Celestial Bloodline
Chapter 232: Capable individuals

Chapter 232 Capable individuals


A heavy silence enveloped the dome. However, it was shattered soon when some muffled cries sounded on the stage in the middle of the dome.

A few healers, stumbled forward with hurried footsteps to pour healing potions inside the mouths of the gravely injured participants who just appeared in the dome.

Amidst the many painful cries, the audience, the people in charge of the event, and the Royal envoy had their eyes fixed on the floating large projection.

They watched how hundreds of monsters poured into the forest. The ferocious monsters moved around wildly, tearing and stomping everything that appeared in their path.

The scenery in the projection turned bloody with many participants hiding and running around to save their lives. Some of them tried to fight head-on but because the number of monsters chasing after them was too large they were not able to last long.

The monsters clawed and tore their skins with their fangs and paws, eliminating the fighting participants within a few seconds.

An exaggerated sigh escaped through Dynn's mouth as he massaged his aching temples. A deep frown was glued to his forehead for the past hour.

He looked at the Royal envoy with a deadly glare.

"So this is what the King wanted to see?"

His face was calm but the voice sounded sarcastic and filled with anger.

The Royal envoy sitting beside Aira merely gazed at him from the corner of his eyes and looked away with a scoff.

"The healers are doing everything to save them. Also, if the participants are so weak-willed to die just because of a minor hardship why the hell did they participate in this event? I believe from the start it was crystal clear the event would be dangerous."

The envoy's voice was cold and almost everyone perked up their ears to listen. He paused and looked at the projection with a sharp gaze.

"The King wants capable individuals who would protect the Kingdom in the future not some snotty kids who would run away at the mere sight of danger."

Dynn clenched his fists tightly. The envoy's words echoed in his mind. It was true the monsters roaming outside the boundaries of the Kingdom were way more darker and dangerous but he didn't understand why the Kingdom was taking such a drastic measure so suddenly.

'Did something happen in my absence....?'

He recalled that a few months ago he received some calls from the old foggies because they wanted to discuss something important but he ignored them completely because he didn't want to have anything with the Kingdom politics.

However, now he regretted his decision. Something was fishy with how sudden this strange event was.

'After the event, I will go and meet with the King.'

Dynn raked his gaze at the projection desperately trying to find his grandson Regius.

After the monsters' outbursts and wild panic, a lot of participants tried to climb the mountains.

Dynn eyes narrowed at the further end of the projection. Amidst the huge chaos, a figure was sleeping peacefully a top of a large boulder.

Even though the figure was relatively small within the projection a lot of strong individuals noticed the sleeping figure due to their heightened senses but they ignored the figure because the other participants who were fighting for their lives seemed more important.

However, Dynn's narrowed eyes flashed with surprise when he zoomed in and took in the figure's facial features.


He whispered under his breath. The voice drifted off quite low but Anlee who was sitting with Aira perked up his ears. His eyes gleamed with curiosity.

Anlee snapped back his head to look at Dynn with a raised brow. He followed Dynn's gaze and stared at the projection. Soon, his eyes stopped at the tiny sleeping figure. It would have been impossible to pinpoint the figure accurately if not for the fact that the figure was sleeping a top of a large boulder within a vast empty open area.

"You know him?"

Dynn shot him a glare and refrained from speaking. He just wanted to see his grandson safe and sound.

On the other hand, Aira and the Royal envoy followed Anlee's gaze and also took in the sight of the sleeping figure but after a few seconds they looked away because except for sleeping the figure did nothing.

A disappointed expression appeared on Anlee's face.

'Did I hear wrong? Hmm, he definitely said Kyle.'

They all watched how the participants desperately climbed the mountains to find a safe spot. More and more injured participants appeared in the dome.

Suddenly a low relief murmur sounded from the nobles sitting behind Dynn and the other people in charge of the event.

"Thank god my son is safe..."

After him, another agitated person took a deep breath as he took in the sight of a group of participants wildly climbing a mountain.

"Niamh is safe as well but how are the kids going to fight back...?"

There were a total of seven mountains and only a few intelligent groups of participants decided to stop running when they saw the situation was getting dangerous with each passing second.

Dynn spotted Regius among the small crowd and watched with bated breaths how the latter gathered the others to fight against the monsters.

His eyes subconsciously moved to the silver-haired figure who had woken up a while ago and was now running downward.

'Why is he running downward can not he see the dangerous monsters?'

Dynn face turned dark as he watched the figure. Not just him a lot of individuals noticed the figure. Especially Anlee who had been eyeing the sleeping figure the moment he heard Dynn speak out Kyle's name.

In the next second, the figure suddenly disappeared from their view.


Anlee's surprise exclamation rang out clearly and Aira raised her brow.

"Did he just vanish?"

She whispered slowly and the Royal envoy's eyes narrowed. They watched how the figure appeared at the end of the mountain.

Even the audience was mildly surprised. However, what happened next almost made them hold their breath with awe.

The silver-haired figure was not courting death instead the boy fought and killed the monsters so easily like they were chickens.

Anlee stood up with a surprised cry when he saw many boulders appearing out of thin air and descending like rain.

"I never knew we could store large boulders in the storage rings!"

Aira tilted her head and looked at Anlee with a frown.

"We can but no one is idiot enough to store such huge boulders in their storage rings. The small space in the rings is barely enough to store the important things. The only possibility I can think of is that he had a skill or maybe he had a Supreme-grade storage ring..?"

"A Supreme-grade storage ring is indeed rare."

Anlee said with an excited voice and his eyes traveled to the square-shaped ranking screen where bright names were flickering with an intense glow.

"So he is Kyle! His skills are extraordinary."

Chapter 232: Capable individuals
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