Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1380: Attack (Three)

“Great-grandson, come here,” an ancient and amicable voice rang out. Changyang Zu Xiao smiled at Jian Chen. His gaze toward him was filled with approval and pride.

Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun’s gaze toward Jian Chen was filled with mixed emotions. The two of them had never thought that Jian Chen would be able to grow at such a shocking pace, where the Saint Emperors of both the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent treated him with so much fear.

Jian Chen held onto Xiao Jin’s hand as he arrived beside Changyang Zu Xiao. Xiao Ling followed behind him. He bowed as a junior and said, “I greet the great-grandfathers and grandmother.”

Both Changyang Zu Xiao and Changyang Zu Yunxiao were far greater than Jian Chen in terms of seniority. Even with the Changyang ancestor, over a dozen generation had passed since he had founded the Changyang clan. As a result, they were all Jian Chen’s great-grandmothers and grandfathers.

Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun all happily smiled. Even before a battle of life and death, they were still unable to hide the pride they felt inside.

The Saint Kings in the surroundings all became green with envy when they saw Jian Chen bow to the three of them. After all, Jian Chen was a true Saint Emperor in their eyes now. This was an overwhelming matter for Saint Kings to receive a bow from a Saint Emperor.

Many people immediately became riddled with jealousy when they discovered just how much the barrier spirit relied on Jian Chen.

However, they did not know Xiao Jin’s true identity. None of them were able to see through his strength, or no one would have known how they would end up reacting if they found out that two Origin realm experts relied on Jian Chen so much.

The veiled Heavenly Enchantress looked at Jian Chen from afar from within a group of people. Her enchanting eyes would shift to Xiao Jin from time to time. She secretly clenched her teeth as her gaze toward him became extremely mixed. Even her hand around the Zither of the Demonic Cry tightened slightly.

“Great-grandson, leave the child in the divine hall. There will be extremely many Saint Emperors attacking from the World of Forsaken Saints this time. We won’t be able to look after him once we start fighting.” Changyang Zu Xiao looked at Xiao Jin before pulling out a divine hall in an attempt to protect him.

He guessed that Xiao Jin might have been Jian Chen’s child. He had no idea why Jian Chen would bring his child here, but with Jian Chen’s special status, it would be inconvenient to ask.

Jian Chen had no idea how to react with what Changyang Zu Xiao attempted to do. Just when he wanted to say something, a violent boom suddenly rang out from the ditch, together with a violent spatial stream.

After the spatial stream gushed out, tremendous presences radiated from the ditch. They quickly surged into the sky as a group of Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints charged into the sky. Their terrifying presences swept through the surroundings, causing space to collapse and the world to spin. Just their presences had forced countless Saint Kings back.

“Activate the formations,” called out the grand elder of Mercenary City. His voice was thunderous as it reverberated ten thousand kilometers away.

Countless formations appeared, not just on the ground but in the air as well. These formations were all the strongest formations cast down by the greatest formation masters on the Tian Yuan Continent after pouring their hearts out. Within them hid the greatest trapping and killing formations from ancient clans as well.

As soon as the formations appeared, the surroundings became a mix of formations. Layers upon layers of them appeared and flickered with different colors. The pulses of energy easily ripped through space as darkness descended everywhere.

The Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints who had charged out first were trapped. These formations were all linked together, so their power stacked together. Even though they were cast down by Saint Kings, several linked formations were still enough to trap or even heavily injure a few Saint Emperors.

There were five hundred Saint Emperors in total who had come this time. Several dozen were trapped by the formations while a portion of the others immediately forcefully attacked when they saw that they had become trapped. They attacked the formations from outside to assist the people inside in breaking free.

The other Saint Emperors charged into the surroundings as they engaged in a battle against the four races.

“Use the Emperor Armaments!” A great elder from a protector clan yelled and immediately pooled his power with others to control the Emperor Armament to battle the foreign Saint Emperors.

The other protector clans all controlled their ancestral weapons to attack the opponents after seeing the situation.

They had originally placed their Emperor Armaments there so that the great elder Tian Jian could cast down an absolute killing formation at the entrance to the other world, but after he had left to refine the divine hall of Mercenary City, he had not emerged since. This was why they could only give up on the idea of the killing formation.

The grand elder of Mercenary City sighed. He also lead all the experts of Mercenary City into battle. The foreign world had invaded too quickly. They had not finished their preparations. The great elder was still refining the absolute divine hall while Houston, who had just become a Saint Emperor, was missing as well. The reinforcements from the sea realm had not gathered either. None of the three Saint Emperors of the Sea race were present.

Other than the Changyang clan and Tyrant’s Blade School, the protector clans all wielded their Emperor Armaments against the Saint Emperors of the foreign world. As the Emperor Armaments of the two other protector clans had been taken away, the experts from the two clans could only use powerful secret techniques in battle.

A huge shield hung in the sky on the side of the Hundred Races. It was several hundred meters across as it blocked an entire region like a wall. It endured the attacks from over a dozen Saint Emperors.

This was the clan treasure of the dwarves from the ancient times, the Heaven’s Guard. It had been created by the strongest dwarven king, who had poured his heart into it, making it extremely tough. Its glory had been exhibited in the war of the ancient times. However, the shield became dented in a short amount of time as it was rained on by the attacks of the foreign Saint Emperors. Cracks slowly spread across it.

The dwarven king who controlled the shield vomited blood from behind. Not only was there blood, there were pieces of organs as well.

The dwarven king was only a Saint King at Great Perfection. The attacks that the Heaven’s Guard withstood were just far too violent. Some of the force was redirected onto the dwarven king. Even after being drastically weakened, it still was enough to heavily injure him. He was unable to last much longer.

“It’s a pity that I’m not a Saint Emperor. If I had the strength of a Saint Emperor, I would not be reduced to such a horrible shape from blocking the attacks of over a dozen Saint Emperors,” the dwarven king sorrowfully sighed. He felt despair as he stared at the several hundred Saint Emperors from the foreign world.

A huge tree grew among the Hundred Races. It shone with resplendent green light and was brimming with life. It was the Elven Godtree, also originating from ancient times. It had survived the test of time without falling apart.

The Elven Godtree was several thousand meters tall and, combined with its think trunk, seemed like a pillar that held up the sky. It shone with endless green light, enveloping the entire battlefield. All injured people would rapidly recover as they bathed in the green light.

The hundreds and thousands of branches from the tree danced as a flurry in the sky. All the branches extended indefinitely, coiling around the nearest Saint Emperor. Countless branches stabbed into the Saint Emperor and endlessly began to drain away the Saint Emperor’s life.

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