Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 1117: Immortal

Chapter 1117: Immortal

Crack! Kaboom!

Although half of it had turned illusory, the face in the sky did not disperse and seemed to be roaring to vent its emotions, showing abominable emotions in the Eye of Heavenly Punishment.

Whoosh whoosh!

Gentle winds blew.

At the bottom of the fifty-kilometer pit, traces of ash converged and agglomerated into a human form—Fang Yuan!


The dark clouds churned, and the face appeared to be roaring in rage. Lightning flashed but was unable to fall.

“Abominable Lord… are you unwilling? Too bad, you’re only a Heavenly Dao. No! Only a parasite of the punishment aspect of the Heavenly Dao! Your influence has a limit. Even if you turned me into a heinous criminal, there’s nothing you can do now that I’ve survived the tribulation. Haha…” Fang Yuan was entirely naked, but he was laughing heartily.

“You tried to kill me… but instead saved me! When the lightning tribulation appeared, I knew that there was a chance I wouldn’t make it through. Not to mention, the Great Dao inspirations were there to disrupt my mind… Therefore, I had made up my mind from the start. I wouldn’t care about the other Dao paths and would only focus on the Undying Great Dao!

“Heaven and earth values balance in its operation. While the lightning tribulation is a punishment, with greater punishment comes greater rewards. The more the top-tier Great Dao inspirations fell, the more my comprehension of the Nomological Laws of Undying would skyrocket. In the end, I abandoned my clone, and my main body focused on comprehending the Undying Great Dao. Finally, I managed to succeed by a hair!”

If he had tried to comprehend other Great Daos and split his attention, there would have been no way to reach perfection in any of them, and only death would have awaited him.

Thus, Fang Yuan merely glossed over the Void Great Dao and Time Great Dao and focused on the Undying Great Dao.

Nomological laws were limited to this world. While his Nomological Laws of Undying had been at perfection, his body was still heavily injured in the final Divine Lightning of Annihilation and was unable to restore.

However, after attaining the Undying Great Dao, he was truly undying and inextinguishable. Even if he disintegrated, he would be reborn from the void.

Unfortunately, I was a moment too late. The Torch Dragon clone has really died, and there’s no way I can revive him!

Life and death had truly been hanging by a thread. Looking back, Fang Yuan still felt a cold sweat.


Thunder rumbled, and the face in the sky looked utterly furious.

“Unwilling? Furious?” Fang Yuan looked at the sky with cold eyes. “Although you’ve integrated with this world’s Heavenly Dao and caught me off guard, since this arrangement couldn’t kill me, it will be my turn the next time!

“Perhaps this world is very strong, and it would have been a joke to talk about combating its Heavenly Dao in normal times. However, there’s a demon disaster now, and the world is much weaker than usual! A chance will present itself, so you won’t have to wait too long!”

In fact, Fang Yuan reckoned that this was part of the reason why he was able to withstand the lightning strikes.

The invasion of otherworldly demons had caused the power of the world to weaken, so the power of the lightning tribulation had naturally weakened a bit.

However, it was precisely this bit that was the difference between life and death!

Whoo! Whoo!

Wild winds howled, and the dark clouds gradually dissipated. No matter how unwilling the face was, it could only disappear.

“Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a death trap! I truly suffered heavy losses…”

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged. Immortal Qi fell, and he started breaking through to Immortal.

His original plan had been very good. With a primordial treasure-level body, even the eighteen lightning strikes would not have been truly threatening to him. He could have then comprehended three top Great Daos at once, and perhaps even further his progress in fusing the Space-Time Great Dao.

However, in order to save his own life, he had had to give up his clone, the Void Great Dao, and Time Great Dao and focused completely on the Undying Great Dao, thus why he felt he had suffered heavy losses.

Fortunately, he had managed to survive and had also discovered the Abominable Lord’s whereabouts!

“Becoming a parasite of the world to seize the Heavenly Dao?” Fang Yuan raised his head and looked at the sky. “Somewhat… troublesome!”

Although the opponent was merely a parasite of Heavenly Dao, he was still a part of it. Even though he had lost a lot of his power, Fang Yuan would not be able to circumvent the Heavenly Dao if he wanted to attack him!

“In addition, it’s best I end this sooner rather than later. After all, the Abominable Lord is growing continuously as well. Obviously, when I just crossed over, I was merely an infant, but his consciousness must have been chaotic as well. Otherwise, how long could a barbarian infant have survived against heaven’s will?” Fang Yuan surmised.

Afterward, although his cultivation progressed every day, the Abominable Lord also had unique advantages, and he could already affect the punishment aspect of the Heavenly Dao now.

This should also be why he had eroded the part concerned with the lightning tribulation. He had been waiting for him at this barrier to becoming Immortal.

One misstep, and he would have really died for good.

“I’m growing, but he’s growing rapidly as well. Especially now that I’ve seen him…”

Fang Yuan looked at the sky and could not help feeling that there was a pair of eyes staring at him at all times.

The Abominable Lord should be accelerating his erosion of the world now. Once he succeeded, he would obtain freedom and have power at least at the Chaos Godfiend level. With the power of the world in his hands, it would be a piece of cake to kill him.

“However, before you succeed, it’ll be very difficult for you to break away from the restrictions of the Heavenly Dao. It both protects you and restricts you…” Fang Yuan continued to ponder as he watched strands of Immortal Qi converge on his body and completely transform it into an Immortal body.

“Each wisp of an Immortal’s Qi can instill them with life, and their Immortal Qi can agglomerate and disperse, being impermanent. It’s very difficult for mortals to obliterate it. But it’s nothing compared to my Undying Great Dao…”

He stood up and howled at the sky.

