Chronicles of Primordial Wars
Chronicles of Primordial Wars

Chronicles of Primordial Wars

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Chronicles of Primordial Wars novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, and Martial Arts genres. Written by the Author Chen Ci Lan Tiao. 825 chapters have been translated and translations of other chapters are in progress.


Shao Xuan joins a friend in his expedition to a recently discovered archaeological cave. After he picks up an ordinary looking stone he is teleported to a different world and wakes up in the body of a small orphan child. The world he is in now is still in its stone age with primitive tools made of stone and the ways of the people are savage. Savage isn’t the only thing special about the people though, because they have superhuman strength, jump higher than trees and punch stones. In short, they are able to cultivate their bodies. Despite all this, it is a real struggle to survive because of the scarcity of food. Together with Caesar, his pet wolf, he tries to survive in this cruel world.

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  • IAmJustFoolingAround

    If you want to read purely adventure novel I would say this novel is just for will enjoy journey of mc as he goes through different places and find everything useful for the cause his clan...I also like action parts in novel too(fight with other clans and beasts)....I just hope mc will do some work in inventing different useful tools and crop cultivation...

    2 months ago 1 Likes
  • nessiesmith2012

    Love this novel. The MC uses his knowledge from previous life to make his situation better in beginning and that is something I was looking for. Many reincarnation or transmigration novels don't use common knowledge they had from their old society to improve their situation. Don't see it so much later but that hooked me into reading more and I couldn't stop after. Very addicting. Love... Repeat LOVE that as far as I've read there is no romance. Would definitely recommend as its not the repetitive and cliche plot like a lot of other transmigration novels.

    3 months ago 6 Likes
  • Mille_tcf

    as it still does not have manhwa ?

    4 months ago 0 Likes
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  • NicoNicONee

    Great Novel, Would Recommend.

    5 months ago 1 Likes

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A very nice novel...I really like the adventurous spirit of mc..and main theme of this novel is really adventure... exploring the pre historical planet...overall story is good and purely on adventure and action... power up system is bit vague like there is no clear power up after higher warrior... and mc mostly depends on ancestors power to increase his power...even king beasts were powerful then mc or any clan... but everything is nothing compared to nature forces... I hope the book will go on.


Awesome story, whole heartedly recommend to anyone who loves prehistoric type of novels. Great world building and I love the interactions the mc has with other people.


I love this novel, the story holds me and the MC captivates me, unfortunately there is no romance, an irony isn't it (google translator translation)
amo essa novel namoral