Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1972: Sword Immortal


The sword Qi that possessed terrifying might directly collided with the hand condensed from demonic aura. It erupted with terrifying energy shockwaves, directly flattening the mountain range, causing the ground to crack and sink.

The energy shockwave was truly terrifying. Even with Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s strength, they struggled to endure it. The energy forced them into a constant retreat.

If it were not for the fact that the energy shockwave came from a casual strike of a Primordial realm expert, if it were not for the fact that the sword Qi still had not dispersed after cutting through the demonic hand, blocking most of the energy for Jian Chen and Kai Ya, it would be difficult for the two of them to emerge unscathed before the terrifying storm. They would definitely end up injured.


The whistling of wind rang out once again. After dispersing the hand, the sword Qi continued to shoot into the demonic cloud with shocking might.

The sword Qi shimmered, shining as brightly as the sun. It illuminated the sky, dyeing all the demonic, black clouds in the sky white.

“Hmph!” A cold snort rang out from the demonic clouds. Primordial realm laws descended in the demonic clouds, forming chains that flickered through the clouds like lightning, colliding with the sword Qi.

This collision caused another deafening boom. Just the terrifying sound alone had caused the ground to shake violently as if the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian was experiencing a great earthquake.

Not only did all the rocks in the ruined mountains turn to dust, but even large portions of the ground below collapsed, turning into dark abysses.

“Sword Immortal!” Jian Chen was surprised when he sensed the power of the sword Qi. The person who had produced the sword Qi had reached the third major realm of cultivation in the Way of the Sword, Sword Immortal!

Jian Chen subconsciously turned around and saw a dignified middle-aged man in dragon robes stride through the sky. He was clearly extremely far away, where even Jian Chen only managed to see an extremely blurry image of him. However, in the next moment, he took a single step and traversed the great distance, directly appearing before Jian Chen. He stared at the figure hidden within the demonic clouds coldly.

The middle-aged man was the divine king!

“Huai An, you’ve overstepped the boundary!” The divine king’s hair fluttered in the wind as he stood before Jian Chen. He solemnly stared at Huai An, who was hidden in the clouds, as he gave off the presence of a ruler. The Laws of the Sword revolved around him.

“The divine king actually comprehends the Laws of the Sword!” Jian Chen was secretly surprised. He was taken aback. The Laws of the Sword were one of the laws that possessed the greatest offensive power. A Primordial realm expert who had comprehended the Laws of the Sword would definitely possess much greater prowess than Primordial realm experts who comprehended other laws.

Although Jian Chen had spent some time with the divine king, he did not know what kind of laws the divine king had comprehended.

Although the divine king had used the power of laws in the war against the Empyrean Demon Cult before, they were hazy, only presented in the form of pure power. He did not clearly demonstrate the type of law they were.

Only now did Jian Chen learn that the divine king was actually an expert who comprehended the Laws of the Sword!

“Haha, the Cloud Plane may be big, but I can go wherever I want. How can you say I’ve overstepped the boundary?” Huai An’s voice rang out from within the demonic clouds. Then, he slowly emerged from them.

However, he was not alone. Behind him hovered three figures silently. From the presences they gave off, they had all reached Godking!

“Pingtian, I was expecting you to appear. However, do you really think you can keep the person that I want to deal with safe with your strength that has only recently reached the Primordial realm?” Huai An sneered. Then, he said to the three people behind him, “Go, bring me Jian Chen and that girl.”

“Yes, sir!”

The three Godkings behind Huai An answered together. With a single movement, they flew towards Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

“Leave!” The divine king growled at Jian Chen. He waved his arm, and the laws of the Primordial realm descended. The resplendent sword Qi formed a huge chain that swept towards the three Godkings with terrifying might.

A Primordial realm expert’s strike was absolutely frightening. Even though the three Godkings were not weak, all late Godkings, they were not supreme Godkings who had made it onto the Godkings’ Throne.

As a result, they shivered when they faced the divine king’s casual strike. The presence of death pressed towards them as if the world was ending.

Huai An appeared before the three of them as if he had teleported. He blocked the divine king’s attack with composure and said, “Pingtian, our battle last time never ended. Why don’t we continue it in outer space?”

With that, Huai An directly attacked the divine king regardless of his response.

Huai An’s strike this time was on a completely different level compared to before. Before, he had struck out leisurely, without using laws from the Primordial realm. He had just condensed a hand out of demonic aura to use against Jian Chen.

This was because he knew the divine king would definitely protect Jian Chen secretly, so the strike before was only to draw him out. Huai An did this to prevent the divine king from dealing a sneak attack all of a sudden.

Now that the divine king had appeared, Huai An was fearless. He used his full strength right from the start.

