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Chapter 1081: Refining

Chapter 1081: Refining

“An Immortal-level otherworldly demon? It looks like there are many secrets hidden within this Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower…”

Fang Yuan nodded while watching the light that enveloped the tunnel start to crumble.

“What a pity… The patriarch had never thought that someone could pass the nineteenth level when he built this Outer Heaven Tower, so the nineteenth level has no rewards…” The green-clothed puppet sighed.

Even if someone at peak Nascent Soul managed to transcend the tribulation on the eighteenth level and become Immortal, ordinary Immortals were definitely not a match for the green-clothed puppet.

Moreover, even if such a thing were to happen, the artifact spirit would directly adjust the Outer Heaven Tower and move them to the twentieth level, not giving the Immortal any chance at all.

Therefore, Fang Yuan really was the first person to pass the nineteenth level ever since the Outer Heaven Tower was built!

Unfortunately, that patriarch of Mount Mengyan had never dreamed that this would happen and thus did not arrange any rewards at all.

Of course, Fang Yuan’s performance would have caused a huge stir if Mount Mengyan were still around. He would have immediately taken him in as a disciple.

“Reward? I have it already!” Fang Yuan’s mouth curled up. A long saber appeared out of nowhere. “Light of Universe!”

This illusory saber that combined both the nomological laws of time and the Illusion Realm reappeared and cut the puppet into oblivion.

“What are you doing?” The artifact spirit’s voice came, clearly baffled.

Fang Yuan’s move merely seemed to be venting his anger. In its view, it had no other meaning.

“Found you!” Fang Yuan’s eyes shone as he stepped into the passage!

The next moment, space changed.

He arrived at a narrow floor.

Stone structures were on all four sides. The center, however, had a stone monument—the tower stele! This was where the artifact spirit’s main body was within the Outer Heaven Tower!

“What’s going on? How did you get here directly?” The artifact spirit’s astonished voice came from the stele.

“This is, of course, the arrangement by that patriarch of Mount Mengyan. You are the reward for passing the nineteenth floor!”

Fang Yuan laughed happily and placed his hand on the stele to refine it forcibly.

This was his real purpose!

From the start, becoming a core disciple of Mount Mengyan or passing through the levels to obtain Dao Comprehension Stones and so on were not his true goal!

Since discovering the Outer Heaven Tower, his thoughts had always been on how to conquer this treasure!

It was very difficult since this heavenly treasure was a grade above immortal artifact. If it had a master, he would not have even needed to consider it.

The key to refining the Outer Heaven Tower was to find the whereabouts of the artifact spirit’s main body! This was certainly not easy.

Even with his Illusion Realm’s nomological laws at large success, he could only pass through freely within the first nineteen levels. It was impossible to teleport to anywhere above that.

In fact, Fang Yuan knew that he had had wrong thoughts about the Outer Heaven Tower after he passed through the tenth floor. Although the constructor’s forte might not be in the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws, he must have comprehended them to a very high level. Perhaps… not even inferior to him! This entire tower was a treasure of its own! Almost no one could break through its defenses.

The structure of the space in the first few levels was relatively simple, but the defense against space was absolutely terrifying from the twentieth level and above!

Of course, there were still gaps in his plan.

First, he had saved a lot of effort as a challenger because he could enter without invading it. This was especially true when he reached the nineteenth level, which was almost close to the tower’s core.

Then, through continuously attacking and even killing the immortal puppet, he had forced the artifact spirit to recall its incarnation, allowing him to find the spatial node where it hid its main body.

But even if he could do all this, Fang Yuan would have still had to completely comprehend the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws or even advance it to the Void Great Dao to be able to break into this place.

But coincidentally, there was a loophole that was not a loophole in the passage of the nineteenth level!

The loophole was not having any rewards for passing the nineteenth level!

With the help of this loophole, Fang Yuan had found the weakest point in the defenses of the entire tower.

From there, he used the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws to sense and find the spatial node before finally arriving here! The core of the Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower!

He could not miss any of these conditions to be able to reach this point. Even Fang Yuan felt he was incredibly lucky.

“I’m… the reward?” The artifact spirit’s innate thought flaw still existed, and Fang Yuan’s words made it fall into self-doubt.

In its understanding, no one could break into this place. Therefore, what Fang Yuan said might be true!

The reward for passing the nineteenth level while at Golden Core was to be sent here!

Fang Yuan seized the opportunity to send his psyche imprint into the stone stele while it was confused.

“No… not right! If the nineteenth level really had this reward, why didn’t the patriarch tell me?” The artifact spirit was sharp and immediately reacted. “You’re lying to me! Damn it!”

