Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse
Chapter 797: World Guardian & God Shield

Approximately 40 minutes before the war against the demons broke out completely, inside Bearcrest City.


Ellis shouted from behind as she tried to follow in her little sister's tracks, however, Ellis was surprised to realize that she wasn't actually able to catch Seraphina despite the fact that she had just activated a skill that boosted her Agility in conjunction with the blessing she had received from Seraphina earlier.

However, no matter how many times Ellis shouted, Seraphina did not stop and her focus was on moving forward as fast as possible in a hurried attempt to get to her parents' side as soon as possible to support them on the battlefield against the demons that would be arriving to the city soon.

The other members of the team that was representing the Gales Kingdom in the competition of kingdoms of this generation looked at each other in astonishment before turning back to look at Seraphina who with a bright silver glow covering her figure was moving more and more away.

'Quickly... Faster!'

Seraphina was sweating from nerves as she forced her body to move as fast as she could. She had activated every single skill she had to increase her Agility regardless of the negligent consumption of Mana.

Unfortunately, before Seraphina could get too close to the city walls, the five sacred towers of the kingdom that were part of the most important defense Gales had were activated, and soon after, the roars of war came from outside accompanied by thunderous explosions.

The second princess of the Gales Kingdom began to panic as she felt the ground beneath her feet shaking. Her trepidation grew even more when she saw large numbers of demons breaking past the magic towers that kept shooting flames, lightning arrows, spears of light, etc.

"No!" Seraphina shouted with a pale face as she saw that even under the fierce attack of the towers the bloodthirsty demons used their numbers to break through as if they were not afraid of being the next one targeted to die.

A Second Order demon laughed as he rushed towards a family belonging to another realm that in panic didn't know what else to do other than run without a clear goal in mind.

"Stop!" Seraphina shouted and subconsciously waved her staff.


The sweet but anxious voice of the second princess reached the Second Order demon's ears, and for some reason, he began to feel calmer. His footsteps stopped automatically and for an instant the demon wondered what he was doing, what his goal was, and if it was really what he was seeking.

Just then, the brave voice of the first Princess of Gales resounded.

"Fire Blast!"

The Second Order demon quickly realized that the situation was not good, but when he turned around all he could see was a flash of red light before he felt his body get engulfed by burning flames that in seconds consumed him completely and devoured his life slowly as he writhed in pain.

Ellis charged with her sword in her right hand and her large diamond-shaped shield in her left hand.

"Die, demon!"

The demon's head rolled on the ground, decapitated by Ellis as he succumbed to the pain.

"Sera, what's the matter with those skills of yours?!" Ellis asked in shock as she looked at Seraphina in astonishment.

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"Ellis, this is no time for that!" Evan shouted as he charged forward and began to fight against the demons.

At the age of 18, Evan was a First Order soul evolver level 49, which was amazing considering he was very close to the Second Order. However, it was not easy to face so many enemies at the same time, therefore, despite his talent, it was very challenging for him to fight against more than 100 soul evolvers of the demon race who were very close to his level or had even already reached level 50.

Ellis looked around, and seeing that everyone was fighting fiercely against the demons, she gritted her teeth and began to unleash all her fury on the invading creatures.

Seraphina's team was powerful, really powerful to the point that the 11 of them alone managed to hold off thousands of demons. This was especially true for the case of the two princesses of the kingdom who with their powers as Second Order soul evolvers and special class holders not only managed to slaughter hundreds but also managed to stop the charge of more than 10 Second Order demons.

The explosions shook everything more than 5 kilometers around, many buildings were shattered by the shockwaves resulting from the collision between two or more powerful attacks or as a result of missed attacks.

However, no matter how mighty Seraphina's blessings were or how powerful Ellis' magical attacks were; it was impossible for two people to contain so many Second Order existences for too long as at some point they would be forced into a corner that would not allow them to move freely.

Indeed, only 5 minutes after the war began and with thousands of demon corpses lying on the ground in a disorderly manner while the purple blood slowly accumulated forming large pools, the first oversight finally occurred.

"Giles, look out!" Ellis screamed in panic as an assassin of the demon race above level 70 managed to slip in taking advantage of the opportunity when she was pushed by a level 98 demon warrior.

Giles was only 19 years old but his level was already 50 even before this war; a war which had given him huge amounts of Soul Power to accumulate. However, the most surprising thing was that Giles was the holder of a special class called 'Potion Bomber'.

He had been using his active skills to create all sorts of poisonous, explosive, flaming, glowing potions to blind enemies, and a lot more. Apart from Seraphina and Ellis, Giles was the third reason why the 11 managed to stand firmly in this fight.

When he heard Ellis' anxious voice, Giles' first thought was, 'Holy shit!'

Without even hesitating, Giles pulled out one of the potions he had already created many months ago using huge amounts of Mana and at the same time he threw out a revelation potion.

When the revelation potion exploded after hitting the ground, a bright white glow illuminated the surroundings at the same time as a strange light blue smoke spread rapidly everywhere.

The Second Order demon assassin's expression changed when his Invisibility skill was broken due to the other party's strange skill. However, his face turned white when he saw a small glass bottle with a strange ominous black-colored liquid only an inch in front of his face.


A flare of black fire shot skyward as the ground shook fiercely. The black fire spread everywhere and thousands of demons were consumed in a matter of seconds, losing their lives without even leaving screams of pain behind.

A great orb of extremely pure Soul Power rushed into Giles' body, waiting to be absorbed by him once he completed his breakthrough to the Second Order.

Despite his feat, Giles felt a pang of pain in his heart as he had just been forced to use his strongest weapon so soon. Now he would not be able to escape if something like this happened again.

