Brand New Life Online: Rise Of The Goddess Of Harvest
Chapter 933: Fighting The Ancient Demon King Fragments!

I commanded all my Familiars to create a circle surrounding Cecilia. As I just managed to destroy the offshoot that had come to kill her. The Time Bubble she had created slowly regenerated back once it wasn't taking more damage anymore. Her bright eyes quickly directed towards me and then the rest of my familiars.

"Ah! You guys are sure quick! I can't believe reinforcement already arrived… Please help us out taking this thing down!" She cried. Apparently, she believed I was also an inhabitant of Cloudia. "Quite the fancy-looking Familiars you got! Can I check them later?"

"Eh? Sure, I don't mind." I smiled back at her. "But for now, Cecilia, come with me. Belle will protect us well!"

"S-Sure!" She quickly climbed up over Belle's back, wrapping her arms around my stomach. "Thank you so much for coming! I've never been good at fighting myself, all my spells and skills are for technical and creation purposes…"

"It's fine!" I said. "For now, we have to get rid of those things coming…" I pointed my Gaia's All-Purpose-Tool, now transformed into a giant lion-headed club, and my Gram sword at the incoming beasts.

The offshoots were smaller versions of this fusion of Demon King Fragments. They were monstrous, mutated aberrations with many arms, legs, claws, eyes, and jaws. Their appearances varied, from undead-looking creatures to more demonic monsters, some even resembling masses of combined poisonous plants.

"Advance! Don't let them come closer! Kill every single one of them without exception!" I roared, as Belle and my horns unleashed a thunderstorm against anything in front of us, I constantly spread my Domains and Terrains to quickly increase our stats and the regeneration speed of Health, Mana, and Spirit Energy.

"You're an amazing magician! I've never seen someone spreading a Domain and Terrain so fast like this before. You must be an incredible Druid, a Divine Druid, maybe?" Cecilia wouldn't stop talking.

"Err, something like that, yeah!" I nodded. "Cecilia, do you have any buffs yourself?"

"Ah, right, yeah! I got some, just stay still!" She clumsily said, quickly summoning a gray-colored aura from her body. It emanated the power of the element of Time. "[Divine Time Magic]: [Time Acceleration]! [Slow Down Curse]!"

Two basic yet powerful Spells were conjured. Encompassing me and my Familiars were auras of time that accelerated our entire beings within time itself. Everything around us felt slightly slower, and even more once a dark gray aura slowed down the hundreds of monsters coming our way.

"Perfect! Crush them!"

Belle charged forwards rapidly, overcharging herself with all her Divine Lightning as she charged against our foes using her variety of Skills to crush them. She used [Super Charge] to give rapid bursts of speed and power and blow away foes with a single strike.

Then Lightning Horn Attack to release piercing, thundering blows that pulverized the monstrous creatures. And as if things couldn't get any more deadly in this giant divine goat, her Divine Thunder Aura Attack quickly was unleashed, summoning the figure of a tall, muscular god of thunder holding a mighty hammer. Without a doubt, this was Thor. Back then when we fought the Demon King of Miasma, she had also summoned him out of desperation.

"My precious Tanngnjóstr, you call upon my strength once more?" He laughed, his giant thunderous hammer smashing down the ground, dozens of miasmic monsters dying on the spot, pulverized and vaporized into ashes.


"Remember that I am only but a fragment of the records that have given you the power to evolve. Do not abuse my existence, or I will fade away quickly!"


Belle almost ordered him to continue fighting, as the giant Thor flew into the skies, aiming at the final boss and then shapeshifting his entire body into a massive golden hammer made of thunder.

"Alright, alright! I guess I can do this for now!"


Cecilia gasped as the powerful Divine Thunder Aura Manifestation pummeled down, the gigantic fusion of Demon King Fragments was electrocuted and burned with golden flames, a third of its body suddenly disappearing. As the rest of its body was left weakened! That should have done a good chunk of damage, amazing.

"Belle, what the heck was that?! You'll have to explain to me later what's your connection with that man! I thought you were just a normal Farm Summon, but you really got a past, huh?" I wondered.

Unlike Tamed Monsters, Summons already come grown up and as formed creatures. It also could mean that Belle used to be something before becoming my Familiar, maybe like a past life of sorts. And I couldn't help btu suspect she was some sort of Thunder God Familiar before becoming my Familiar.


She groaned without care, as she stomped down the monsters rushing towards us. I smashed them into smithereens and cut through their bodies with my club and my sword techniques. Waves of holy and purifying light emerged from Gram as I used my Heroic Swordsmanship Arts, while a myriad of Holy Light Spirits I ordered unleashed explosions of bright light.

At the same time as this happened, my mighty Divine Beast Familiars kept pushing through, leaving absolutely no monster to escape. They had become so powerful it was ridiculous!


Huginn specially, who flew right above our heads, spread his gigantic, feathered wings and unleashed a rain of feather projectile against our foes. Each projectile exploding into black flames that consumed it all. At the same time, he would rapidly descend and unleash Abyssal Shadow Kicks that released explosions upon contact, blowing away any foe that dared to touch him.

His Shadow Beak Attack pierced their bodies with his massive beak, resembling spear attacks, and his Curse Magic, Super Shadow Beam, and Shadow Chains restrained, weakened, and destroyed foes from a distance.

Saphee, in the other case, was slightly different. After her evolution, she had acquired and further awakened her powers to new levels. She wasn't alone, but accompanying her there was an army of a Hundred Poison Snake Phantoms, born from her Divine Poisonous Snake Aura.


Chapter 933: Fighting The Ancient Demon King Fragments!
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