Chronicles of Primordial Wars

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just finished the book and, fuuuuuuck that was good. Amazing novel 15/10. would read again. If you haven't read it do it now. I'm serious you will not be disappointed in the slightest.


I yearn for more, the character progression us amazing, this novel is filled with amazing characters, the world building is also pretty great. Mc utilized the knowledge of his era and progressed his tribes technology by leaps and bounds, he didn't completely break the timeline by introducing op level technology but it was still great to see logic and mathematics of his time to deal with problems in the primeval age. The ending felt somewhat rushed to me, and there was so much more that could be expanded on and explored, but I understand that nothing lasts forever and there's always an end. Thank you for the good times.


I finally reached the end of this long journey, it's been a few months since I started reading this novel and I must say, it was just epic from single to end, this is not a novel where the MC and Op enough to be a god, and an epic adventure and exploration novel with all sorts of crazy stuff, some things were left open at the end, but almost everything was explained I only have one Feeling of satisfaction, you can read the novel it's worth it you'll love it, it was a long journey, but we've come to the end, thank you for being my companion on this journey and see you all.


Excellent, this novel is one of the best I have read. The author develops well all the subjects without nonsense, but it doesn't not get bored at all. The story is gripping and well developed. Really one of the best


This novel is great. I has an wonderfully interesting world that you will (if you like adventure/survival/martial arts novels) love. It has a really nice mix of fighting, survival, civ building, and exploration. I'm also a big fan of the cultivation/martial arts undertones; Though it's called totemic power in this story you can basically think of it like Qi. All in all, a unique, well paced, and interesting novel.


A very nice novel...I really like the adventurous spirit of mc..and main theme of this novel is really adventure... exploring the pre historical planet...overall story is good and purely on adventure and action... power up system is bit vague like there is no clear power up after higher warrior... and mc mostly depends on ancestors power to increase his power...even king beasts were powerful then mc or any clan... but everything is nothing compared to nature forces... I hope the book will go on.


Awesome story, whole heartedly recommend to anyone who loves prehistoric type of novels. Great world building and I love the interactions the mc has with other people.


I love this novel, the story holds me and the MC captivates me, unfortunately there is no romance, an irony isn't it (google translator translation)
amo essa novel namoral