Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World by Ming Yu
Chapter 2185: Water Ghost Sect’s Weakness

In the eyes of many people, it was impossible for a lake to have feeling, or even the capability to think. However, the thoughts of a lake were different from human beings. For humans, lakes were collections of water in a basin, which would have no thoughts.

But when Zhao Hai turned into a drop of water, his first feeling was cold. The lake was cold. The lower the lake, the colder it is. However, this coldness didn’t refer to temperature.

The reason Zhao Hai felt this way was due to the many water ghosts in the water. Water ghosts were originally cold things, like any other things that were yin.

Zhao Hai felt the number of water ghosts in the lake. The results caused him to be surprised. The number of water ghosts was beyond what he expected.

What Zhao Hai didn’t know was that the Water Ghost Sect would drown people in the lake from time to time. Naturally, when these people died, they would become water ghosts. Then these water ghosts would be captured by the disciples of the Water Ghost Sect to be refined.

Disciples of the Water Ghost Sect used water ghosts as weapons. If they want to upgrade their water ghost, refining them wouldn’t be enough. Another way to increase the strength of a water ghost was to have it consume other water ghosts. This was the reason why the Water Ghost Sect raises water ghosts in their lake.

Zhao Hai swam along the waves of the lake. Little by little, he approached the Water Ghost Sect. Before long, he was at the periphery of the sect. However, Zhao Hai didn’t relax. He knew very well that the closer he got to the Water Ghost Sect, the stronger the defenses he would encounter.

Zhao Hai knew that on an island like this, there would be a lot of underground rivers. These rivers would be connected to the well on the island. As long as he found an underground river, he would be able to infiltrate the island. The outside defenses of the Water Ghost Sect were very strong. However, this defense was only angled towards enemies. If there were no enemies, it was impossible for the island to activate all of its defense.

It took a while for Zhao Hai to find the entrance of the underground river. He quickly went straight for the river. The moment he entered the river, Zhao Hai no longer felt the cold feeling. This was because the underground river was located on Water Ghost Island. The land was a natural deterrent to water ghosts.

Zhao Hai followed the river all the way into Water Ghost Island. Along the way, Zhao Hai encountered several warning formations. But since Zhao Hai merged with the river, these warning formations were practically useless.

As he moved forward, Zhao Hai felt the underground river having direct contact with the air. Zhao Hai immediately knew that he had come upon a well built by the Water Ghost Sect.

Zhao Hai followed the river to the well. Then he moved and flew up the well. As soon as he got out, Zhao Hai immediately surveyed the surroundings.

Zhao Hai exited into a small courtyard on the outskirts of the island. The courtyard looked deserted. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but nod with satisfaction.

However, Zhao Hai immediately turned around and entered the well once again. Although the Water Ghost Sect wasn’t a big sect and courtyards like these were ignored, Zhao Hai didn’t want to leave traces. He was here to deal with the Water Ghost Sect.

Zhao Hai continued to travel along the underground river. As he traveled through the island, he soon discovered a problem. Water Ghost Island only has wells on its periphery. There were no wells in the center of the island.

This puzzled Zhao Hai. He knows that cultivators all want to eat, even those who reached the Teleportation Stage. Disciples of a sect weren’t ordinary people. It was impossible for them to live on the outskirts of the sect. So, when they eat, wouldn’t they need to drink water?

After going around Water Ghost Island, Zhao Hai had a lot of questions on his mind. Then he left the island. He didn’t plan to attack today. He just wanted to have a comprehensive understanding of the sect. Only once he was confident would he launch his attack.

After leaving Water Ghost Island, Zhao Hai figured out why there were no wells on the center of the island. The high-level members of the sect must know that the wells originate from the underground rivers. With how many people they drown every day, they might be disgusted by the lake water. Therefore, they didn’t dig any wells.

In the following span of time, Zhao Hai continued to sneak into the Water Ghost Sect to learn more about it. He wanted to know the situation inside the sect.

