Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 2449 Point Cloud Takes Action

The Immortal Devouring Orchid resided within a divine hall that Jian Chen carried around. Through devouring the corpses of Godkings, its strength constantly rose.

However, since the orchid was far too weak, it would take a very long time to digest even the corpse of a Godking completely. However, as its strength constantly increased, its speed at devouring corpses became faster and faster.

“I’ve already enveloped this region with a technique of mine, isolating this space from the outside world. As a result, the disturbance from your battle with Guan Wan should not have been sensed by the Chaotic Primes of the Gloomwater sect. Let’s go to the Gloomwater sect,” Xu Ran appeared and said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded before flying towards the Gloomwater sect quietly.

Very soon, Jian Chen arrived at an ancient mountain range abundant in origin energy. Mist shrouded the entire place. It was a beautiful landscape, like a land that belonged to immortals.

This was where the Gloomwater sect stood.

Jian Chen and Xu Ran concealed their presence as they approached the establishment in the mountain range silently. The two of them could clearly see a great formation hidden within the deep mist.

The formation was extremely powerful. Even with Jian Chen’s strength, it was impossible to destroy it even if he unleashed everything he had. He would not even be able to shake it up.

“This formation is very powerful. I think even First Heavenly Layer Grand Primes can’t do anything about it. There’s nothing that I can do.” Xu Ran looked at the protective formation over the Gloomwater sect and frowned.

She had learnt many secret techniques of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng from her master, which happened to include techniques that could destroy formations. However, once the level of the formation exceeded her strength completely, she would be powerless as well.

“Jian Chen, allow me to destroy the Gloomwater sect’s protective formation; you go destroy the Gloomwater sect without worry. I will speak to the other sects on the Aqua Plane for you. They won’t interfere.” At this moment, an old voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

Jian Chen could recognised the voice—it belonged to Point Cloud Venerable of the Five Point Sect.

Before Jian Chen could agree, the Point Cloud Venerable had already taken action.

The time in the ancient mountain range suddenly stopped. Everything came to a standstill. Whether it be the vegetation there or the curling mist, they all froze at that moment. The entire beautiful world seemed to become a painting, frozen like that for eternity.

Even the protective formation of the Gloomwater sect was affected. The tremendous energy that constantly circulated in the formation suddenly froze. The entire formation became absolutely silent.

“It’s the Laws of Time!” Xu Ran said from beside Jian Chen.

The Point Cloud Venerable had already comprehended the Laws of Time to an extremely profound level, so even the protective formation of the Gloomwater sect was unable to resist it.

Under the influence of the Laws of Time, the protective formation was unable to replenish its energy, so its defences dropped to a minimum.

Right at this moment, the space above the protective formation pulsed. A huge, crescent spatial blade fell down and landed on the protective formation.

Under the influence of the Laws of Time, the protective formation’s defences had been drastically weakened. Now that it was struck by the spatial blade, it immediately shattered.

In the blink of an eye, the Gloomwater sect’s protective formation had been destroyed by the Point Cloud Venerable.

As soon as the formation was destroyed, the frozen time returned to normal. The grass there began to sway in the gentle breeze again. It seemed like nothing had happened at all.

The only difference now was that the Gloomwater sect that had been hidden in the protective formation was now completely exposed.

“The combination of the Laws of Time and the Laws of Space really do have unbelievable effects. He hasn’t touched a single blade of grass here.” Xu Ran could not help but cry out, “It’s said that the Point Cloud Venerable once received the guidance of the Space-Time Elder. His usage of the Laws of Space and Laws of Time was probably inspired by the Space-Time Elder.”

“All the people of the Gloomwater sect have been alarmed, and the Chaotic Primes have all appeared. The range of the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation is limited, so I need to use this time to envelope all the Chaotic Primes…”

Xu Ran took out the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation and fused with space silently, infiltrating the Gloomwater sect.

At the same time, a great bell boomed through the Gloomwater sect, throwing the entire place into a mess.

The sudden shattering of the protective formation made the Gloomwater sect ring their bell of warning. All the experts who were cultivating in seclusion emerged and gathered at the entrance of the sect as quickly as they could.

There was a discussion hall near the entrance of the sect. Five figures appeared silently above the discussion hall as they gave off terrifying, tremendous presences.

The five of them were the great elders of the Gloomwater sect; they were all Chaotic Primes.

The five great leaders looked at the sky with ugly expressions. They were extremely stern.

“There’s no other person who has comprehended the Laws of Space and the Laws of Time to such a level aside from the Point Cloud Venerable of the Five Point sect. Point Cloud Venerable, our ancestor has made several deals with you in the past. Although you’re not exactly friends, you do know each other. May I ask what your intentions are with what you just did?” bellowed a great elder furiously from within the Gloomwater sect.

He was the leader of the great elders, Ye Chong, the Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime. He was the existence only second to the Elder of Mountains and Seas in the Gloomwater sect.

However, at this moment, Ye Chong’s face changed. He called out, “Oh, no! Disperse!” Before he had even finished speaking, Ye Chong vanished. He appeared several dozen kilometres away.

He had reacted extremely quickly, but the four other Chaotic Primes were a split second slower.

That split second decided their fates. A formation silently expanded and enveloped the four of them.

“Perfect!” Xu Ran muttered inside. The strongest person had not fallen into the formation, while the weaker four did. It was a perfect scenario.

The Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation’s power would weaken drastically if it had to deal with five Chaotic Primes at the same time, as the attacks would be scattered. Once the five of them worked together, it would be rather difficult for her to deal with them.

Now that the strongest Chaotic Prime had not fallen into the formation, the power was directed to the four people who were inside it. Every single one of them would have to endure more power from the formation. Without the Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, Xu Ran would be able to deal with them without too much difficulty even if the four of them worked together.

“State your identities!” Ye Chong bellowed furiously in the Gloomwater sect. Killing intent surged from him as laws condensed around him. He held a great blade and swung it towards Xu Ran.

The huge blade was a medium quality god artifact. It was extremely powerful. The blade shone brilliantly as a devastating power pulsed, seemingly cutting the world in half. It headed directly for Xu Ran.

“Kill him!”

In the instant that Ye Chong attacked, Jian Chen took out the jade talisman the Myriad Bone Guild had given him outside the Gloomwater sect. After activating the talisman, he pointed at Ye Chong.

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