Wounds began to appear on the bodies of everyone except two people. One of them was Seraphina, who using her skills moved cunningly while trying her best to heal and empower her allies while the other person was Ellis whose terrifying defense and perfect stance made her an impenetrable wall no matter how many demons attacked her.

Fortunately, a few minutes later, over 30,000 Gales soldiers arrived along with a level 90 Second Order general leading over 600 Second Order soul evolvers below level 80.

The pressure on the group of juniors decreased tremendously and the casualties on the demons' side began to increase very quickly. Of course, there were also soldiers who were slaughtered in the midst of the chaos, but with the presence of Seraphina and Ellis, the humans managed to do much better.

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However, the joy did not last long.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

From the rear of the demonic army that was still arriving, two silhouettes rushed forward like ghosts.

General Sammuel sensed danger of death, he immediately knew that he would not be able to avoid it. His eyes flashed with a hint of resolve amidst the panic and regret.


General Sammuel's voice was like a rumble of thunder shaking them all, warning of the presence of at least one existence that represented maximum danger to all present.

When the soldiers and the group of young people turned to look at General Sammuel, his head was no longer on his neck. Instead, a dark brown-skinned demon held it in his right hand while in his left hand he held the head of another Second Order warrior belonging to the human army.


"Fucking demon!"


Seeing the firm expression captured on General Sammuel's face, the soldiers who had been treated as his sons became enraged and without fear for their lives charged forward with their swords ready to slash as the mana within their bodies moved into different skill runes.

"Stop!" Seraphina shouted in panic, knowing that it was impossible for those soul evolvers to do anything against the demon that had managed to so easily kill a powerful level 90 soul evolver with a lot of combat experience.

However, the second princess' attempt proved to be ineffective as the Third Order demon moved in and with lightning speed slaughtered over 30 soul evolvers.


At the same time, a powerful explosion that shook the ground with vigor sent both humans and demons alike flying.

Seraphina quickly looked towards the core source of the explosion and her eyes flashed with disbelief as she saw the scene a little over 200 meters distance away.


A sound of surprise leaked from the mouth of the second Third Order demon, and as he looked at Ellis with some interest he said playfully, "Human beauty, not bad. I'll have fun with you later."

"... A filthy rat who doesn't know his place," Ellis said as she used her cold eyes to glare at the demon from above her shield.

The demon's spear had been parried by her diamond-shaped shield, and even though Ellis's body had been slightly submerged due to the fall of the ground, her stance hadn't been broken at all.

Without giving her enemy time to respond, Ellis slashed with her sword at the same time as she said in a voice thick with decisiveness, "Hellfire Slash!"

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The Third Order demon chuckled as he saw the one-handed sword surrounded by a bunch of flames that ranged from black to purple. Instead of backing away, he stabbed with his spear at the same time activating a skill.

"Curse of Plagues."

The demon's silver spear soon turned black after being enveloped by a strange dark-colored cloud that devoured all light and a second later the attack of both soul evolvers met head-on.


Ellis' attack was crushed after only a little resistance and her body was forced to move in profile to the left due to the resulting power that traveled to her arm from her sword after clashing with the demon's spear.

Just when the Third Order demon thought he had successfully opened an opportunity, Ellis surprised him by moving her shield in front of her at the last second.


The first princess was pushed back over 300 meters, creating two long fissures in the process. However, her stance was incredibly graceful and firm as she held on tightly to her shield.

"I wonder how much more you'll be able to take!"

The demon refused to believe that a Second Order human could withhold his attacks for too long, therefore, he immediately charged towards Ellis and began to stab ferociously with his spear while activating all kinds of skills constantly.

Ellis' expression was deathly cold as she looked at the demon from the upper part of her shield. She stopped attacking as the previous attempt was enough to prove to her that her attack power whether physical or magical was insufficient to compete against such a powerful Third Order soul evolver and decided to hold her fort, only spending Mana to activate skills that increased her defense or prevented her stance from breaking.

Not for nothing had she been called God Shield.

Seraphina sighed with a sigh of relief in her heart as she saw that her older sister was able to hold off one of the two Third Order demons. She looked at the Third Order demon that in just 4-5 seconds had wiped out the lives of over 200 soul evolvers from the Gales Kingdom and a flash of anger and hate blazed in her eyes.

This was her home! Gales was their home! The citizens of this city were her second family but many of them had lost their lives under the indiscriminate assault of the demons!

Why did they have to attack? Why couldn't they stay in their places undisturbed?

Seraphina gritted her teeth and with a flame of rage burning in her emerald eyes, she activated her strongest skill... one that only worked on the person with the World Priestess class; her.

"World Guardian."

[You have received assistance from the infant will of 'Eventide World' by activating the UNIQUE Fourth Order skill `World Guardian'. For the next 30 minutes, magic attack power +400% and all stats +60%. Twenty-four hours after the end of the effect of the skill World Guardian, your stats will be reduced by 80% for 2 days]


Everyone closest to the second princess was pushed back by a sudden burst of wind, and as they looked at her, they were shocked to see that her entire figure had been enveloped by a mysterious bright yellow radiance like that of the sun.

Seraphina pointed her magic staff at the rampaging Third Order demon and her voice tinged with hatred and anger echoed amidst wails and explosions.

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"Purification of Glory."

The Third Order demon was perfectly fulfilling his role, slaughtering as many humans as he could with a smile of pleasure on his face. However, every hair on his body stood on end as he sensed danger that could not be ignored moving swiftly towards him from a distance.

As he turned, a flash of fear shone in the demon's eyes when he saw a ball of white light filled with positive energy flying in his direction. Demons were particularly weaker to holy and light-type skills per se, but the magical damage behind this attack was comparable to that of a powerful Third Order mage above level 115!

Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse Chapter 797: World Guardian & God Shield
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