Carefree Path of Dreams

Carefree Path of Dreams

Chapter 975: Improvement

There might be a curfew, but it was not much different from being unguarded to Fang Yuan.

He crossed the campus, went to a high altitude, and looked up at the brilliant galaxy. “If that Seven Emotions Overmind is indeed the Abominable Lord, he should have recovered most of his strength. He wouldn’t dare to take this risk otherwise! I should improve my strength as fast as possible!”

His Demon God power was slowly recovering, but he had to improve on was his cultivation and Arcane.

Obviously, it was a piece of cake to absorb the vast cosmic energy with his Demon God intrinsic quality.

Nonetheless, he had to stay hidden.

“So… I should change my appearance!”

Fang Yuan snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a layer of black material spread over on his body like a huge windbreaker, and a white mask covered his face.


His Demon God intrinsic quality was now fully awakened. He teleported and arrived in the wilderness.

“Let’s begin!”

Fang Yuan took a deep breath.

Whoosh whoosh!

If you looked down from the sky of Planet East Dragon, you would find a black spot getting more and more noticeable in the Wasteland. It formed a huge funnel and… was expanding continuously!

Fang Yuan captured the endless energy of the universe and absorbed it to break through his cultivation levels.

Tick! Tick!

A shrill, red warning sounded from a monitoring room in East Dragon University. “The Heavenly Eye system found a high-energy response at coordinate… It has destructive forces, and it’s recommended to activate the Gemini Star immediately!”

“All Undead Immortal and Grand Arcanists, follow me!”

Venerable Three Star’s voice echoed throughout the campus, and a meteor-like light burst into the air.

It was a silvery-white mecha with a sleek and elegant body, appearing as though it had its own life.

“Principal, you’re dispatching even your real body?” Fu Hongxue piloted a scarlet mecha and appeared beside the Gemini Star. “Your body…”

East Dragon University’s principal was perhaps the strongest on Planet East Dragon, and Undead Immortal Three Star’s real body was actually a mecha!

This was a secret that only a select few Undead Immortals and Arcanists knew!

Fu Hongxue knew that their principal’s body had fused with mecha in an Undead Immortal experiment and became a mecha lifeform.

This was why he hid his real body and used a clone in normal circumstances.

It was such a strange phenomenon that it had inspired Fu Hongxue’s research on the Blood Dragon series.

Today, even Venerable Three Star’s real body activated. It only went to show how horrifying this threat was!

“What exactly is going on?”

Mechas from all over Planet East Dragon flew out, flying toward Fang Yuan.

“Tsk tsk… More than fifty Undead Immortal and Grand Arcanists, and most of them are piloting mechas!”

Fang Yuan stretched his right hand out. “That’s all right as well… Let me see if the Human Alliance has the foundation for me to invest into!”

“Omnidirectional Divine… Demonic Armament Dao!”


A long weapon appeared with a stroke of his hand. It was vast and boundless—as though it transcended time and space, and summoned war—and it swept toward the Undead Immortals.

“Ha! Six Flame Dragons and Heavenly Flame Meteor magical powers combine—Nine Flaming Heavenly Dragons Immortal Technique!”

A crimson mecha lunged forward with both hands outstretched, combining his magical powers into a terrible attack.

Dao Patterns surfaced on the Undead Immortal’s fiery red mecha to increase the potency of his immortal technique, which contained a taste of heaven and earth ending.

Roar! Roar!

The flame dragons roared and rushed into the light of the Great Dao.

Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!

Numerous weapons attacked, causing nicks on the dragons’ bodies.

Finally, the Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao and the Nine Flaming Heavenly Dragons Immortal Technique vanished. Nothing was left.

“Eh? Is the opponent him?!”

Venerable Three Star could clearly see Fang Yuan’s black clothes and masked figure at this distance.

“This… is it the Gaias People from the cosmic lifeforms?”

“No… This isn’t right. The data from this scan is simply frightening!”

“He has broken through the boundary of a biological lifeform. No reactor can compare to the energy in his body…”

“Are you sure? Why isn’t my mecha picking up anything?!”

The Undead Immortals’ faces changed drastically from the feedback.

They operated their mechas and obtained quite a lot of information even with such a long-distance scan.

Unfortunately, most of the information was conflicting.

Because during the scans, the black figure that Fang Yuan had transformed into would sometimes show a burst of energy from his body. This energy more powerful than any psionic reactor, but at times, it would show no energy leakage at all.

