Complete Martial Arts Attributes
Chapter 1733: Success! Cosmos Stage! (4)

Wang Teng was very wary of eternal stage martial warriors and above. However, he didn't have any reservations against universe-stage martial warriors.

With his current abilities, he should be able to fool some universe-stage martial warriors.

Of course, he still had to be cautious to avoid any unexpected mishaps and prevent potential pitfalls.

Wang Teng moved quickly. In the blink of an eye, he picked up the attribute bubbles.

Origin of Lightning*300

Origin Energy of Chaos*2600

Blank Attribute*56000

Origin Of Earth*400

Origin Energy of Chaos*3200

Blank Attribute*61000

Origin of Light*280

Origin Energy of Chaos*3000

Blank Attribute*52000

Origin of Metal*300

Constellation Force (Metal)*12000

Origin of Wood*250

Constellation Force (Wood)*11000

Origin Of Flame*420

Constellation Force (Fire)*15000

Oh my goodness, as expected of a universe stage Chaotic Beasts. There are so many attributes! Wang Teng was overjoyed.

Among the three types of power of laws of origin, the Origin of Lightning and Origin of Light were extremely special. He struck a fortune.

Moreover, he picked it up for free. He hadn't even done anything.

Has his luck returned?

Such a thought popped up in Wang Teng's mind.

He had obtained the Origin of Lightning before, but this was the first time he had encountered the Origin of Light in the Chaotic Uncharted.

It was clear that the Origin of Light was even harder to encounter than the Origin of Lightning.

Not to mention the Origin Energy of Chaos and Blank Attributes. Their attribute values far exceeded those of the heaven-stage Chaotic Beasts he killed previously.

The rest of the attributes were from the three universe stage martial warriors. The three types of power of laws of origin allowed Wang Teng's ability to improve greatly.

Their comprehension of the laws of origin was stronger than Wang Teng's. Hence, they could help him to enhance his second-rank laws of origin.

The three martial warriors were preparing to leave as Wang Teng was immersed in his attributes board.

They didn't get caught up in fighting the Chaotic Beasts. After killing a few of them, they worked together to break out of the encirclement and disappeared into the distance.

From the looks of it, they had great chemistry. Their seamless execution from hunting to escaping showed a high level of proficiency. It was evident that they had done this many times before, not just once or twice.

Wang Teng had a preliminary understanding of the abilities of these students. Their mastery of the power of laws of origin was rather high. They could use it freely and could add it to their battle techniques at will.

Wang Teng's eyes flickered. He didn't chase after the three universe-stage martial warriors.

He hadn't forgotten about his objective.

He might be able to pick up more attribute bubbles if he followed them but it wasn't his priority right now.

Furthermore, the attribute bubbles he had just obtained contained the Origin of Light and Origin of Lightning. This meant that there might be corresponding law materialization zones in this area.

This was the little bit of experience that he had accumulated in the Chaotic Uncharted over the past 20 days.

Some of the Chaotic Beasts chased after the three martial warriors while others scattered and disappeared into the chaotic currents. Wang Teng heaved a sigh of relief and ignored them. He then moved slowly in the chaotic currents, searching for the place where the laws of origin might appear.

This area of the chaotic currents was surprisingly large. The range was extremely wide. As Wang Teng went deeper, he realized that the chaotic currents around him were getting denser. They had almost turned into mist.

Wang Teng activated his Real Eye and observed his surroundings as he ventured deeper.

No one knew how much time he spent flying.

Suddenly, he felt as if he had passed through an invisible barrier. The scene in front of him instantly stunned him.


Wang Teng's eyes were filled with shock.

A vast expanse of void appeared before his eyes, adorned with countless stars shining brightly. Small celestial bodies such as planets, stars, comets, black holes, and nebulae were sprinkled throughout, seemingly encompassing every type of cosmic entity that exists in the universe.

This place was like a small universe!

Endless and mysterious laws evolved within it. Light, darkness, metal, wood, water, fire, earth, lightning, wind… All the basic laws of origin intertwined into a series of chains, intricately woven together like an invisible giant net, enveloping the entire void.

Oh my god!

As Wang Teng's comprehension of the laws in this place became clearer, he felt even more shocked and flabbergasted.

There was such a magical place here!

This was beyond comprehension!

This was unbelievable!

Wang Teng couldn't describe his feelings. This place was the best place for him to gain enlightenment.

If the three universe-stage martial warriors knew that they had missed such a magical place, they would probably cry on the spot.

Wang Teng couldn't help but think of the three universe stage martial warriors. Compared to this place, the golden light spheres dropped by the universe-stage Chaotic Beasts were nothing.

These thoughts flashed past his mind in an instant. Wang Teng immediately withdrew his thoughts and stared at the space in front of him.

At this moment, he focused all his attention on this void, and inspiration surged into his mind.

He walked into the void step by step and observed all the changes. The glow in his eyes became more and more intense.

Time passed, but he was completely unaware. All he could see was this wondrous void.

One day, two days…

In the blink of an eye, it was the third day, which was Wang Teng's last day in the Chaotic Uncharted. The deadline was approaching.

However, he still did not notice the time. He walked into the void and sat cross-legged on a small planet.

The planet was less than half a kilometer in diameter. It was not big but it behaved like a small asteroid, following a specific orbit and rotating gracefully in the void. It was mystical.

Chapter 1733: Success! Cosmos Stage! (4)
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