Commanding Wind and Cloud

Chapter 644: Human Minds Are Hard to Guess

Ignition Soul Realm! Qian Jin instantly figured out the name of his new soul realm, but he felt like it was different from the Ignition Soul Realm that the Snake Emperor talked about before. However, he couldn’t pinpoint the difference.

“Interesting. Capture all of them alive!”

The eyes in the sky issued another order. Now that the troops surrounded these young men, it was impossible to not be able to capture them.

Zence Matten looked at the sky, and he seemed to see past obstacles and looked at the Holy Capital of Zence. He murmured, “Third Brother, me dying should be enough, right? Don’t kill other brothers, ok? You overdid it this time…”

“Overdid it? Really? I don’t think so.”

In a fancy room that was well decorated and had a soft velvet carpet, Third Prince Zence Changkong sat on a chair. Although the Zence Family didn’t have bloodline power, this young man was a genius warrior and mage.

Zence Changkong was in a long purple robe, and he looked elegant and had an indescribable temperament. He lightly raised the wine glass over his head, and he looked at the sun in the sky that was crystal-like.

Then, Zence Changkong looked at Elder Prince Zence Wuquan, who barged into the room with a murderous expression.

“Third Brother, you overdid it!”

“Overdid it? I don’t think so.” Zence Changkong stretched his neck and looked at the middle-aged man who appeared like a tiger. His figure was prominent, and he had dense brows, thick lips, and big eyes.

A cold and vicious smile appeared on Zence Changkong’s face, which made him seem like a poisonous snake. He no longer seemed patient and thoughtful, and he said, “Isn’t this Big Brother? Why are you here?”

“Do you know what you are doing?” Zence Wuquan’s knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists, and he suddenly grabbed onto Zence Changkong collar and pulled him up.

Then, Zence Wuquan roared, “Do you even know what you are doing? Fourth Brother, you are here too. You tell me! Did he overdo it?”

The Royal Family always had its unique way of passing messages. Now, Zence Wuquan already learned that Zence Matten was fooled to going to the Ancient Desert Sea, and the person who set up the trap was Third Prince Zence Changkong.

Zence Yusuan didn’t know what to say as two of his big brothers were fighting.

“Me?” Zence Changkong lay there softly and allowed Zence Wuquan to grab him by the collar. With a vicious and causal smile, Zence Changkong said, “I know.”

Zence Wuquan’s eyelids twitched, and his thick arms shivered a little as well. He asked, “Is the throne that important to you? Sixth Brother is your real little brother! We all came from the same father and mother! We have identical bloodline!”

“Yeah, real brothers.” Zence Changkong sounded calm, and the vicious smile shined bright. “However, my dear big brother, there is only one throne.”

“You…” Zence Wuquan pulled out his saber and pressed it against Zence Changkong’s neck. “I’m going to kill you!”

“Ok, come on and do it.” Zence Changkong’s wicked smile suddenly changed. He ripped open his robe and showed his muscular upper body. He grabbed Zence Wuquan’s saber and pointed it at his own heart before saying, “My dear big brother, take a clear look at the location. With one press, you can kill me, a bad brother. You can tell Sixth Brother that I, the bad big brother, is dead, and I will never block your way.”

“You…” Zence Wuquan’s wrist shivered.

“Why? Tell me why? My dead big brother?” Zence Changkong stared at Zence Wuquan, and his tone changed from doubt to roar. “Big Brother! My dead big brother! I, Zence Changkong, is also your real brother. Why? Why can you do this to me for Sixth Brother? Am I not your brother? You are brothers with Little Six, but not me? Ok, come on! Kill me!”

“Third Brother… you…”

“Third Brother…”

“Big Brother! Come on and kill me! After you kill me, no one will be causing trouble!”

Facing Zence Changkong’s accusations, Zence Wuquan almost lost the grip on his saber. His face turned livid, and he asked, “Third Brother, is the throne that important to you?”

“Yeah, that is right.” Zence Changkong got away from Zence Wuquan’s grasp and looked at the sun as he said, “It is that important.”

“However, Sixth Brother told you more than once! He said that if you want to become the emperor, he will quit and won’t do it.”

“Ha!” Zence Changkong sneered and stood like a straight spear. He replied, “So, what about it? He was little back then. What about the future? Also, how can you be sure that he isn’t lying? Out of us, Sixth Brother is most fit for becoming the next emperor. There is no question about that. Since he has the ability, he is a threat.”

“Then, you can find an assassin to kill him.”

“Then, I will lose the qualification of becoming an emperor.” Zence Changkong sneered as if he was the most poisonous snake. “Our Zence Family has a code of conduct. Using assassins shows that the person is weak and doesn’t have abilities, and he won’t be qualified for the throne. Now, if an assassin killed Sixth Brother, every single official would know that I did it. I won’t send assassins. In fact, I even sent guards to protect him, clearing all possibilities of other shifting blame onto me.”

Zence Wuquan looked at Zence Changkong as his limbs felt cold. He said, “Third Brother, you are too vicious. We are brothers…”

Zence Changkong slowly turned around, and he raised his head and looked at Zence Wuquan. “Big Brother, is there anything else you want to say? Now, you can either kill me or leave.”

“You…” Zence Wuquan gave Zence Changkong a hard stare and knew that it was meaningless staying here. He quickly turned around and left, trying to lead to troop to Zence Matten day and night to save the latter.

