Chaotic Sword God

Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2008: Three Years of Comprehension

In the icy, dark depths of outer space, a huge spatial battleship moved at unimaginable speeds silently, just like a ghost.

Currently, Jian Chen sat on a jade bed within one of the high class cabins in the spatial battleship. He had his eyes closed as he held a stone tablet, meditating like an old monk. Powerful sword intent gradually gathered around him.

The formations in the cabin were all activated. They were linked to the entire spatial battleship such that even Infinite Primes would not be able to smash through them.

As a result, even though the sword intent around Jian Chen gradually strengthened, it was unable to cause any damage to the cabin.

Currently, all of Jian Chen’s attention and consciousness had fused into the sword intent of the stone tablet. He carefully comprehended the laws within the sword intent, the profound mysteries of the world.

Even though the slash on the stone tablet only possessed some comprehension from a Primordial realm expert, it was still a Primordial realm expert after all. As a result, the sword intent was so powerful that it was truly boundless in Jian Chen’s eyes.

“Is this Sword Immortal?” Jian Chen shivered inside as he sensed the boundless sword intent. Even though he had already reached the partial achievement of Sword Spirit, and he was only two levels away from Sword Immortal, the two levels formed a huge chasm.

Moreover, Jian Chen could vaguely sense the bearing of a Sword Immortal from the sword intent. It was truly like an immortal of the sword, free and unburdened, standing out from the other comprehensions in supremacy. It was on a completely different level to Sword Spirit.

Very soon, Jian Chen entered a selfless state of cultivation as the sword intent drew away his mind. His mind was clear, having forgotten about time and forgotten about himself.

However, powerful sword intent still gathered around Jian Chen. The sword intent was invisible, and it filled the entire cabin. Strands of finger-sized sword Qi revolved around him like little fish. They seemed to possess their own spirits.

Sword Qi with spirits was a representation of the Sword Spirit realm!

If an expert who comprehended the Laws of the Sword witnessed what was happening right now, they would definitely be absolutely astounded.

The comprehension of the Laws of the Sword in Jian Chen’s stone tablet was tiny. A Primordial realm expert had accidentally left it there, without intentionally passing on the law, so his Laws of the Sword were not clearly recorded there. As a result, to comprehend anything from the stone tablet was extremely difficult. Let alone Overgods, even Godkings would struggle to gain anything useful from it.

However, Jian Chen easily submerged himself in the mysteries of the Laws of the Sword in the stone tablet as an Overgod. Even across the entire Saints’ World, there were very few people who possessed the same affinity and talent for comprehending the Laws of the Sword.

Recently, the most shocking matter that also garnered the most attention in the southern region of the Cloud Plane definitely happened in the Tian Yuan clan of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The Tian Yuan clan possessed great fame in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, but they were still a tiny, nameless clan across the entire southern region in the past.

However, ever since the emperor of the Xi Empire and the ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire had descended there, ever since the status of the Xi Empire’s princess was brought to light, the Tian Yuan clan had gone from being a nameless clan to a special clan that could shake up the southern region and even the northern region.

They were special because although they were very weak right now, only in possession of a single Godking who originated from the Earth Spirit sect, there were no organisations who dared to touch the Tian Yuan clan in the entire southern region.

This was all because the Xi Empire’s princess had come from the Tian Yuan clan. Not only was she the only daughter of the current Xi Emperor, earning all his love and affection, but she was also an elder of the Tian Yuan clan.

Compared to the past, the provincial city was clearly much busier. People from clans of various sizes would come daily with rich gifts to visit the Tian Yuan clan and express good will.

Although the Tian Yuan clan still had not truly developed, it had already received the attention of everyone.

In a more remote area of the city, a black-robed man who stayed in a large manner also paid attention to the Tian Yuan clan. He basically spent all his time observing the Tian Yuan clan.

He was a vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An!

Huai An sat within a hall in the manor as he gazed in the direction of the Tian Yuan clan coldly. Even though he was several dozen kilometers away from the clan, his gaze seemed to be able to pierce through all the obstacles, allowing him to see the Tian Yuan clan clearly.

When he was leaving the Blood Sun Empire, he wanted to come here and destroy the Tian Yuan clan. Although he knew that the daughter of the Xi Emperor was an elder of the Tian Yuan clan, she had already left. If he wanted to destroy the Tian Yuan clan, there was basically no need for him to be so fearful. He did not have to worry about angering the daughter of the Xi Emperor at all through this.

However, what prevented him from acting was that even though the Xi Emperor had left, he left an Infinite Prime from the Xi Empire in the Tian Yuan clan. This expert’s cultivation was far greater than his own, so Huai An could only settle down temporarily in the provincial city and take note of the Tian Yuan clan at all times. Once the Infinite Prime departed, he would be able to destroy the Tian Yuan clan with a single gesture. Even the divine king would not be able to stop him.

Huai An’s wait had already gone on for several months, yet the Infinite Prime in the Tian Yuan clan still had not left. Huai An felt more and more irritated.

“I have plenty of time. I’d like to see just how much longer you can stay in the Tian Yuan clan, Infinite Prime of the Xi Empire,” Huai An thought as his eyes shone coldly.

Time passed by in a flash. Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already been comprehending the Laws of the Sword for three years.

There was only some comprehension deposited in the stone tablet or maybe very little at all, and it was incomplete. As a result, even though Jian Chen had not completely understood the mysteries in there during these three years, he had understood most of it already.

“Although the comprehension on the stone tablet is incomplete, I’ve benefited plenty already. I can break through at any time if I follow the path of the owner of the stone tablet and reach the major achievement of Sword Spirit. However, the owner of this slash views the Way of the Sword as something the universe conjured, so his Way of the Sword is derived from whatever is conjured. As a result, his Way of the Sword still pales in comparison to the ways of the world. He’s always one step slower.”

“But I think the Way of the Sword is the ways of the world. It’s one of the three thousand great ways, where the Way of the Sword already existed when chaos split into yin and yang and the ways of the world created the universe. It’s on the same level as the universe, with no difference in between. As a result, I can’t follow the Way of the Sword on the stone tablet,” Jian Chen opened his eyes and murmured.

However, when he refused to follow the path the stone tablet had laid out, his eyes shone brighter and brighter.

“I still need to comprehend my own Way of the Sword. Someone else’s path is someone else’s in the end, so I can only borrow it. Although I won’t be able to break through right now, the stone tablet has still allowed me to realise many things. I can already vaguely see the path to Sword Immortal, so reaching the major achievement of Sword Spirit is only a matter of time.”

“I’ve already reached a bottleneck now. Cultivating blindly will no longer give me any substantial help. If I want to break through, I need to comprehend the world and the universe,” Jian Chen had already made his way out of his cabin as he thought about that.

The moment he opened his door, the stone tablet in his hand silently turned to dust. It dispersed with the breeze.

After the three years of comprehension, whatever had been left on the stone tablet had completely dispersed already. The stone tablet itself crumbled with the wind.

Before long, Jian Chen appeared on the deck of the spatial battleship. Outer space stretched as far as the eye could see.
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