Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 46: 46. Spoiled noble

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"Magic scrolls and various techniques are off-limit. As for resources, I believe we can work out a deal."

Kevin's answer was immediate, he knew too well the difficulties of getting stronger without a noble status.

Noah had suspected such restrictions so he demanded what he needed more at the moment.

"I need potions or pills for the nourishment of the body, the level must be the same as the Inner-energy pill."

Kevin furrowed his brows.

He was surprised that such a young man knew of the existence of the Inner-energy pill but he was principally impressed by the fact that Noah directly requested something of that value.

"I don't have the authority to promise such a good reward."

Noah shrugged his shoulders at the answer.

"Then bring me to someone who has it."

Another stalemate followed by, with a giant man and a kid staring at each other in silence inside the carriage.

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At some point, Kevin nodded.

"Follow me, and please remember to be respectful."

Kevin jumped off the carriage with Noah following close behind him and went for the second-last carriage of the caravan.

He knocked at the door and bowed speaking in a firm voice.

"Young Master, it's me."

A young voice came from inside the carriage.

"Come in."

The door opened and Kevin went through it indicating to Noah to follow.

A young man donned in green was sitting inside the carriage with a chalice in his right hand.

He had curly blond hair and some traces of beard, he was around 14-15 years old and had a pale complexion.

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A bit of arrogance was exuded from his expression.

Noah looked attentively at the heir of the Lansay family and could not help but feel disappointed.

'He is so weak, what's the point of being a noble if you don't even make use of your status to increase your strength. No wonder his uncle is so close to deposing him.'

There was the faint presence of "Breath" around him which meant that he had at least trained in some body-nourishment technique but, apart from that, he had only his status to protect him.

Noah was still staring at the young man when he felt and angry gaze looking at him.

He turned in its direction and saw Kevin staring at him as he was waiting for something.

'Oh right, a weak noble is still a noble.'

Noah lightly bowed.

"Greetings, heir of the Lansay family."

The nobleman seemed to notice Noah's presence only after he spoke and looked with an inquisitory gaze toward Kevin.

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"He is Noah, the disciple of a good friend of mine. He will be a good asset in this mission."

Kevin spoke and then he turned to Noah.

"He is Basil Lansay, son of Benedict Lansay, the true heir to the title of patriarch."

Basil put the chalice down and asked with an annoyed tone.

"Why did you brought him here, what's the matter?"

Kevin bowed.

"He is asking for a reward that I don't have the authority to promise."

Basil snorted.

"Hmph, once I get access to the treasury I can make sure that you won't have to work anymore in your life. There is no need to come here in person."

Kevin continued.

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"He is asking for body-nourishment pills, and of high level too."

Basil's eyes opened wide.

"How can someone younger than me be worthy of such resources, just kick him out and teach him a lesson."

Noah got immediately irritated and a cold pressure began to be exuded from him.

The pressure emitted from a mage was unsustainable by a weak person like Basil and he started to gasp for breath.

At that moment though, Kevin's killing intent surged again forcing Noah to retract the pressure.

Basil breathed roughly and got angry beyond reason.

"How dares a lowly one like you hurt me! Kevin, don't bother with what I said earlier, just kill him and show his corpse to those animals out there. Maybe they will understand the difference in status this way!"

However, Noah was already going out of the carriage.

'Nevermind, it's useless to take on such a risky mission just for reputation and merits. I'll go back to the mansion and make up an excuse.'

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Before he jumped off though, Basil's voice sounded again.


Noah turned to look at Basil.

"It seems that I misjudged you. I indeed need strong people for this mission since we will have to go against the guards of my uncle. We can work out a deal, but first, you have to apologize for your behavior from earlier."

'So he does have some intelligence between all the noble crap.'

He looked in Kevin's direction and saw him smiling proudly while nodding at him, he presumably managed to persuade the young noble with his words.


Noah's answer was firm.

Kevin's smile froze and even the young heir was at loss for words, he only managed to stammer a weak question.


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"Because you are weak, noble or not you don't deserve my apologies."

Basil got angry again and was about to yell when Kevin placed his hand on the nobleman's shoulder.

"Young master, I know that he is rude but we really need all the help that we can find. Only once you get your position as a patriarch you can act as overbearing as you want."

Noah just shook his head hearing these words.

'Don't tell me that even the descendants of the Balvan family are like this. Maybe my theory on the idiocy of weak people is right.'

The discussion between Kevin and Basil went on for a while, with Noah's irritation increasing for every second that he was forced to hear more of it.

In the end, Basil agreed to Noah's request and Kevin hurriedly carried him away before he said something that could ruin again his young master's mood.

When they were back in the previous carriage Noah could not help but mock Kevin.

"A mighty cultivator like you being forced to be the nanny of a spoiled kid, you sure have it rough."

A slight smirk was on his face as he looked at the big man massaging his temples to calm himself.

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"It's not entirely the young master's fault. He grew up with the descendants of the Shosti family bulling him all the time and when his moment to do the bullying finally came he met with a man like you. Don't worry, when we reach the mansion I'll personally make sure that you get what he promised."

Noah nodded, he believed in Kevin words.

Meanwhile, the trial for the escort mission outside the caravan was over.

They were ready to set off.
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