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I only started reading it of curiosity, because c'mon, reincarnated as an ant? I needed to read that! I never expected to love it this much...


Caught up with the latest chapter, and it's fire. If you love non-human MC's who literally evolve throughout their stories as much as I do, you're in for a blast.

Spoiler Alert +awesome army-swarm-pet-comrade-religiously enthusiast allies utilisationb


Quite good. Ngl if you like other word novels and don't mind a inhuman protagonist then you should check it out, it's nice to see them level up and thr prophecy is there in a way things don't become obvious


5 out of 5 totally deserves it amazing LN I’m only on chapter 263 but it’s great


Uncomfortable, a very uncomfortable novel. I'm sure a lot of you will agree with my opinion. You can't relate with an ant, like at all!!! At least I can't, and if I can't relate with MC, how can I read a novel? If you're obsessed with ants then you may find it interesting but for a mature grownups this is utterly ridiculous. This is most likely targeted towards a younger teen audience, I understand, still my take is a 2 star.


This series is absolutely and utterly amazing. Our main character is one of the best I've seen, and the worldbuilding is fully fleshed out. In particular, the little pockets of text either by random people or by one of the ants(supposedly a bit further into the future) about the world and the colony.


I just wanna watch the world burn, though I think I wants me to write more. Mods when u delete this comment because I don’t want me to tank this review for no reason just know. I have alts.


I am biased. I love evolution novels with a non-human protagonist that has heavy world building and nation building aspects. This feels tailor made for me to like it.
This story creates a massive world for the characters to play in. The scope expands to a interesting but not unreasonable point (it stays within a size where actions and people actually feel like they have meaning). It has a bit of a slow start, but that's to be expected. stick with it for the first few tens of chapters and you'll go from struggling over a tiny beetle, to full on colony sized battles against a Spoiler Alertgiant reincarnated crocodile of hate. If you loved the world of made in abyss, a splash of overlord, some actually interesting side characters, and a main character you can't help but love; you will not be disappointed.


pretty good and quite the upbeat MC. it can be said that its the same as Dom in Fast 8. but at least this guys family actually can fight and isn't useless


fun read to chill to 5 star just due to how it handles it's pacing and comedy, 120+ chapters in and so far it's simply relaxing and funny, due to it's slow but not sluggish pacing and it's over the top yet not totally ludicrous humor, and it's great action parts so far a book i'd recommend to anyone who enjoys Isekai or system novels.