Birth of the Demonic Sword
Chapter 2342.: Scorn

Heaven and Earth could witness the complete unfolding of Noah's world for the first time since his breakthrough, but they weren't alone there. The entire higher plane seemed to interrupt its motion to admire the waves of ambition that filled its every corner.

Formless power that didn't seem to have precise intentions spread through the higher plane and empowered every different being or material. Even the privileged cultivators around Emperor saw parts of their existence reacting to that force.

Noah's ambition was impartial, but it had a precise direction. It expressed his constant struggle toward higher forms of individuality. In a way, it was a force that carried the most basic and true aspect of the cultivation journey.

Of course, Noah's ambition didn't only make everything strive toward that goal. It also provided the power necessary to perform that jump as long as the target accepted it. Actually, Noah's new influence seemed able to sway even some of the most resilient minds.

The issue didn't apply to King Elbas and the others. They had long acknowledged Noah as their leader, so his ambition empowered them without meeting any resistance.

Yet, problems appeared among the privileged cultivators. Some of them had been part of the sky for a long time, but doubts still filled their minds. It was easy to keep a steady mindset when Heaven and Earth were the only possible alternative, but all of that shook now that Noah showed a path.

Only Caesar and a few other privileged cultivators remained completely unaffected by Noah's ambition. The latter couldn't help but gaze in worry at the companions swayed by that tempting force, but Caesar remained unfazed. He didn't care about those events, and his broad smile continued to shine on his face.

Heaven and Earth were like Caesar. They didn't even look at the underlings swayed by Noah's ambition. They kept their gaze on their enemies while they waited for their preparations to end.

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Noah and the others didn't like Heaven and Earth's behavior, but they still exploited that chance. Shafu also joined the group while Snore and the various companions appeared in the open to unleash their ambition and harmonize themselves with Noah's power.

A new wave of ambition enveloped the group and deepened the empowerment it provided. The landmass cried in anger, Snore hissed, and Shafu roared to declare their readiness. The parasite also screeched while more voices came out of the team, and Heaven and Earth understood what that meant.

The entire higher plane lit up as multiple unstable spheres materialized in the void. Heaven and Earth had summoned bigger versions of their previous attack, and they had also joined their hands to create that structure in front of them.

No battle cry or words preceded the offensive. The unstable spheres unleashed their energy in the form of violent currents that flew in random directions before converging toward the enemy group.

The sphere before Heaven and Earth unleashed its power at the same time, but its current shot forward, directly at the group. Noah prepared to slash through the attack, but King Elbas interrupted him by stepping forward.

"Only an idiot would choose to pierce something so unstable," King Elbas snorted while his figure stepped into an even stronger version of the fake quasi-rank 10 state.

King Elbas waved his hand when the white current was about to fall on the group. The gesture gave birth to an ethereal membrane that flew forward and met the enemy attack head-on.

The ethereal membrane carried only a fraction of the current's energy, but it worked as a filter that separated the two types of fuel. The white attack split into two different waves that changed their direction and crashed on chunks of the incoming offensive.

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"Idiots with me!" King Elbas shouted, and the Foolery and Divine Demon followed his sprint while voicing loud laughs.

The three experts flew slightly above the group and turned to face three different directions. Their auras intensified as a golden domain spread through the darkness, and three attacks shot out of them.

Divine Demon emptied his cup before throwing it away. The item expanded until it transformed into a massive container equipped with a suction force that split the various currents.

A frown appeared on the Foolery's face while it stared at the various currents. The pig seemed immersed in deep thoughts and plans, but its face relaxed when a wave of azure energy came out from its body.

"Where is my mighty cry?!" The Foolery complained while the azure energy flew forward and enveloped a quarter of the higher plane in its smelly properties.

"A fart isn't a cry!" King Elbas complained before rolling his eyes when a series of farts started to echo everywhere inside the golden domain.

King Elbas ignored that outcome and spread his arms. His crown expanded until it became as big as his body, and a humming noise soon came out of it.

The humming noise spread instabilities inside the various white currents and triggered a chain reaction that Heaven and Earth couldn't stop. The crystal energy grew weaker as it split into its two basic powers and created different waves that clashed with each other.

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The waves that ended among the azure cloud directly shattered, while the others flowed into Divine Demon's creation. Meanwhile, King Elbas summoned his spear and pointed it forward to launch a fiery attack that enveloped Heaven and Earth.

The fiery energy didn't manage to touch the crystal figure. Heaven and Earth's basic pressure created an innate defensive ability that protected them from that attack.

However, various figures materialized around Heaven and Earth while they remained immersed in the fiery energy. June threw a crackling spear, Wilfred slammed both arms forward, and Alexander launched a cry that carried hundreds of different voices.

Sword Saint let those attacks pierce Heaven and Earth's safe area before unleashing a thin slash that hit them at the very center of their head. Supreme Thief waited for all that to unfold before closing his eyes and releasing a sea of azure abilities that fell on the area.

Shafu and the landmass arrived right after, and the rest of Noah's companions followed. Heaven and Earth fell in the middle of a sea of abilities, but the offensive had yet to end.

Noah materialized among the chaos unleashed by his companions. Waves of multicolored energy crashed on his body and tried to push him away, but his physical prowess allowed him to remain in his place.

The chaos was incredibly powerful, but Heaven and Earth appeared partially immune to it. They stood in the middle of the sea while small cracks opened on their crystals. They were suffering damage, but they had eyes only for Noah.

"Do you plan on destroying us like this?" Heaven and Earth scorned. The chaos around them would have usually taken care of their voice, but Noah heard them anyway and chose to ignore them.

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Noah joined his hands, and dark matter enveloped his swords to make them fuse into a single structure. Different natures came out of his body as he drew power from his companions, and a black line shot out of him without needing any specific gesture.

Birth of the Demonic Sword Chapter 2342.: Scorn
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