The divine king was grim. Huai An’s attack was just too powerful. If he blocked it, the shockwaves created would result in heavy damage to the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. With no other choice, he could only fly up towards outer space.

Huai An looked at the divine king, and a cold smile appeared on his face. He also flew up, pursuing the divine king.

To another side, Jian Chen and Kai Ya were already fleeing as quickly as they could. The three Godkings pursued them closely.

As two late Overgods, it was naturally impossible for them to be faster than the two late Godkings. As a result, the distance between them shrank rapidly.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya did not flee towards the Tian Yuan clan. Instead, they travelled away from the clan, fleeing from the divine kingdom.

With the Tian Yuan clan’s current strength, it was impossible for them to stop the three Godkings from the Empyrean Demon Cult. Even the Godking level formations would not be enough to stop three late Godkings. Even if Mu Ku was there, it would not work either.

As a result, they would only bring disaster to the clan if they returned.

Basically all of Jian Chen’s power of the soul had been drained when he used the two strands of Profound Sword Qi. He was currently ingesting the Soul Recovery Pills he had purchased from the Xuandao Empire, so Kai Ya basically carried him as they fled.

However, Kai Ya once again demonstrated something that shocked Jian Chen. She used some kind of secret technique that allowed her to fuse with the surroundings and move with unbelievable speed. The three Godkings actually struggled to catch up to them over a short period of time.

“You can’t run, so just give up obediently!” Behind them, one of the Godkings from the Empyrean Demon Cult called out. Terrifying, tremendous pressure poured from his body, and he formed a seal with his hand before suddenly extending a finger forwards.

The space ten kilometers away suddenly tremored, actually freezing up at that moment from the gesture.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya were in the region of frozen space. Immediately, they felt a mysterious power lock down on their bodies, making it feel like they had ended up in mud. Their movements became extraordinarily slow, while their speed plummeted as well.

Less than ten kilometers separated them, so now that Jian Chen and Kai Ya had slowed down, the three Godkings caught up instantly. They struck out at the same time, where two targeted Jian Chen while the remaining dealt with Kai Ya.

Immediately, tremendous, terrifying energy shook up the surroundings. Even though the three late Godkings were not as awe-inspiring as Primordial realm experts when they unleashed their might, their strength was still shocking.

Jian Chen bellowed out. He wielded the Startling Rainbow sword as his battle intent surged into the sky. He had already equipped the damaged armor he had taken back from the ancestor of the Mo family. The sword in his hand danced, and he produced two golden strands of sword Qi.

Even though the power of his soul still had not recovered in that short amount of time, making it impossible for him to use the Profound Sword Qi, he was still able to put up a fight.

Kai Ya moved on the other side as well. She was extremely grim as the power from the three types of laws revolved around her. As her hands danced, the three powers condensed into three swords and shot out.

The Godking who faced Kai Ya raised an eyebrow and was slightly surprised when he saw this. He murmured, “Hmm? These laws are slightly strange!” The Godking from the Empyrean Demon Cult had also noticed that the laws that Kai Ya used were slightly different.

However, he did not have too much time to think about it. Their attacks collided together viciously.


Kai Ya puked up blood as her body was knocked away like a broken kite.

The laws she used were rather different, and she had delivered a shocking attack with the three types of laws, but she was still just a late Overgod after all. The difference between her and a late Godking was too great.

It was so great that even the three laws she could use were not enough to make up for it.

At the same time, from just a single clash with the two Godkings, Jian Chen produced a bloody mist that contained most of his organs. He was also blown away like Kai Ya while the Startling Rainbow sword in his hand had dimmed. A slight crack had appeared on the guard of the sword as well, and it stretched across the entire sword.

Late Godkings were just too powerful. Moreover, they had struck out together as well, so even with the protection of the god artifact, Jian Chen struggled to endure it, becoming extremely injured.

Most importantly, only the surface of his god artifact had been repaired. As such, although it seemed to be in perfect condition, its defences as a god artifact could not be used at all.

Blood constantly spurted out of his mouth as Jian Chen flew backwards. Every single mouthful of blood contained pieces of his organs.

He was able to put up a fight and win against early Godkings, but he would not be able to fight back at all against late Godkings.

The difference between late and early Godking was just far too great.

At this moment, Kai Ya caught up to Jian Chen with a pale face and some residual blood at the corner of her lips. She grabbed him before gritting her teeth, fleeing into the distance without any hesitation.

“Hahaha, and you still want to run? If we really do let you two puny Overgods escape, will the three of us still have the face to remain in the Hall of Protectors?” The three Godkings laughed aloud behind as they looked at Kai Ya and Jian Chen like cats toying with their food.
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