The reason Zhao Hai spent a long time observing the Water Ghost Sect was because he wanted to find its biggest weakness. If he wanted to fight, he would hit them where it hurt the most. Even if Zhao Hai failed to eliminate the sect, he could still leave an opening huge enough for the Water Ghost Sect’s enemies to take advantage of.

After a month of observation, Zhao Hai finally discovered the weakness of the Water Ghost Sect. Surprisingly, the sect’s weakness was Water Ghost Lake. The lake was a huge body of water surrounding Water Ghost Island. The lake was full of water ghosts which were the first round of defense for the island. The lake also provides the disciples of the sect with a constant supply of water ghosts.

If Zhao Hai wanted to deal with the Water Ghost Gang, he would first need to deal with the lake. From an outsider’s viewpoint, Water Ghost Lake was Water Ghost Sect’s strongest point.

But in Zhao Hai’s eyes, this wasn’t the case. Water Ghost Lake was the strongest defense of the Water Ghost Sect. But once the water ghosts in the lake were taken care of, the Water Ghost Sect would collapse. When the time comes, it wouldn’t be difficult to attack the sect. Zhao Hai began to hatch his plan.

In the next few days, Zhao Hai didn’t enter the Water Ghost Sect. Instead, he spent his time inside the Space experimenting. Finally, he used the Universal Processing Machine to manufacture a new plant. This plant was made from multiple plants with specific properties.

The plant was a light-element creation that grew very fast. Most importantly, its seeds were very small, and its survival rate was very high.

For ordinary people, this plant would be a good thing. Light element plants can be eaten and provide healing effects. But for the people of the Water Ghost Gang, this plant would be their nightmare. Once it spreads out in the lake, the plant would essentially be poison for the water ghosts. As long as the plant proliferates throughout the lake, the water ghosts outside the Water Ghost Sect will be purified.

Once the plants purify the entire lake, the Water Ghost Sect would be finished. The plant would grow continuously, so Zhao Hai doesn’t have to worry about taking care of them. Most importantly, there was no need to sprinkle the seeds throughout the lake. The plant reproduces quickly. It wouldn’t take long before the entire lake was full of them.

After coming out of the Space, Zhao Hai immediately sprinkled the seeds he had made. Then Zhao Hai left quickly. This time, he didn’t return to the Ghost Child Gang. Instead, he went to the Tyrant Blade Sect.

It has been some time since Zhao Hai returned to the sect. Although Laura and the others stayed in the sect, Zhao Hai still felt a bit sorry for the Yin Yang Elders.

Zhao Hai would accompany the Yin Yang Elders after returning to the Tyrant Blade Sect. At the same time, he would tell the elders about his revenge plan.

When Zhao Hai returned to Residence Number 52, the Yin Yang Elders were there. To be honest, when Zhao Hai and the others left, the Yin Yang Elders felt that they were freer. When Zhao Hai was present, they would always find a way to suppress their killing intent. They were afraid of affecting Laura and the others. But now, they don’t have to worry anymore. The robots that Zhao Hai provided wouldn’t be affected by killing intent. Moreover, after being single their entire lives, the Yin Yang Elders felt awkward talking to women.

So, when Zhao Hai and the others left, the Yin Yang Elders were more relaxed. They can do whatever they want in the courtyard. Like old men, they could act however they wanted in front of their sons, but they would maintain a little restraint in front of their daughter-in-law.

As soon as he entered the residence, Zhao Hai saw the two elders sipping tea on the training ground. At the same time, the two were watching robots practicing.

This was a method that Zhao Hai came up with. The robots were made with combat as their core. Therefore, they have some learning capabilities. Zhao Hai made these robots for the two old men to pass the time.

Originally, Zhao Hai meant for the robots to become chess pieces of the elders. They can use the robots to play a life-sized game of chess. However, the old men didn’t like to play chess. On the other hand, they seem to enjoy looking at the robots’ performing moves.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but laugh, “Masters, you’re really free. You’re playing with the robots again?”

The Yin Yang Elders looked at Zhao Hai and smiled. The Yin Elder waved his hand and said, “Come sit. How did you have time to come back? Are you doing well in the Long Clan?”

Chapter 2185: Water Ghost Sect’s Weakness
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