Such strange data was unprecedented on humans, which was why they thought that he was a never-before-seen cosmic lifeform.

The Gaias People was an important part of the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance. They were even more important than the Zerg.

This was because they were the cosmic lifeform that imitated humanity’s system and had established a complete scientific and industrial system.

They even had a mecha division in their military and had piloted mechas to fight with the humans for the universe.

The participating races of the Human Alliance had even had a heated debate about whether to accept the Gaias People as part of the alliance.

However, the Gaias People soon exposed their ferocious nature and massacred several planets belonging to the Human Alliance.

According to the research of the biologists at that time, the Gaias People might have similar appearances to humans, but their physiological structure was quite different and closer to cosmic lifeforms.

This was why the Gaias People were completely expelled from humanity’s textbooks.

The Gaias People did not hesitate a bit in turning to the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance and becoming their backbone.

To be honest, some of the cosmic lifeforms were powerful, but they were few in number and could not form a majority.

Only the Gaias People and Zerg could truly hold power.

Especially the Gaias People. Their level of science and technology was similar to that of humanity. Not only could they imitate mechas, the wormhole this time was likely developed by them.

“Who are you ?” The Gemini Star came forward slowly.

“Hehe…” Fang Yuan laughed without saying a word. “Omnidirectional Divine Demonic Armament Dao!”

“Xiantian Qi Five Elements Restriction Void Immortal Technique!”

“Yin-Yang Five Elements Separation Great Universal Blade!”

The Gemini Star opened its arms, flashing different Dao Patterns from each side of its body.


A colorful hand emerged, penetrated everything in its way, and went toward Fang Yuan.

At the same time, a blade light loomed. Energy condensed to its maximum, killing everything in its way!

“The Gemini Star is a special model among the Emperor-grade mechas. It is inscribed with two immortal technique Dao Patterns… Its power is among humanity’s top ten mechas!”

The Five Elements broke through, tearing apart all defenses.

The blade light slithered through a gap in the defense and went straight for Fang Yuan’s body.


The figure in black instantly disappeared and was replaced by chaos.

“Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Creation Divine Fist!”

The turbulent air dissipated and broke through the void. A huge fist appeared.

“This form of energy…” Venerable Three Star’s alliance backed off, but his words were already out of his mouth. “You are not a cosmic lifeform nor human!”

The next moment, the fist arrived, and several mechas joined hands to withstand it.

All of Planet East Dragon trembled before peace returned once again.

“Principal…” Fu Hongxue went to the front where Fang Yuan had been, but there was not even a shadow left.

“The enemy this time is very strange. I have a feeling there could be some expected discoveries if we were to research him alongside the Seven Emotions Overmind!” Venerable Three Star muttered under his breath. All the Undead Immortals on the scene exchanged glances, and the atmosphere became delicate all of a sudden.

Slightly afterward.

Devil Galaxy.

In this universe, this was a dark star sector with very little light.

Constant cosmic storms and all sorts of dangers swept through this space all the time.

The few sporadic planets here were the only shelters from these dangers.

The two major alliances fought bitterly over the psionic crystals, which was also something Fang Yuan thought about day and night. The psionic crystal mines were located on these planets.

Of course, no matter how rich the mines were, regarding a planet, they were still too insignificant.

Because of the harsh environment, the humans and cosmic lifeforms could only explore a small part.

The battles between both sides revolved around these mines.

With the Human Alliance suffering two defeats in the Devil Galaxy this time, the minerals under its control were under immediate threat.

Buzz buzz! Buzz buzz!

An overwhelming swarm of Zerg suddenly appeared above orbit and shot down as many defense satellites as possible.

A large amount of satellite debris pierced the sky like a brilliant meteor shower.

“Warning! Warning!”

“Attack from the Zerg. Please evacuate as many people as possible!”

The radios broadcasted loudly above the mines, contrasting with the quiet scene in the camp.

At this time, while many alliance regions used construct miners, the Devil Galaxy was susceptible to environmental issues. Machines malfunctioned easily, so humans still used the ancient mining methods.

This quiet region seemed particularly secretive.

Upon closer inspection, several Seven Emotions Zerg landed without warning.

In the mines, the miners were startled, but they soon recovered and continued with their work—refining and polishing the original ore to obtain the psionic crystals.

The Seven Emotions Zerg clung on to these crystals and delivered them to the Seven Emotions Overmind.

Through continuously devouring them, its aura became more terrifying, and the faces on its back became more vivid…


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