Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 127: Show No Quarter


Jian Chen’s icy cold eyes stared at the group in front of him as he radiated killing intent all over. Stepping closer to them, he spoke out, “Then fight, whoever can escape from my hand today will be spared.”

The 5 mercenaries’ faces all hardened as the previous one that spoke continued to say, “Dear friend, you really don’t know what’s good for oneself. If it were not for the fact that our goal is to help escort the young master to the Magical Beast Mountain Range to cultivate and that the clan leader told us not to make trouble on the way, then this would have been a difficult matter to resolve. Not only that, but do you really think that you can kill all of us? Our Tianxiong clan may not be the strongest, but we aren’t an easy target to bully either.”

What the middle aged mercenary had said made the youth believe in the strength of his clan and strengthened his confidence. “That’s right, our Tianxiong clan isn’t that easy to bully, within Wake City, there are no other clans that aren’t afraid of our Tianxiong clan. Kid, you’ve already killed one of my guardsmen, come back with me to accept your punishment, or be prepared to leave your life here.”

Hearing the youth beside him, the middle aged man couldn’t help but scowl as if to say to himself, “Idiot.”. While the Tianxiong clan was strong within Wake City, that was the only place.

Even within Wake City, the Tianxiong clan was in a dangerous position. Despite Wake City being a Third Class city, the amount of clans that lived within it totaled around 20 in number. The Tianxiong clan looked to be an independent clan, but it was actually a deception. The middle aged man knew clearly that while the Tianxiong clan looked to be impressive beyond belief, they were already a thorn to the side of every other clan. After all, a tall tree received the most wind, and many of the clans that were no weaker than the Tianxiong clan were watching them attentively. The moment an opportunity arose, they would strike without hesitation and divide the Tianxiong clan’s territory amongst themselves. The Tianxiong clan had secretly amassed around a third of the city’s power, and at such a juicy piece of meat like this, all the other clans were very envious.

Also, because of the close proximity with the Magical Beast Mountain Range, the amount of people that flowed into the city was enormous. About 99% of people that frequently came into the city were mercenaries with all sorts of powers and influence. It could even be said that the city was filled with dragons and fishes. While it looked like the Tianxiong clan had many special connections and just as many permanently stationed mercenaries within their pockets, there were just as many clans and people they could not afford to offend or else risk being destroyed.

TL Note: Dragons and fishes means to have the dishonest mixed in with the honest people.

Seeing how Jian Chen had easily killed a Peak Great Saint with such a fast sword stroke, the middle aged mercenary was extremely surprised. With a sword stroke that fast, even he would need to use his entire strength to be able to dodge it. Thanks to this man’s experience, these two factors were all he needed in order to establish that Jian Chen probably had a strong background. There was most likely an extremely strong master supporting Jian Chen, otherwise, how could such a young person be so strong? So for that reason, the middle aged man had tried to resolve the issue in order for the Tianxiong clan to have one less issue.

Just as Jian Chen heard the Tianxiong clan’s young master say these things, his eyes flashed. Without saying a single word, his body began to move and he quickly charged at the youth. The Light Wind Sword in his hand became a silver glow that pierced outward like lightning, with its target being the the youth’s throat.

Although Jian Chen understood that this youth was Tianxiong clan’s major boss, never in his life had he been afraid of any power or influence.

Seeing Jian Chen unexpectedly act with such resolution, the middle aged man’s expression suddenly changed. With a fierce look in his eyes, a large sword materialized in his hand. The man tightly gripped the sword hilt and waved it sharply. The long sword shrieked as it sliced through the air and was thrust toward Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword.

Although the middle aged man had guessed that there there was a high possibility that Jian Chen had some type of major background behind him, he was also not one to be afraid of such things.

The trajectory for Jian Chen’s sword suddenly changed. He lifted the blade, and took the initiative to meet the middle aged man’s approaching blade.


The sound of steel meeting steel rang out as Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword and the middle aged man’s large two-handed sword collided in midair. When the two sides came into contact, a powerful energy rippled through middle aged man’s sword directly into Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword.

Jian Chen’s expression grew solemn. His right arm nimbly controlled the Light Wind Sword to shake off the powerful energy that the man’s sword had released. At the same time, he pressed his feet into the ground and instantly appeared behind the the man. Displaying all of the advantages his fast sword had, he began to openly attack the man with a typhoon of concentrated attacks.

Jian Chen’s strength pretty much grew every day. The current him was no longer at a disadvantage when facing the middle aged man, who was at Peak Saint Master level, head-on. Of course, the most important reason for that was because the middle aged man wasn’t really a power-type warrior. He was only a bit stronger than Jian Chen in terms of Saint Force.

As the two faced off, the other four bodyguards also began to quickly fall back with Tianxiong clan’s leader wrapped tightly in protection within their circle.

Within a short breath’s time, the middle aged man and Jian Chen had already exchanged dozens of blows. The more he attacked, the more fearful the middle aged man became. Jian Chen’s sword was really too fast; not only was every attack from the sword incomparably fast, but each one was also fatal. It looked as if the swordplay was messy, but it seemed to contain some kind of profound mystery that the middle aged man couldn’t comprehend. Each stroke within Jian Chen’s move was seamless, and the man couldn’t find a single fault within it despite having a superior level of strength compared to Jian Chen. The two were at a standstill, but as the fight grew longer, so did his disadvantages. Since Jian Chen’s sword was so fast, dodging each blow was consuming too much energy. Although it wasn’t too much of a problem right now, but if time went on any longer, he would suffer a defeat sooner or later, and since Jian Chen’s sword was like lightning, the margin of time he had to defend himself was slowly shrinking along with his ability to retaliate.

“Hale, Francis, come and help me. Tian Feng, go protect the young master and escort him out.”

Hearing the middle aged man’s words, the bodyguards protecting the youth changed expressions. They exchanged glances, their expressions hardening. They both clearly understood the strength of the middle aged man who was currently fighting Jian Chen. They hadn’t ever imagined that even he, as one at the Peak Saint Master level, would have to call for reinforcements. This really shocked them; they hadn’t thought that Jian Chen, who didn’t even look 20 years old, could have such strength.


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