Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 87: 87. Escape

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'Demonic form, rank based on the mental level of the user, darkness element. Creates an armor of corrosive smoke that enhances the body of the user. The black smoke can envelop the attacks of the user to destroy any defense on his path. The smoke is extremely deadly and since it covers the user it will also weaken any threat coming near him.'

That was the knowledge that came with the spell along with the specifics on its activation.

The spell was extremely ductile, it could be used separately on any part of the body or in its full form creating the fiendish figure that Lena was so stupefied of.

The information made Noah think that it could be possible to extend it even to his blood companion but he still hadn't had time to experiment on that.

The only drawback was that the consumption of mental energy was enormous.

'But that it's justified by its power!'

Noah thought, examining the data that he obtained with the spell.

Lena was petrified.

Every sense she had was madly sending warning messages to her mind.
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She was about to take a step back when Assea wrapped itself around her.

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"You stay there, I'll take care of my brother first."

The low rugged voice sounded again as Noah moved toward Fabian.

With every step he took, smoke would be released on the ground, making the runes that composed it waver as if they were trying to resist the corrosion.

When he was in front of the nobleman, he simply slashed with one of his sabers.

The white shield appeared but was destroyed by the sheer strength of the blow!

Then the blade hit the bluish membrane which fluctuated repeatedly and craked in the point where the collision happened.

However, it held on and blocked Noah's strike.

"Oh, I see that daddy really cares about you."

Noah didn't bother too much and let go of the saber while his now free hand shot out to grab Fabian's throat.

He raised his body in the air while the smoke thoroughly wrapped around the noble.

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Inhumane screams resounded from the coffin of smoke until only silence reined in the area.

Noah retracted his hand and picked up his saber.

The smoke dispersed showing only emptiness in its spot.

Of Fabian's body, there was no trace.

Lena stared horrified at the events unfolding and came back to reality only when Noah turned to her.

Her aspect became even paler and some blood came out of her nose.


An explosion occurred and Assea's body was shattered completely, even its figure in Noah's mental sphere cracked slightly due to the blast.

Lena came out from the dust that rose and began to ran madly toward the direction of the entrance of the inheritance ground.

Her right arm was in pieces and only some flesh remained attached to the shoulder.

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However, she didn't seem to care.

There was only one thought in her mind.

'I have to reach the guards on the outside!'

"Remarkable, you made your whip explode in order to escape. The Balvan family sure taught well."

A devilish voice sounded from her side and she turned her head with an incredulous expression.

She only saw a blade releasing black smoke aiming for her head.

A thud echoed in the area.

Noah pressed his foot on Lena's figure.

An invisible layer of protection saved her life but still couldn't prevent her from crashing on the ground.

He pointed his weapon on her and spoke, the smoke expanded from his foot and began to corrode her protection.

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He turned the point of the blade toward himself.


Lena's eyes were bloodshot.

The protective membrane shattered and the smoke attacked her body.

She gritted her teeth and through the pain, she managed to speak one last threat.

"The Balvan family will come for you."

Noah smirked, the face made of smoke cracked where his mouth was making his image even more devilish.

He neared his head to Lena's.

"No, I will come for them."

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And then the smoke devoured her figure.

Of the group from the Balvan family, only Noah remained alive.

Noah dispersed his Demonic form.

He was pale and sweat flowed from his every pore, the spell had consumed more than half his mental energy in that short time.

'I need to work hard on the second Kesier rune from now on.'

He absorbed the remains of Lena's body in his space-ring and then he went back to the ingress of the second stage to put all the other bodies in the ring.

The overall space of his space-rings was more than eighty cubic meters by then.

After he was sure that he retrieved everything and nothing was left on the ground, he checked the map of the separate dimension.

He found the farther exit from the one of the Shosti family and ran in its direction.

The green plains seemed endless and could make anyone feel disoriented.

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Noah moved at full speed for one entire day without stopping for even a moment.

His acupoints continuously absorbed "Breath" so he never had to slow down his pace.

He reached the spot signed on the map in his head but there was nothing different in the environment.

He carefully inspected the ground and found that there was a rune between the grass.

Noah didn't hesitate and touched hit.

An orange halo was formed and the pressure of the teleportation attacked his mind.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in the middle of a forest.

'Evergreen forest!'

According to the route he had taken, he knew that the exit would have been in the forest but he didn't know how deep in it he was.

Noah climbed the tallest tree he found and looked around him from above it.

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The sky was crystal clear and there were mostly trees in his field of view.

'Found it!'

At a distance not too far away, he discovered the peak of a tower.

'That's Mossgrove city and it's only a half a day of travel from here. It seems that even space it's stretched in the separate dimension.'

He was not in the mood to feel amazed at the accomplishment of Eccentric Thunder and he jumped off the tree and began to run again.

His route was in the opposite direction of the city.
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