Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest
Chapter 741: Ultimate Spirit Fusion Spell!

We evaded, blocked, and attacked back against he creature's constant attacks, while making sure to purify as much of the endless Miasma and Nether coming from its entire body.

The beast was constantly groaning and roaring furiously, it seemed to be in pain, and wasn't fighting with all of its potential either, it seemed that the many souls and bodies that made it were in constant conflict with one another.

Perhaps this is the reason why they didn't used it as a fighter, and ended sealing it away, turning it into some sort of Miasma and Nether-producing machine…


["Please… kill me…"]

["It hurts… I don't want this body…"]


["My child…"]


["Where is my son?!"]

The voices of countless souls were speaking to me at once, it almost made my head explode due to all the pressure it put into my mind. But I had to bear with it as we got closer.

"Mark! Can you restraint it for a second?!" I asked him, as he was right at my side fighting against the aberration.

"Yeah, leave it to me!" Mark roared, his body was overflowing with Mana and Spiritual Energy. "[Blazing Spirit Totem Magic]: [Volcanic Draconic Stakes]! [Sealing Blazing Spirit's Monoliths]! [Totem Spirit's Multi-Elemental Chains]!"

He conjured three Spells at once, summoning a dozen gigantic dragon-like stakes to seal the beast's limbs and then several monoliths, piercing the rest of its body!


And as if that wasn't enough, he moved his large wooden hands, the flames quickly shapeshifting into giant chains made of blazing wood, tightly sealing most of the monster's body!


The aberration gave an annoyed and struggling shriek, as it started to attempt to break free from its chains and other totems keeping it on place. The miasma and nether constantly trying to summon new zombies, which were taken care by my Dragon Spirits and Rita.

"Uuughh…! This is harder than I imagined, I can at least keep it for a couple of seconds!" Mark said.

"More than enough!" I nodded, running towards the sealed creature. "[Yggdrasil's Magic Power Aura]!"


[You have activated the [Yggdrasil's Magic Power Aura] Ability within your [Yggdrasil's Spirit Magic: Lv10/30] Skill!]

[By constantly consuming Spirit Energy, increases All Magic Spells Power, Conjuration Speed, and Effects by +500%, in exchange for making the spells cost five times more MP.]

"And now…!"


Several magic circles emerged one after another around my body, runes beginning to assemble automatically as I merely gave them mental commands, while pouring a near endless source of Mana into them.

I combined both the Spells engraved within my Magic Circle with the ones from my Skills, creating a completely new Spell!

"[Celestial Heavenly Sun] + [Exorcizing Heavenly Purifying Light] + [Spirit Combination: Spiritual Elemental Triad] + [Holy Healing Celestial Light] = [Ultimate Spirit Fusion Spell: Yggdrasil's Celestial Purifying Tree]!"


I touched the beast's chest the moment I unleashed this almighty combination of spells, an explosion of pure light and spiritual energies emerged, shaping into the form of a beautiful tree growing from every inch of the monster's body.


Each branch and root made from holy light pierced the miasma and nether, burning it into ashes as it constantly kept growing everywhere, filling everything with light!

There were hundreds of Spirits into this spell alone, it was perhaps the strongest spell I could conjure right now, and it was ideal to deal with Demon Kings, or well, a piece of one of them!


The aberration gave one last agonizing scream, trying to reach me with its giant appendages, only to fail miserably as the roots made of light grew around that tentacle and engulfed them into pure light.


The light covered everything, every zombie, miasma, or nether spread everywhere else was instantly purified, everything was cleansed completely!

A moment of stillness quickly came, followed by all of us falling into the floor, completely exhausted. Even with all the buffs we had, they always put a certain weight on me, the more of these powers I have stacked, the further I have to push both my body and soul.


[You and your Party have defeated [Corrupted Miasma Cultist: Lv150] x47, [Miasmic Cultist Chimera Zombies: Lv180] x47, [The Failed Copy Of The Origin of Darkness: Lv225] x1!]

[You earned Bonus EXP for completing the Dungeon and Defeating the Final Dungeon Boss!]

[You earned 170.500.000 EXP!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Level Up!]

[Your Level has increased from Level 154 to Level 162/180!]

[All your Stats have increased. You Gained Bonus Stat Points and Skill Points.]

[For having defeated the fragment of a Demon King as and showcasing your power as a World Boss, you gained a Bonus +10000 Community Points and +5000 World Boss Points.]

[Several of your Skills have Leveled Up. Those that need Skill Points to Level Up after gathering Skill EXP have Leveled Up automatically, consuming some Skill Points in the process.]

[You gained 500.000.000 Gold!]

[You acquired: [Shattered Heart Core Fragment of the Failed Copy Of The Origin of Darkness (SS Grade)] x1 [Failed Copy Of The Origin of Darkness Ashes (SS Grade)] x25 [Corrupted Divine Miasmic Nether Bottle (S Grade)] x10 [Accursed Cultists Robes (B Grade)] x20 [Accursed Cultist's Chimeric Beast Body Parts (A Grade)] x20 [Nether Coin (S Grade)] x2500 [Unique Potential Cubes (A Grade)] x30 [Unique Gear Enhancement Scroll (A Grade)] x30 [Greater Spirit Elixir (S Grade)] x3 [Heroic Strength Elixir (S Grade)] x3 [Legendary Potential Cube (S Grade)] x10 [Unique Gear Enhancement Scroll (A Grade)] x10 [Unique Gear Repair Scroll (A Grade)] x10 [Failed Copy Of The Origin of Darkness Themed Treasure Chest (SS Grade)] x1]

So many dropped items… this Boss was at the level of Fafnir based on the loot alone!

Yet, although I'm happy for the rewards, I can't help but feel a bit bitter about it all.

It wasn't an evil monster, but the trapped souls and bodies of many innocent people, turned into an uncontrollable abomination.

It is… quite sad, honestly.

"Hahhh… W-We did it…" I sighed in relief.

"That was… more tiring than I imagined." Mark sat down.

"Ugh, my back hurts a bit." Rita said. "Are my tits too big in this avatar? Yeah they are!" She suddenly started grabbing her breasts.

"Oh my god Rita why are you talking about that out of nowhere?" I couldn't help but laugh over her randomness. "Hahaha, you're dummy."

"Well, I at least made you laugh a bit." She giggled.

"I can tell why you two are such good friends." Mark commented. "But now… What should we do?"

"I think it would be better to keep the corpses of the cultists left behind, well, the ones that didn't turned into items, and also the corpses of these people." I said. "We should call whoever acts as a police force in here, probably the Knights Order that follows the Kingdom's Laws, and report that we found an hideout of the cult in here."

"But we would also be risking the possibility of making more enemies if the royal family are involved…" Mark said, thinking about it.

"There's no helping it." I shrugged. "It is what I think we should do, especially with all these innocent people that they killed, they need to be reported as dead and… to be notified of their death to any family member they could have left behind."

"Right… I guess you're right." Mark nodded. "Let's do that then."


I hope they can rest in peace now; the nightmare is finally over.

Chapter 741: Ultimate Spirit Fusion Spell!
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