebony ice. The purple thunderbolt was shot down and turned into dazzling purple air currents that swept outward in all directions!

The scattered thunderbolts retreated from the bright blue light and didn’t hurt anyone.

At this moment, a figure came out with a box of fried chicken bites in his hands. Having just finished the last piece of chicken, he threw the empty box into a nearby garbage can and walked out of the shop.

“Sir?!” They looked back in pleasant surprise. Sure enough, the figure was Mr. Fang.

Mr. Fang yelled at the sky blurrily, “Who just bullied Xiaoyue?”

“Hehe!” A light chuckle sounded in the sky. “Instead of taking the easy way to the Heaven, you must break into Hell!”

“Cast the Star Silk Heavenly Net!”

The Star Silk Heavenly Net was an immortal item that the Gui Family made by collecting the essence of the fallen stars. Once it was spread, the entire sky looked like a curtain of clouds with starry lights blinking on it.

Like a heavenly net, it blocked all exits in the area. Today, no one could escape from it!

Then, a young general walked out from the crowd in the purple cloud, and he shouted, “I’m Gui Yuan from the Gui Family. Today, you can’t run from us even if you have wings. How dare you block the attacks for others?”

“So, it’s you guys?

“Was it you who shot those purple thunderbolts?” Mr. Fang’s face darkened. As a shop owner, he only needed to oversee the staff and keep an eye on his shops, but he couldn’t remain calm when people made trouble before his shop and even wanted to hurt his customers.

“It was me; what can you do?” Gui Yuan said coldly.

The moment he said it, a streak of burning firelight shot out like a long rainbow!

With a scream, Gui Yuan looked down and saw that his left arm had been cut off by the sword blade. Instantly, cold sweat popped out on his body from the pain!

“You-!” Intense murderous spirit flashed in his eyes. He was about to leap down to battle when Wondrous Spell High Holiness stopped him. “Back off! Haven’t you disgraced yourself enough?!”

With his sharp eyes, he had naturally seen that even though the young man who was using the flying swords had lower cultivation strength than Gui Yuan, his sword techniques were extremely powerful and could easily defeat Gui Yuan.

At this moment, they saw two flying swords, one blue and one red, dashing back into their scabbards.

“They are… Xihe and Wangshu!?” Behind Mr. Fang, Jiang Xiaoyue stared at the two swords with sparkling eyes. While looking at Mr. Fang eagerly, she asked, “Boss, where did you get Xihe and Wangshu?!”

“Thank you for the rescue, sir.” At this moment, some disciples walked up to express their gratitude. Then, they asked curiously, “Xihe and Wangshu? Do these two swords have special backgrounds?”

Obviously, not everyone had played the Legend of Sword and Fairy 4.

“These are two godly swords. In the legends, Xihe is said to be the Mother of the Sun, who is the goddess controlling the sun. Wangshu is the god controlling the moon. They are both extremely powerful!” Jiang Xiaoyue said, “Hehe, I heard it from Sister Qingqing and others when they studied the plot. Named after the gods, the two godly swords are the most powerful godly weapons of the Qionghua Faction!”

“Legend…? Is it a legend just like that of the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal?!” Hearing Xiaoyue mentioning legends, the other players looked interested.

“Right! Right! They seem to be in the same long timeline! The legends are very grand; some of the characters are even more ancient than the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal!”

Hearing their talk, Gui Yuan couldn’t help sneering. “What legend?! How come we’ve never heard of it before. In my opinion, it’s just a joke that you ignorant mortals made up!”

“You know damn nothing!” Zhuge Qingyun, Heavenly Faction’s Grand Elder, yelled furiously with a walking cane in his hand, “These legends exist in the ancient nation named Huaxia! They are absolutely real!”

Do you think we are learning fake stuff?!

“You’re ignorant and stubborn, and you even dared to hurt immortals of our Gui Family. Call out the reckless immortals who have your back.”

At a wave of the command flag, the battle drums shook the Heavens while countless troops swarmed up like the yellow spring. At this moment, the mortals beneath their feet truly felt the force that was totally beyond their realm!

Their faces looked extremely grim.

“Are you afraid?!” Chilly gazes looked down from the purple clouds. “I’ll see if the so-called legends from your damn ancient nation can protect you!”

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