How horrifying was the artifact spirit’s anger?

The entire Outer Heaven Tower was roaring terribly.

However, something awkward happened.

This place was the most protected within the Outer Heaven Tower, but there were almost no restrictions for attacking in this space. The only thing the artifact spirit could do was use its power to shift Fang Yuan out of the tower.

“This is the limitation of an artifact spirit. It’s not flexible enough. If you had a master, you could have done a lot of things, such as sending a few immortal puppets in, and I would have had to surrender obediently. Too bad… you can only move according to the preset rules!”

Fang Yuan laughed. The void around him did not stop fluctuating as he resisted the shifting power.

“Impossible!” A shadow above the stone stele exclaimed. “Even with the Illusion Realm’s nomological laws at large success, it’s impossible for you to resist my great shifting power! No… not right. The one resisting the shifting power is not only your Illusion Realm’s nomological laws, but there’s also… me?”

“That’s right! I already control half of the stone stele and have half the authority over the Outer Heaven Tower. I can naturally tweak its defenses!” Fang Yuan laughed. “Fool. It’s too late even if you can get the puppets here. See whose command they’ll adhere to!”

What he had said earlier turned out to be a tactic to attract the attention of the artifact spirit.

Under this diversion, he attained half the control of the stone stele, setting the situation in stone.

“I won’t surrender. My master was a patriarch of Mount Mengyan, and I will never yield to an outsider!” roared the artifact spirit. However, instead of spending time on small tricks, it concentrated wholly on resisting the refinement.

But after a while, it shouted, “Impossible… Why is your soul so powerful?”

It was confident that its spiritual will could easily knock over a Golden Core cultivator, but it was actually losing in the battle over the stele!

The opponent’s remarkably powerful soul and strange use of spiritual will was truly an eye-opener.

“You don’t need to know this. You only need to know that I’m your new master!”

Fang Yuan smiled coldly. He might only have a trace of his Demon God True Spirit in this reincarnation, but after such a long period of transformation, his Essence Soul was comparable to that of an Immortal, even if it was merely a shadow of his former self. Coupled with his spiritual will techniques, he might even be able to content against a Grand Unity Immortal!

A mere artifact spirit had a rigid spiritual will. Regardless of the quantity, he would break it with his better quality.

The light representing him slowly but surely continued to expand on the stone stele, from half to sixty percent, seventy percent… ninety percent!

The more control he obtained, the more difficult the battle was.

Finally, Fang Yuan seized control of ninety-nine percent of the stone stele. The last bit was the artifact spirit hiding in the core of the stone stele. “I won’t give in!”

“Artifact spirit… think about it. Aren’t all the inheritors of Mount Mengyan dead? No matter who subdues you, they are all outsiders!” Fang Yuan immediately put to work his silver tongue. “I passed the nineteenth level, and according to you, I can least obtain the status of a core disciple of Mount Mengyan. Therefore, I’m not an outsider but the last disciple of Mount Mengyan! Who else would you submit to if not me?”

“…” The artifact spirit was silent.

Fang Yuan was overjoyed when he felt a slight reduction in resistance. His eyes flashed, and all his spiritual will poured into the artifact like a tsunami to refine that last point.

Buzz! The entire stele roared and then became as gentle as jade.

“Master!” A shadow gathered into the appearance of the earlier green-clothed puppet and bowed toward Fang Yuan.

“Haha! Haha!!!” Fang Yuan burst out laughing, seeing the previously proud artifact spirit humbling itself to him.

Of course, he was not gloating. He was only excited to have finally refined the Outer Heaven Tower.

“Venerable Lie Huo and the rest cracked their brains to send a few geniuses in and were elated after obtaining one or two Dao Comprehension Stones. What about me? I directly took the entire Outer Heaven Tower for myself!”

Fang Yuan was immensely satisfied. He integrated his spiritual will into the stele and immediately received an immense amount of information from the Outer Heaven Tower.

“This Thirty-Three-Level Outer Heaven Tower has numerous space structures. Every level from the twentieth has an otherworldly demon in it. A space that can contain an otherworldly demon, I’m afraid that even the power of my Illusion Realm isn’t enough to break through it?”

After seeing this information, he felt fortunate that he had not rushed ahead to the higher levels.

Otherwise, there could have been unforeseen circumstances if he had entered an Immortal-level battle space.

“In fact, the defense outside of this space is also extremely strong. I wouldn’t have been able to enter if I hadn’t exploited this loophole… Fortunately, I came in and defeated the artifact spirit!”

Fang Yuan still felt very lucky. “Now, everything here is mine!”

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