“Third Brother…”

“Did I overdo it? I really don’t think so.” It seemed like Zence Changkong was murmuring to himself, but it also seemed like he was talking to Fourth Prince Zence Yusuan beside him. “I don’t think that I overdid it.”

Zence Yusuan looked at Third Prince Zence Changkong, who was holding onto his wine cup. This man looked noble. He had a tall nose, sword-like brows, and star-like eyes. However, he also had a cunning presence. The first impression that he would give others was that he was a sly figure who liked scheming against others in the dark.

Although he was handsome and looked like the world was within his hands, the cunning nature was never reduced from his appearance. However, no one knew that this prince was actually… actually…

“Third Brother, Sixth Brother is still young…”

“Young?” Zence Changkong’s slender eyes rolled as a disdainful cold grin appeared on his face. “What about it? When I was his age, I was already helping Royal Father evaluate reports. This is the difference between him and me.”

“Third Brother… what for?”

“Fourth Brother, you don’t need to say anything more.” Zence Changkong put down his wine glass and said, “Sixth Brother is the most talented out of all of us, and he is most suitable for becoming the next emperor. Not everyone should be nice to him, listening to him and helping him along the way. That is harming him.”


“No buts. Experiencing the world. He has such great talents, so he should use it. He should practice how to survive. Without experiencing life-and-death situations, how can he be an emperor? A great emperor?”

“But whatever you are doing now seems like fighting for the throne to him.”

“So… what about it?” Zence Changkong still seemed calm. He looked at Zence Yusuan, who was anxious and said, “As long as he can become a great emperor, so what? Even if he hates me, he can kill me if he can become the emperor. What else?”

Zence Changkong poured himself a glass of delicious rice wine while his thumb and index finger spun the glass. “Some people have to play the role of villains. Everyone says that I look vicious and cunning, so I’m more fit for this role. In the entire government, who doesn’t say that I have a sickening level of ambition and desire? They all think that for the throne, I can kill our brothers and father…”

“They don’t understand you…”

“I don’t need them to understand me, and I don’t need Sixth Brother to understand me. If he knows everything, how can he experience all these things properly?” Zence Changkong waved his hand forcefully as a rare, desolated expression appeared. Not many people saw this side of him before.

“Am I so pitiful that I need others to understand me? Fourth Brother?”

“Third Brother…”

“You don’t need to say anything else. It is not my first time acting as a bad guy; I’m used to it, and I like it quite a lot,” Zence Changkong laughed and said, “In all honesty, I’m quite envious of Sixth Brother. He can find a group of friends, but we only have loyal subordinates. Perhaps this is the biggest difference between him and us.”

“Yeah, he is quite lucky to meet Qian Jin, who has a group of friends around him.”

“Yeah, Qian Jin is an interesting figure. If… I’m saying if… hehe… I do want to meet him. It seems like he also has the aura where others want to be his friends. Perhaps this aura is even stronger than the one that Sixth Brother has, and that was why Sixth Brother was pulled in…”

“Third Brother… are we not going to tell Big Brother?”

“Tell him what?” Zence Changkong looked up and said, “Big Brother is a good person. He is brave, but he doesn’t know how to act. Sixth Brother isn’t an idiot; that kid is clever. If he can survive this, even if Big Brother wants to act, he will be seen through, and Sixth Brother will be able to reason out my true intentions. We can’t do that.”

“But that will only make more people misunderstand you.”

“Others might not know much about me, but don’t you?” Zence Changkong looked at Zence Yusuan and said, “I was born with terminal meridians, and I can’t live past 26 years. This is the last year of my life…”

“Perhaps there is another way. Qian Jin is a pharmacist master…”

“There is no way around it. Both you and I know this. Why are you fooling yourself? Smart people would never try to fool themselves.” Zence Changkong patted Zence Yusuan’s shoulder and said, “I don’t have much time. I can’t take care of and assist Sixth Brother later. I’m his big brother… so I must do something for him, right?”

Zence Changkong continued with a sad smile, “This is the fate of being a big brother. Fourth, Brother, if I die earlier than we expect, you have to continue acting. Out of all of us, you are most fit for acting as a bad guy aside from me.”

“Third Brother, what are you talking about? I’m known as a great prince.”

“Yeah, a great prince, a real great prince.” Zence Changkong’s smiled while reminiscing the past. “Lifting girls’ skirts at the age of three, bathing with girls at the age of eight, and…”

“Cough… cough… Brother… save me some face…”

“Hehehe… while I can still recall what happened in the past, let’s do it some more.” Zence Changkong patted the head of Zence Yusuan, who wasn’t little anymore, and he said, “When I can’t wake up from sleep one day, I can’t even reminisce if I want. By then, you will have to do it for me.”


“Alright, only cry after I pass away. If Little Six matured after I passed, give this letter to him; this will be my final lesson to him.” Zence Changkong looked at the sky and said, “Second Brother, you need to not drop the ball. I calculated everything… there shouldn’t be anything wrong. Not many people know about those damn undead creatures, but they can’t be unknown forever. Also…”

Zence Changkong sighed and said, “When they want the world to know about them, it will be too late. Right now, the New Generation Competition is about to happen in Zence, and something similar is happening in Lucifer. This is a great opportunity…”

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