Celestial Bloodline
Chapter 234: Dozed off

Chapter 234 Dozed off

Just like the Royal envoy, Anlee's left eyebrow could not help but twitch at the sight of the cave entrance that was closed for the past three hours.

However, he waited patiently. The cave entrance was blocked by a boulder but he was sure if the participants did not come out the monsters would probably go in.

Soon, within a blink of an eye, one day passed, and to Anlee bewildered and surprised the cave stayed unscathed. Completely safe and sound.

Even the audience was dumbstruck. They had seen the devastating condition of the broken forest. How the monsters chewed and stomped everything in their path but for some unknown reason the ferocious monsters seemed to have overlooked the cave entrance. Some of the monsters indeed clawed the boulder but after a few minutes, they ran off again, heading straight toward the other end of the mountain.

The audience was stupefied. How was it possible? The cave entrance was closed but for the monsters to ignore it so blatantly was quite astonishing.

In the end, they threw the matter at the back of their minds and focused on the other mountains. Almost all the mountains were in similar conditions.

The participants who climbed the mountains and fought back in groups suffered and got eliminated but a few large groups managed to pull it off. They survived amidst the huge monster wave. Moreover, a few participants were successful in finding a hidden and secure place to hide from the monsters.

The situation was indeed devastating because the audience saw how within a day almost ninety percent of the participants were eliminated.

A frustrated sigh escaped Anlee's mouth as he looked at the closed cave entrance. Two days passed and the monster wave was already gone. However, no participants came out of the cave.

He stood up with a groan and left the dome to get some fresh air.

"I can not watch anymore."

The Royal envoy gazed at his fading back and looked at Aira.

"It's going to end soon. So, be prepared to teleport the winners to a different place."

Aira nodded and started to prepare for the end of the event.


Meanwhile, the atmosphere inside the cave was quiet and a small fire was light up in the middle of the cave.

The group of participants stayed silent as they sneaked glances at the silver-haired boy who was sitting in a corner. The boy's eyes were closed and for some reason, no one dared to wake him up.

Regius wanted to wake up Kyle because the latter had been sleeping for a whole day but when he recalled how Kyle fought for so long he decided against it.

"I think he is tired."

He nodded silently and looked at the cave entrance. The loud voices of monsters seemed to have gone very far away because now he wasn't able to hear any sound outside the cave.

However, he didn't go out to check the surroundings. Just like everyone else he waited for Kyle to wake up.

Yue's gaze flickered between the sleeping figure and the small crowd.

'Why are they not waking him up? Is not he just sleeping?'

She slowly moved closer to Regius and whispered.

"Senior, I think you should wake him up. The monsters seemed to have gone far so let's leave the cave."

Regius sighed and gazed at Kyle.

"I want to but I think he suffered too many injuries when he used that dangerous sword move. Also, he helped everyone so let's wait until he opens his eyes then we can go outside."

Yue nodded and went back toward Lumi.

'I gave him a high-grade healing potion but maybe it wasn't enough.'

She glanced at Kyle. His face was calm, devoid of any emotions, eyes shut completely with relaxed brows. To her, he didn't look like someone who was suffering due to heavy injuries instead he looked like he was dozing off.

Yue blinked at her thoughts and shook her head with a sigh.

'What am I thinking! He is injured!'

However, against all odds, her ridiculous guess was on the spot. Kyle indeed dozed off after sitting in the same place for two hours.

His minor injuries were healed a few hours ago. Right now he was just... sleeping.

Kyle wasn't aware of the participants who were getting frustrated with each passing second. After another five hours, they started giving him strange looks.

How the hell can someone sleep so much? However, unlike the frustrated participants who were willing to wait a few more hours, Sinon stood up with a deadpan expression.

After seeing how no one was willing to wake up the sleeping log he decided to complete this difficult task himself.

"Damn it! Just how long are you going to sleep?"

His razor-sharp voice resounded in the cave and he moved his hand to shake Kyle's shoulder.

However, before he could grab Kyle's shoulder, the latter woke up with a jolt and stumbled backward at an astonishing speed.

Sinon's eyebrow twitched. He cursed in his mind and retracted his hand.

Kyle shook his head and looked at Sinon with a frown.

"What happened? Sorry, I dozed off because I was feeling a little sleepy. Did the monsters go away?"

He stretched his arms and casually started walking toward the cave entrance.

A vein bulged out on Sinon's forehead when he heard Kyle's words. Not just him, but almost all the participants sitting in the cave wore deadpan expressions as they stared at Kyle's figure with resentment. So all this time he was just sleeping?

Regius almost choked when he heard the conversation.

'So, Kyle was... sleeping. Nothing else?'

He didn't know whether to laugh or cry because he was the one who said Kyle was injured after the fight and needed rest!

Lumi giggled at Kyle's response and tugged shoulder at Yue with a smile.

"Did you hear..."

Her breath hitched in her throat when she saw Yue's dark face. She hurriedly shut her mouth and didn't dare to infuriate Yue further.

Chapter 234: Dozed off
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