Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1037 Saber Intent

Magical Powers Hall, Barbarian Palace.

“The clam totem is a totem of psyche and illusions. It is extremely rare and possesses three suitable magical powers. They are located on Row A of the seventh shelf…”

Fang Yuan found the introduction and magical powers of clam totems according to the guidelines and instantly realized why Nine Leave said that it was difficult to train him.

“The clam totem is too rare, so it has a limited choice of magical powers…”

He looked briefly at the introduction and found that these magical powers were from those clam totems that had cultivated to the Materialization realm and then inscribed from what they had managed to search for by themselves.

Even so, there were only three types.

“It seems like because the clam totem is too rare, so the Ancestral Court’s research on it isn’t deep…”

Fang Yuan played with some fog in his hand and smiled. “The clam totem might only enhance the body to fifth or sixth grade, but the auxiliary abilities of psyche and illusions aren’t any worse than third grade… But no one knows this little secret since there are so few clam totem experts.”

He calmed down and looked at the three magical powers. “Magical powers are divided into ordinary magical powers, great magical powers, and peerless magical powers. Those arising naturally from third-grade totems are at least great magical powers! But here…

“Dense Fog, Phantasm, Mirage? These are all ordinary magical powers…”

Totems under the third grade could not generate magical powers by themselves and could only rely on cultivators to inscribe them.

Some of them were imitated from third-grade totems, while some were created by the cultivators themselves.

“For example, Dense Fog and Phantasm were inscribed from water element third-grade totems… As for Mirage…”

Fang Yuan picked up the piece of blue beast skin and looked at it from the beginning.

“I, Chihun, possess the clam totem. It might only be fifth grade, but I believe I can be a strong warrior. Mirage is a magical power that I comprehended myself, which is just a little bit shy of a great magical power. I have a hunch that I will be able to perfect it after a few more years…”

There was an introduction to the magical power below.

“Large-scale illusion technique… Not bad…” Fang Yuan nodded and continued onto what was obviously another person’s writing. “Chihun, the strongest warrior of the clam totem, disappeared ten years after reaching the Primordial Core realm. He is determined to be dead…”

“What a pity… He would have definitely become a powerful illusionist if he managed to complete it!” Fang Yuan sighed. “I’ll take this Mirage Magical Power then!”

The other two magical powers were much weaker, and he did not have the slightest interest in them.

He was not going to inscribe Mirage either. He was going to comprehend it himself and improve on it.

If Chihun could comprehend a magical power, so could he.

“We can choose a magical power and a combat skill for free in the Barbarian Palace. Anything else requires a price…”

A third-grade totem would generate only a single most suitable magical power, but on the materialization, you could inscribe more than one magical power! It was a rare chance for the barbarians to comprehend nomological laws, so they cherished it a lot.

However, Fang Yuan was different from them and wanted to use up this chance as soon as possible. “I’m done choosing my magical power. Next is the combat skill. I hope there’s something higher level than the Chaotic Cloak here…”

He walked through the palace when a flame suddenly came flying at him.

“Vermilion Bird flame? Who was so unethical to throw flames around?” Fang Yuan’s face sank, and he walked toward the origin of the fire.


There, many youths gathered around two young men confronting each other.

“Hmm? Beichen Yan? His opponent has moon marks on his beast hide. Is he from the Moonview tribe?”

Hiss hiss!

The young man from the Moonview tribe hissed and showcased his totem. It was a huge black snake with a pair of wings and manipulated black water.

“Second-grade totem black water snake?”

“Fang Yuan, you’re here!” Bei Tangman and Ivy angrily sprouted everything to Fang Yuan before he could utter a word. “These seniors are bullies!”

“Haha. Newcomers, don’t you know that giving some hardship to the new geniuses is a tradition of the Barbarian Palace!” A few youngsters opposite them laughed merrily. “You’ve lost. This Beichen Yan might be powerful, but he won’t last long. Big Bro Xuan Mo will defeat him!”

“No! I haven’t lost yet! Vermilion Bird Flame!” Beichen Yan roared in the field, and a fiery red but incomplete rune appeared on the Vermilion Bird.

The orange-yellow Vermilion Bird flame seemed to bloom in midair like a flower.

“Black Water Magical Power!”

The black water snake flapped its wings, and black water came forth to extinguish the flames and drown the Vermilion Bird.

Beichen Yan retreated backward with blood flowing from both sides of his nose.

“Junior Brother, your Vermilion Bird isn’t bad. Unfortunately, your control is still too rough!” Xuan Mo shook his head and returned to his group.

“Oh! You are the last of the batch, Fang Yuan, right? I heard your totem is trash, and you are only good at saber skills. Who wants to come?”

A group of barbarian youths laughed and discussed. Finally, a youth with a long spear came out. “Xu Chen of the Sunrise tribe. I won’t use my totem fighting you!”