The horrifying ripples spread for a hundred kilometers and shook everything.

“The key for an Immortal to advance Grand Unity is to master a complete Great Dao. I’ve already mastered the Undying Great Dao and have a primordial treasure-level body, fully fulfilling the requirements. In other words, I’ve achieved the realm already. I only need enough resources now to advance to Grand Unity!”

With a wave of his hand, numerous spirit pills and rare treasures appeared.

Breathe in… breathe out…

He breathed in deeply, and it was as if there was a black hole in his mouth, devouring all these spiritual materials.

If it had been a normal Immortal, even if they had reached the realm, their body would not be able to withstand it. However, Fang Yuan’s body was comparable to a primordial treasure, and he had nothing to fear.

In an instant, he broke through again and again, and reached the peak of the Immortal realm.

The wild winds died down.

“It’s not that my realm isn’t enough, but rather that I don’t have enough materials…” Fang Yuan sighed. Suddenly, his eyes brightened. “Mediating and refining Qi is inefficient, so… I’ll have to go to the Holy Lands!”

The Holy Lands were rich with resources and could definitely fuel his advancement to Grand Unity!

Of course, although he was only at peak Immortal, his combat prowess was enough to kill Grand Unity Immortals and Primordial Godfiends without much difficulty.

After transcending the lightning tribulation, the difference in his strength was worlds apart. For him, it was a process of rebirth as well.

Fang Yuan clenched his fist and sensed his strength, but he felt some slight regret. “I’m merely one step short of completing the Saber Great Dao. Unfortunately, I only have basic mastery in the Void Great Dao and Time Great Dao!”

After thinking for a while, he caressed the Pantheon Ring and released Gold Ingot’s puppet. “Gold Ingot!”

“Congratulations to Master for transcending the lightning tribulation and achieving great success in your remarkable abilities!” Gold Ingot bowed down with utmost respect.

Fang Yuan had undoubtedly far surpassed his previous master, Hong Chen.

At Nascent Soul, Fang Yuan had been killing Immortals as if he were slaughtering dogs. Who knew how powerful he had become now?

“When I was still weak, the treasures left behind by Hong Chen helped me a lot. I owe him a favor…” Fang Yuan said calmly, but Gold Ingot became excited.

“I have enough strength now, so it’s about time that I avenge him. Tell me, who is the enemy? Which Holy Land’s Grand Unity Immortal is it?”

Hong Chen was once an extremely powerful Immortal, and the one who killed him naturally had to be a Grand Unity Immortal.

“Wan Xing of the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect!” Gold Ingot said through gritted teeth. “Although he was a new Grand Unity Immortal at the time, he has an extraordinary bloodline—he’s a descendant of the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect Patriarch. He has always been arrogant and gotten his way. Old Master had only slightly offended him, yet it resulted in him being hunted down and eventually killed…”

“The Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect again?” Fang Yuan was startled before laughing aloud. “Just right. I’ll settle it together!”

Within the Heavenly Circuit Immortal Sect, he still had an enemy, Tai Xuan, and Grand Unity Immortals were now existences that he could kill casually.

“The cultivation level of various Holy Land patriarchs should be at Grand Supreme! Grand Supreme existences have mastered a Chaos Connate Great Dao, and Netherheaven Demon Gods might not be their match!”

The reason was that Netherheaven Demon Gods only had one perfect Dao path, whereas Grand Supreme Immortals might have comprehended more than more Connate Great Dao!

“When it comes to the cultivation of Dao paths, Grand Unity Immortals clearly take a different path than that of Mental Demons! The Mental Demon Dao path is to plunder myriad Great Daos to forge their own perfect Dao path. In contrast, Grand Supreme Immortals promote their ordinary Great Daos to Connate Great Daos. Both result in a state where they don’t fear a world!”

Naturally, different universes had differences in the cultivation of Dao paths.

However, at the peak, the differences became apparent. Grand Supremes were half a level higher than the Mental Demon Netherheaven Dao.

“As for the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend, it’s obviously at the Dao Fruit level… And not a normal Dao Fruit either… My cultivation aligns itself to the Mental Demon path, so perhaps I can absorb the essence of this world before the Dao Fruit realm…”

His Dao of Dream Master was undoubtedly to accommodate the best of everything.

Since this world’s Netherheaven Dao was more perfect, he naturally had to absorb its essence.

“Everything else aside, if I can completely comprehend the Void Great Dao and the Time Great Dao and fuse them to become the Space-Time Great Dao, it won’t be much weaker than normal Connate Great Daos… If I become a Grand Supreme Immortal in this world and kill the Abominable Lord, how terrifying would it be if I could fuse a plethora of Connate Great Daos into a Dao Fruit?”

Fang Yuan let his imagination wander. “Maybe… I would then be able to compete with the Primordial Chaos Holy Fiend in the depths of chaos?”


After a short while, he sensed something and looked at the sky.

A black dot was approaching swiftly and turned into a human. It was Grand Unity Immortal Wu Yuan!

“Makes sense… This place is very close to Yanyang City. My lightning tribulation was earthshaking and affected the surrounding thousands of kilometers. It would have been odd if he hadn’t realized anything… There’s also the element of Xie Wufeng and the others reporting to him about me…”

Fang Yuan flew up and looked at him calmly.

“You are… Li Hun? You transcended your lightning tribulation just now?” Wu Yuan’s eyes widened. “Why was it so powerful?”

Originally, in his eyes, Li Hun was merely an average core disciple, but now that seemed that this was not the case at all.

In the Wasteland World, the only thing that cultivators needed to get through was the lightning tribulation!

In the records, even the lightning tribulations of the Holy Land patriarchs had not been this powerful!

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