Birth of the Demonic Sword
Birth of the Demonic Sword

Birth of the Demonic Sword

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Birth of the Demonic Sword novel is a popular light novel covering Eastern Fantasy, Adventure, and Fantasy genres. Written by the Author Eveofchaos. 2361 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


"So, that's how my life ends, what a waste of time it was...".
These were the last thoughts of a young man, shot by accident in a fight between local gangs. Little did he know that he would soon wake up in another world, a world of cultivation!
This is the story of the whoreson of a wealthy family, of a transmigrator that had no purpose in his previous life, of a demon that will make power his reason to keep on living.
Noah Balvan, after he transmigrated, will have to fight against his social status and the many difficulties of the world he was reborn in to obtain the power to stand free in the sky above anyone!

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  • conquerheaven 1

    9/10 dn romantizm eklenen bölümden itibaren 1/10

  • ReBack 10

    I tried to start reading, but for me, at the time, the novella seemed too violent. Especially the way MC's father treated his mother. I couldn't take it anymore and gave up. So, how does it go from here? Is MC going to keep going through the cr*p of the world like this?

  • Sam55559 9

    Help needed. I stopped reading this a while back and can't remember where to pick up from again. All I remember is that he was being taught by his teache who was a drunkard and after leaving for a mission he humiliated a bunch of students by tying them up and taking their clothes off. Pleaseeeeee Help

  • LanceWilson 6

    Bro is disciple of Heaven Refining Demon Venerable

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  • Saintlyhands 3

    please around which chapter range did he and the others go to the other side of the world to reach the 9th level. I believe it's from chapter 1800 and above.

    • ySkippy 5

      Sorry for late response but I believe it was a bit before 1800, maybe 1725-50

  • husp_ 2

    After he becomes a god it becomes interesting again. Before that it will be really boring because he’s nearing the peak

  • NotoriousAkh_ 28

    It seems like we are all in agreement that this became very lacklustre after 850-900 chapters

    • Davif123 13

      Here's another question the first 900 chapters are worth to read or should I avoid this novel all together?

      • Enzucka 2

        I really liked this novel tbh, it has romance with one girl but prioritizes training, cultivation mechanics are interesting, funny companions/friends, interesting plot, nice character development, good writing/translation, i wouldn't put it high with RI or LOTM but a solid 8/10 for me. You can try reading a few chapters.

      • NotoriousAkh_ 28

        I would say that the first 800-900 are pretty good if you truly have nothing else to read then it’s worth giving it a go, it’s been so long since I’ve last read it but yh

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  • Keylin 3

    Reading all these comments sort of hurts me. I think I'm one of the few that actually loved the story. Noah's a pr*ck. His character never really becomes relatable, but he does grow a lot. He learns to accept some people into his life, develop real friendships and a relationship that spans thousands of years. He never really softens up as a character though and I think that's what bothers people, he's always going to be the cold son of a b*tch that tortured and murdered hundreds of humans and beasts to create his own cultivation path. He's the psychopath that cuts open his own dantian repeatedly to get stronger, faster. Hes the guy that destroys the sky. If you don't like the pacing, consider the fact that there's only one set of ranks. The author doesn't just create higher and higher tiers forever to continue the story. The author leaves the ending open so you can imagine him having more crazy adventures after, but he doesn't capitalize on that to keep writing forever

    Edited: 1mo
    • Enzucka 2

      I really liked this novel too and yeah, it hurts seeing people say this is boring when I literally got really into the story and even cried because I was proud of Noah at the end. But everyone has their own opinions I guess. I didn't see him as a psychopath though, maybe because of RI however Noah had his ego, friends, lover and bottom line compared to FY. I related more with Noah than FY, because he had feelings even though RI is my top 2 fav (LOTM top 1) it's because of how chaotic and interesting the world is. I think this could be related to seeing Noah change from a normal guy to cold killer instead of FY already being a demon.

      Edited: 1mo~
  • CuriousReader001 2

    Can any one tell me at which chapter he joins the "Academy".

  • Defying_Demon_Flys 22

    Will it be interesting after 950 chapter or will it be continue being boring??