“I won’t either then,” Fang Yuan answered with a smile.

“This Fang Yuan!” Ivy and Beichen Yan were angry. “Fool!”

However, they did not know what was on Fang Yuan’s mind. I can showcase my talents since I’m now in the Ancestral Court…

If he had shown that he was too much of a genius and made Beichen Luo feel threatened, he might have encountered an ‘accident’ before Yan Luo noticed him!

However, the Ancestral Court treated all tribes the same! The Beichen tribe could do nothing to him.

Here, naturally, the better he performed, the more attention he would receive and the more resources he would get.

Someone from the higher echelons might even like what they saw and take him in as a disciple.

Fang Yuan’s mentality naturally changed with the world. He was in this world now and had to abide by its rules. He would not resist following a master and so on.

Everything was for the purpose of becoming stronger! So that he could win that bet!

“Fire Tree Silver Flower!” Xu Chen said softly, and spear shadows spread all around.

“Chaotic Cloak Saber Technique, Nine-In-One!”

Fang Yuan chopped out the nine saber shadows and merged them into one.


The saber and the spearhead touched lightly, and both of them separated.

“Great! Come again!”

Xu Chen’s eyes brightened, and his spear suddenly turned into a black dragon, seemingly with a life of its own. It extended a claw and broke the Chaotic Cloak Saber Technique’s dark burst.

“Spear Will, and he’s only one step away from comprehending Spear Intent? There are indeed many geniuses in this Barbarian Palace…”

Fang Yuan wielded his saber and left the range of the long spear.


Xu Chen withdrew his spear, and it suddenly lashed out again as though it were a venomous dragon rising out of a hole.

“Saber Will!” Fang Yuan shouted. The Black Profund Saber turned into a flexible fish and clashed with the black dragon.


A crisp sound rang out.

Xu Chen retreated, his complexion ugly.

“What?” The other young men were shocked when they saw this. “Xu Chen is the best when it comes to weapons in the Barbarian Palace, and he lost?”

“I lost this round, but I’ll continue challenging you. This time, I’ll use my totem!”

Xu Chen hollered, and a green flying dragon totem appeared behind him. It roared and merged with his spear. “Take my Thirteen Flying Dragon Spears!”

“Shameless!” Beichen Yan shouted. “Using the strength at the peak of the Predatory realm is completely trying to overpower him!”

“Oh? Using the flying dragon totem to enhance his spear technique?” Fang Yuan’s eyes glistened. “He’s truly infatuated with the Spear Dao. Too bad…”

Any ordinary youth would admit defeat when they saw this.

But not Fang Yuan!


Fang Yuan raised his saber and slammed it down right in the middle.


The spear appeared along with a stunned Xu Chen.

It seemed as though he had deliberately sent his long spear under Fang Yuan’s saber.

“Even so, how can your saber match my spear under the enhancement of my third-grade totem…”

Xu Chen roared in his heart, but the next moment, his eyes saw a sharp edge.

It was saber light condensed to the limit and impossible to block.

Poof! Poof!

The third-grade flying dragon totem split in two. The Black Profound Saber also cut the spear and landed at Xu Chen’s throat.

“I admit defeat!” He managed to squeeze these three words out before fainting.

“Even Xu Chen lost…”

“He is among the top ten in the Barbarian Palace, especially with the unpredictability of his spear attacks. He is even more powerful when he uses it together with his totem. He unexpectedly just lost like this!”

The youths looked at Fang Yuan in fear. “And… he has yet to use his totem.”

“Who else?” Fang Yuan stood tall holding his weapon, looking a bit heroic.

“Me, Xuan Mo!”

His black water snake shot out again, and its wings covered the sky. “No matter how good your saber skills are, I’ll defeat you with my totem. Surging Black Water!”


A ray of light flashed on Fang Yuan’s saber, and he directly chopped.


The black water snake totem suddenly collapsed, and Xuan Mo spat out blood and likewise collapsed.

“I, Wu Song…”

“I am Bei Qing!”

Fang Yuan continued to chop down the challengers’ totem one after another and made them pass out.

“Just one saber chop…” At the side, Nine Leave’s eyes slowly widened. “This is… the Saber Intent realm? Ordinary totems will collapse just coming into contact with Saber Intent unless they condense a substantive materialization.

“This young man… I said he couldn’t be trained before, but now, he has comprehended Saber Intent at the Predatory realm and reached basic mastery of the Nomological Laws of Saber?”

Yan Luo appeared beside Nine Leave and asked with a smile, “So, how is my recommendation?”

“Very right. I’m convinced!” Nine Leave replied. “I’ll report to my old patriarch. We can’t bury such a genius!”

“Quickly now!” Yan Luo waited for Nine Leave to leave before looking at the scene with awe. “How could he…”

In fact, even he could not have imagined that Fang Yuan could improve in such a short span of time!

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