Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 165: Mysterious Person


Looking at the group, Jian Chen could clearly distinguish their figures despite being thousands of meters away.

That was because the group only had 10 caravans and personnel numbering around 40 men. Each one of them was sitting on a tall horse with a rather luxurious looking caravan in the middle of the group.

With Jian Chen’s regular walking pace, he had quickly met up with the group of caravans. Each one of the mercenaries sitting on top of the horses stared sharply at Jian Chen. After a few of them looked over Jian Chen’s figure, they each looked away from him as if they didn’t care for him.

Just as Jian Chen was about 5 meters away from the caravan group, the two sides suddenly stopped since Jian Chen’s path was blocking their group from continuing forward.

At this, the mercenaries that had glanced at Jian Chen from before no longer looked friendly. A few of them had already started to have a small amount of killing intent in their eyes.

“Who are you, and why do you block our path!” An older man bellowed at Jian Chen.

Not caring for the other man’s temper, Jian Chen waved his hand and said, “Fellow travelers, this one has found himself lost, so this one wonders if some questions could be asked for a moment.”

Hearing this, many of the mercenaries furrowed their eyebrows. For mercenaries that traveled the continent, if they weren’t familiar with the terrain, then many would bring a map with them. People like Jian Chen were not commonly seen, so the words spoken by Jian Chen couldn’t be taken so easily.

“Less of your f*cking bull, hurry up and scram, otherwise don’t blame this uncle for being impolite!” One of the more violent mercenaries snarled out. This elder man stalked forward with his muscles rippling in a way that exploded into everyone’s view while also seeing the short pants he was wearing.

Jian Chen’s face tilted down slightly as he looked coldly at the mercenary who spoke. “You better clean your mouth, or else you may find that all it’ll take to lose your life would be one phrase.” Hearing this mercenary’s words, they had clearly annoyed Jian Chen.

The words of Jian Chen said caused the color of the other mercenaries to drop a few shades. The one that had been looking at Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel his heart tremble as if a sudden chill had descended over the area. At first the man had felt a bit cowardly, but the moment he had realized the one who was threatening him was only 20 years old, the cowardice within him turned to anger before a slightly low voice could be heard from behind him.

“Fellow friend, the words you say are too much.” From this voice, everyone turned to see a middle aged man riding a black horse slowly approach them. The look on his face was a bit gloomy, but there was an icy tint to his eyes as he looked down at Jian Chen.

“Captain Lan!”

“Captain Lan!”

The moment this man emerged with his black horse, all of the surrounding mercenaries began to call out his name.

Jian Chen looked at the man and said, “Before saying something like that, you should first discipline your subordinates.”

The big mercenary snorted and glared dangerously at Jian Chen, “How arrogant, you’re nothing more than a boy who hasn’t been taught by his mommy. To dare disrespect our captain, why don’t I bring your mother here to help discipline you?” Leaping from his horse, he began to walk toward Jian Chen with his fist outstretched.

Hearing this talk about his mother, Jian Chen’s face suddenly changed as a tremendous spike of killing intent flowed from his eyes. Lifting up his left hand, he blocked the incoming slap from the older man and then immediately planted his right hand into his stomach.


Immediately the sound of bones could be heard breaking as Jian Chen’s Saint Force enhanced fist struck against the man’s stomach. Straight away, a dent could be seen in his chest.


With a miserable howl, the man’s face was completely filled with a violent expression as his tanned face grew pale.

Straight after, Jian Chen’s figure disappeared in a blur as his leg planted itself against the man’s chest once more with a biting cold gust of wind. The mercenary was sent flying high into the air before finally landing 10 meters away on the ground with a resounding “Bang!”. Dust was knocked up into the air as blood came spurting out of the man’s mouth. His face which was already very pale had started to wither a bit.

Seeing how that older mercenary was struggling to crawl up from the ground, the other mercenaries looked on in disbelief. With a stunned look as their only reaction, they slowly started to shout and pull out their Saint Weapons to charge at Jian Chen.

