Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1758: Pushed to the End

The two early Overgods Shen Jian had stopped were both cold. They swore, “God dammit. We’re two mighty Overgods, yet a mere God kept us busy for so long, allowing that soul to approach Godking Duanmu’s remains. Just a mere God has actually made us lose Godking Duanmu’s legacy. This is unforgivable!”

One of the Overgods in tattered clothes said coldly, “The crimes of this God is so great that even killing him won’t be enough. We have to let him understand that death will only be a relief.”

The two Overgods were sunken-faced. Killing intent flooded their eyes. They were two early Overgods. They possessed an advantage in cultivation, comprehension, and numbers, yet it was so arduous for them to kill a single God. They were even reduced to such a horrible condition and were completely embarrassed. Their desire to kill Shen Jian was extremely intense.

They directly ignored fairy Hao Yue’s threats. The threat from a fragile soul was great enough to stun them for a moment, but they did not believe that fairy Hao Yue would actually possess such strength.

At this moment, the bloodied Jian Chen climbed up from the ground. He clung onto his last shred of consciousness and arrived before Shen Jian as quickly as possible. He directly grabbed Shen Jian, who was so heavily injured that he could not even stand. At the same time, he formed a seal with his hand.

“Linear Lightning Release!”

Jian Chen became engulfed in light as he turned into a bolt of lightning, shooting towards the entrance with unbelievable speed. In just a single instance, he had arrived at the entrance and was about to escape.

The eyes of all the early Overgods narrowed in shock as they watched Jian Chen approach the entrance in a single instance. Without any exception, none of them were able to do anything about it. Even they could not stop Jian Chen with the speed he currently demonstrated.

“What shocking speed. Even the Laws of Wind pale in comparison,” an Overgod sighed in surprise. He had never seen someone move so quickly in his entire life. The figures of Jian Chen and Shen Jian had even begun to stretch as they flew; they were like streams of light.

After reaching Sword Spirit, Jian Chen could naturally move much faster with the Linear Lightning Release.

However, a burly man appeared at the entrance at this moment. He was dejected, appearing there with regret and gloom. He had clearly just come in.

The burly man was not weak. He was a mid Overgod. Evidently, he was one of the Overgods who had left earlier in pursuit of the golden sword.

As soon as the burly man entered the third hut, Jian Chen just so happened to collide into him.


A visible ripple appeared from their collision, expanding out into the surroundings.

Jian Chen’s body was knocked back, and the terrifying speed that Linear Lightning Release brought suddenly vanished. Jian Chen felt like his entire body had become dislocated from the collision as his entire body wrenched in pain. His organs had completely turned to mush, and he vomited blood again and again.

Caught off guard, the burly man staggered backwards from the collision. Each step left behind a deep imprint. In the end, he fell on his bottom. His face became completely flushed as his organs also churned from the collision.

“Which brat ran into me?!” The burly man leapt up and bellowed out. His face was pale with rage.

He had just come in from outside and had not grasped the situation, yet someone had knocked him onto his bottom. He would naturally be enraged.

What he did not know was that his sudden entry had cut off all of Jian Chen’s hopes to escape, forcing him back into despair. Jian Chen had become even more wounded after their collision.

Soon afterwards, other Overgods entered one by one as well. They were all dejected and filled with regret.

These people were the experts who took part in the fight for the flying sword. They had all returned now. Many of them were speckled with blood and sickly pale. They were injured.

Jian Chen became gloomy when he saw this. He secretly sighed. He knew that he was probably done for.

Just when he thought of that, his pupils became completely red. His last shred of consciousness had vanished, and he had lost his mind completely now.

However, as he was simply too heavily injured, his head fell the moment he lost his mind, and he fell unconscious.

Shen Jian had also fallen unconscious beside him. The force from striking the burly man with the Linear Lightning Release had deepened his wounds as well.

If it were not for the fact that both of them had reached Godhood, just the force from the collision would have been enough to reduce them to mincemeat.

The return of the other Overgods made the expressions Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, and Feng Bule change. The three of them did not hesitate; they immediately fled towards the entrance. Without a single doubt, Jian Chen had become everyone’s enemies by assisting fairy Hao Yue to pass through the power of laws and approach Godking Duanmu’s remains. They had become his accomplices, so remaining here would not help them at all.

“Don’t let them escape! Stop them!” An early Overgod called out as soon as the three Overgods fled. His eyes were filled with intense hatred.

Guhun Xue, Bing Lou, and Feng Bule fled extremely quickly, shooting towards the entrance with lightning speed. Along the way, Guhun Xue and Feng Bule tried to grab Jian Chen and Shen Jian so that they could take them away with them.

However, the two Overgods that Shen Jian fought before stopped Feng Bule and Guhun Xue. At the same time, the burly man who had been knocked onto his bottom looked over coldly.

The man was a mid Overgod. Guhun Xue and Feng Bule’s hearts immediately jumped when he looked over. They could not afford to bother with Jian Chen and Shen Jian anymore. They immediately charged off without any hesitation.

The Overgods who fought against Shen Jian and Jian Chen immediately pursued them. At the same time, they called out for the other Overgods to stop the three.

However, the Overgods who had come in later had no idea what was going on. Coupled with the fact that the people yelling at them were only early Overgods, they did not move. In the end, the three of them escaped successfully.

“God dammit, why did you let them escape? They’re accomplices! They helped a soul pass through the power of laws. The soul has probably already laid her hands on Godking Duanmu’s items now,” an early Overgod who fought against Shen Jian said regretfully.

“What did you say? Someone passed through the layer of power and approached Godking Duanmu’s remains?”

The expressions of all the Overgods who had just returned changed when they heard that. They all cried out as they glared at the person who had just spoken.

Soon afterwards, the early Overgods explained the recent events. Every single one of the Overgods that had just returned paled after hearing the story as they glared at the unconscious Jian Chen and Shen Jian with killing intent.

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