Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

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Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Romance, and Shounen Ai genres. Written by the Author Demonic Fire. 233 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


The person that Pei Zhen hates most in his life is the perfect Fu Sichen. Alas, life is full of surprises and unpredictability. One fine day, an accident turns Pei Zhen into Fu Sichen’s pet cat! As Fu Sichen’s pet cat, he makes a shocking discovery about his sworn enemy – a deep dark secret that the perfect Fu Sichen has kept hidden for years. Trapped in his cat body, Pei Zhen moves from one adventure into another while trying hard to find a way of turning back into his human self. When he finally does, the world as he once knew, has become a completely different place!

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  • lnwUser19034 Dec 08, 2020

    This novel makes me feel super uncomfortable with the Ml (He doesn't give the MC any space and the MC hates him so much "or acts as he hates him so much, that it makes me hate him too. God, I want to claw out the MLS face). I get that the MC is tsundere but, he doesn't have any personal space and the ML is super inconsiderate. How can you be kissing an unconscious person without consent no he molested him? And then one minute the MC hates but the next minute he has a crush? And he's still a cat!

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The writing is great, but damn, the story made me feel really uncomfortable. Poor Pei had to helplessly watch his human body suffer, and he had no personal space or privacy. Even though the ML was in love with him, I thought he was too really selfish and possessive. Poor Pei worked so hard to achieve his dream and he purposely tries hard to snatch it was hoping he will give it up just because he's super jealous that other people get to see him. I don't stand.

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