“Stay your hand!” The one named Captain Lan suddenly called out from his black horse. In an instant he had instantly stopped every single mercenary from charging at Jian Chen.

Captain Lan urged his horse forward as he looked at Jian Chen with a serious face, “Honored one, do you truly just wish for directions without any other motive?”

“Correct!” Jian Chen nodded his head.

“Captain Lan, give this junior here a map.”

Just as Jian Chen finished talking, an elderly voice came from behind. While the voice was very elderly sounding, the air became rather imposing.

Hearing that elderly voice, Jian Chen’s turned his head to look behind to see a small group of luxurious caravans make their way toward him.

An expression of respect grew on Captain Lan’s face as he cupped his hands in the direction of the caravans, “Yes, elder!”

Seeing the display Captain Lan was showing, Jian Chen’s eyes flickered slightly. Looking at the caravans, he could tell that there were indeed people in the caravans, but because of the distance, he wasn’t able to gauge their exact strength.

Then, Captain Lan took out a rolled up piece of parchment from his Space Belt and threw it at Jian Chen, “This is the map of the Blue Wind Kingdom, take it.”

Jian Chen unraveled the parchment and took a brief glance on it before rolling it back together. Cupping his hands, he left the area without any further words.

Watching Jian Chen’s body grow even more distant, Captain Lan cried out, “Forward!”.

After picking up the mercenary that had been struck down by Jian Chen and placing him on a horse, the group began to continue on with their path.

Jian Chen continued to watch the caravan fade away from the side for a while. He knew that the man leading the caravans was a Peak Great Saint Master, so to have such a man have a respectful tone, Jian Chen was truly curious about the man inside the caravans.

The only thing he could sense within the caravans was merely the breathing of a person, other than that, there was nothing.

“Haha, youngster, for a youth to possess a strength like yours, that is not an easy task. Continue to work hard, I believe that not too far in the future, you will surely shake the continent.”

When Jian Chen had passed the caravans, he could faintly hear the elderly voice whisper into his ears almost as if the elder were standing right next to him.

Jian Chen’s face had changed slightly as he suddenly went rigid. Immediately looking around himself, he didn’t see anyone around him. So he stared in disbelief at the caravan that had just passed by. He had just heard this elder’s voice from inside the caravan.

Even with the incredulous look on Jian Chen’s face, the mercenaries that were guarding the caravans appeared to not have noticed the sound; their faces had no difference than before Jian Chen had heard the sound.

“Youngster, if you can one day make it to the Holy Empire, then you can find me using this badge.”

At that moment, the elderly voice came back once more without the same mysterious tone. At the same time as the voice, a purple shining badge flew out from the window and into the hands of Jian Chen.

The few mercenaries guarding the caravan suddenly turned to look at Jian Chen with a look of extreme envy and at the object in his hand with some doubt.

Seeing this purple medal that was shining in his hand, Jian Chen’s heart began to feel as if waves were constantly crashing over him. It was at that moment that he had realized the mysterious figure sitting in this caravan was undoubtedly an unmeasurably deep expert. He hadn’t expected to receive this medal, but he knew that this medal was definitely not something normal people could get.

There was a strange feeling within Jian Chen’s heart. For a person to be so strong in the caravan, why was it that the strongest person in his group was only a Peak Great Saint Master? The average strength in this group was only a Great Saint, with some that weren’t even at that level.

Also to have so many goods being transported in the open like this, could it be this person didn’t even have a Space Belt or Space Ring?


As the caravans traveled further away, the clear sounds of a cough could be heard. Jian Chen looked at the caravan with his eyes, but his heart was not as tranquil as it usually was.

“Hu…” Jian Chen let out a long breath of air as he looked at the purple medal in his hands. This medal was only the size of his hand and was a finger wide and heavy to the touch. This medal was made entirely from purple coins, so there must have been a special way to refine and create this object. And since it was made from purple coins, the price of this item would be unnaturally high.

“The Holy City in the Holy Empire, that is one of the Capital Cities in the Tian Yuan Continent. It’s also where the ruler of the Holy Empire resides. Just what identity does this mysterious man have?” Jian Chen muttered.


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