Celestial Bloodline
Chapter 233: So close to one million

Chapter 233 So close to one million

The Royal envoy watched Kyle with a deep stare, the crowd went into a frenzy when they saw Kyle's sword Art.

So powerful!

Kyle's skills amazed them to no end. The kid clearly looked young not even in his twenties so how was it possible for such a young person to become so powerful?

The Professors from the various academies looked around themselves. They stared at the individuals belonging to the other academies, thinking maybe the silver-haired boy was someone who was nurtured secretly by them. However, the only thing they got in return was confusion and bewilderment.

Anlee's sparkling eyes wanted to see more fight but after using the sword Art Kyle rushed toward the cave just like the other participants.

Moreover, the cave entrance was closed off completely, making it impossible for him and any other person to look at what was happening inside.

Anlee clicked his tongue and slumped down in the chair he had been sitting a while ago.

"What a pity! Don't tell me they are going to stay in the cave until the end of the event?"

He grumbled but it seemed his prediction was on the spot because even though a few monsters clawed and attacked the cave entrance because of the huge boulder closing the entrance almost all the monsters ran past the cave heading straight without looking back.

Anlee expression turned sour. He looked at the ranking screen with an irritated expression.

1_Kyle Ohan 960,450

2_Sinon Ambing 180,670

3_Regius Gravis 130,010

4_Larji Homes 129,040

"Just a little more and the points would have crossed one million."

He sighed and shook his head. The crowd was already too surprised to take in anything further so when they heard Anlee's words they subconsciously gazed at the floating ranking screen and many shocked gasps sounded in the dome.


Meanwhile, Kyle looked around at the participants in the dimly lit cave. He sighed and staggered toward a corner to sit down.

The loud howls and shrieks of many monsters were still resounding outside the cave. Thunderous footsteps echoed just opposite the boulder he placed at the cave entrance.

Sinon sat down a few meters away from Kyle. His face was sour as he glanced at the boulder. His deadly glare would travel toward Kyle from time to time for explanation but Kyle was too thick-skinned and didn't even flinch.

Just like Sinon a lot of sitting participants' gaze traveled toward Kyle and they wispered among themselves.

Regius gathered his group mates and went toward Kyle with a smile and sat down beside him.

"Kyle meet my friends."

He introduced the five elves standing behind him to Kyle who nodded in return.

"Damn! I knew you were strong when I sensed your rank last time but I never imagined you would seriously bulldoze everything in your path."

Regius tapped his shoulder and laughed out loud. Behind him, his group members glanced at Kyle with curiosity.

Izil cyan eyes shone brightly when he looked at Regius with a raised brow.

"You know him? How?"

An evil smirk appeared on Regius's face.

"Just found out before the event. He is my grandma's adopted grandson. You all can ask him whenever you need help he is very kind."

Kyle blinked twice and the meaning behind Regius's words sank in his mind. A wry smile appeared on his face but then his gaze shifted to Yue who was sitting at the end of the group.


Regius turned around and looked at him with a frown.


"I was just wondering you are clearly not the strongest in the group so why are your friends lacking in combat experience."

Regius raised his brow he followed Kyle's gaze and looked at Yue and Niamh.

"Ah.. they are both stronger than me. I am (D-)-Rank but they are (D)-Rank. However, it's their first time fighting with monsters so they don't know how to properly use their strength."

Yue looked up at Kyle when she heard Regius. A lot of injuries on Kyle's body had disappeared after he consumed the healing potions given by Regius but a few remained.

A frown appeared on her beautiful face. She thought for a while, hesitation flashed through in her eyes but in the next second a resolute expression appeared on her face.

She tugged Lumi's arm away from her arm and took out a high-grade healing potion from her storage ring.

Lumi opened her mouth in protest when Yue suddenly pushed her away but her eyes narrowed when she saw the healing potion. Its color was bright and dense, indicating its purity. In the next second, Yue stood up and approached Kyle, making Lumi dumbfounded.

Kyle removed his eyes from Regius and looked up when a shadow enveloped his body. Green eyes met the bright amber eyes, Kyle blinked, once, twice seemingly waiting for her to speak up.

Regius looked back and forth at Yue and Kyle with a raised brow. Not just him, all the group members looked surprised at the sudden turn of events because it was very rare for Yue to approach someone other than them.

They all waited and in the next second, Yue opened her palm toward Kyle with a small smile that could make anyone's heart flutter.

"Thank you for helping me while I was fighting with the monster. You are injured, this is a high-grade healing potion that will cure all your injuries."

Kyle blinked again and looked at the glass vial in her hand. His injuries were already healed and he was sure within an hour or two the remaining injuries would just disappear because after the bloodline awakening his body's healing abilities enhanced greatly.

However when he saw her serious gaze his hand moved subconsciously to pick up the potion from her palm.

"Thank you."

A fleeing smile appeared on Kyle's face when he saw how Yue's tense brow relaxed.

'It's seemed she didn't like owning others.'

He mused inwardly and simply tossed the position in his mind space because it would be truly wasteful if he consumed the potion for such small injuries.

With a nod, Yue went back toward Lumi who was staring at her with a betrayed expression.

Her one and only friend left him just to give a handsome boy a healing potion how painful?


The train was late however, Orange is back as promised! We are already late on this month's schedule so after a few important events in the Elf Kingdom we will pick up the pace.?? cuz I'm missing our adorable Bia.

The most important event is about a certain someone's who is going through hellish training currently - his real identity (race) gonna get revealed (to Kyle) even without his knowledge. hehe.

Chapter 233: So close to one million
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